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Human bone is an ideal source of grafting material for dental reconstructive and restorative procedures. Whether derived from processed bone powder or block human bone, the right allograft products ensure that dental surgeons can meet patient needs with excellent surgical outcomes.

At Dental Implant Technologies®, we offer a range of cortical allograft, cancellous allograft and corticocancellous allograft products, including vials, particulate and putty syringes, veneer grafts, block human bone, and sponge bone.

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The Advantages of Allograft Bone Products

Allograft materials are taken from donor human bones, typically in the form of bone powder that has been sterilized and processed into a viable grafting material.

While autografting (harvesting bone from the patient’s own body) results in the highest level of biocompatibility, this usually isn’t practical in a dental environment. Synthetic materials (alloplasts) and animal bone materials (xenografts) are commonly used, but even with advances in production technology, many surgeons still prefer the reliability and biocompatibility of autogenous bone harvesting (allograft bone).

Human bone grafting can provide the necessary structure to promote tissue regeneration, helping to restore the alveolar ridge and other areas around the oral cavity.

Like synthetic and animal-derived products, cortical allograft, cancellous allograft and corticocancellous allograft are available in a variety of different forms to suit the specific surgery.

The most common human bone graft options include:

  • Bone graft syringes with particulates.
  • Allograft syringes with putty.
  • Veneer grafts.
  • Sponge autogenous bone.
  • Human bone blocks.
  • Human bone graft particulates in vials.

We supply all varieties to ensure that surgeons have access to the right materials for their inventories or upcoming scheduled procedures.

We will discuss the characteristics of the various cancellous and cortical bone graft options in the following sections.

Bone Graft Syringes (Particulate)

Corticocancellous allograft syringes, cortical syringes, and cancellous syringes are available in both mineralized and demineralized varieties, depending on surgical requirements. Syringes offer a convenient way to deliver and mix bone syringe compounds.

Surgeons who are used to dealing with bone powder particulate vials will find that syringes offer a better level of control. With improved handling, surgical time can be reduced while errors can be mitigated if not eliminated. Allograft syringes have been developed with high-quality autogenous bone harvesting to ensure a high level of biocompatibility and safety for patients.

Our bone syringes are available for order today.

Bone Graft Syringes (Putty)

Putty bone syringes are derived from 100% human bone harvesting methods without the addition of materials that could dilute the compound. Our putty syringes can be directly applied to a surgical site with no need for pre-mixing with other grafting materials.

We supply PentOS OI™ grafting syringes that offer the highest level of biocompatibility and osteoinductivity. For superior handling and reduced surgical procedure complexity, rely on autogenous bone harvesting syringes from Dental Implant Technologies®.

Veneer Humane Bone Graft

Autogenous bone harvesting can be applied to veneer products, like the cortical bone graft veneers we have available to order today. Made from 100% cortical allograft, these veneers can be easily shaped by bending and contouring around a surgical site. The veneers can be molded and sewn and even trimmed to suit the surgical application.

Our grafts have the highest structural integrity and are stable, matching the osteoconductivity of human bone. They help to support the grafting site while ensuring linear tissue regeneration.

Sponge Autogenous Bone

Demineralized sponge strips are unique from typical bone powder products. Processed and formed into a cohesive strip of bone, these strips are porous, allowing them to be compressed and shaped to suit the surgical application. Strips are ideal for filling bone voids left from extraction, cysts, deterioration, and other dental problems.

Being soft and easy to manipulate, bone strips offer impressive handling that surgeons love.

Human Bone Graft Blocks

Cortical bone grafting with grafting syringes and even particulates is sometimes not enough to address significant deformation and bone atrophy. For the most demanding surgeries, block bone products are ideal. We carry tri-cortical block bone as well as cortical bone pins for these cases.

Bone blocks are ideal for volume regeneration after severe atrophy, injury, or extraction following long-term untreated disease. Blocks are lyophilized to preserve the material, and they are fully sterilized and processed to ensure a high level of biocompatibility. Blocks can be used in conjunction with grafting syringes to ensure a predictable regeneration timeline.

If blocks are excessive but structural stability is still needed, allograft pins can be used in place. Pins are ideally shaped for surgeries where the gingival tissue needs extensive support. They can be used in conjunction with bone graft syringes, mixed particulate, putty, and other regenerative products.

Order from us today for the most reliable allograft pins and block bone materials.

Bone Powder Particulates in Vials

Bone powder particulates are considered the most versatile solution for cortical bone grafting procedures. Particulates in vials can be combined to create compound materials. They can be applied using specialist reusable allograft syringes, or with manual instruments if necessary. Particulates are available in mineralized and demineralized form, depending on the needs of the patient and the specific surgical procedure.

Most importantly, vials are affordable yet are made from the same high-quality bone materials that are found in putty, single-use particle bone syringes, and veneers.

Cortical Bone Grafting Materials – The Advantages

Choosing cortical bone grafting materials comes with an immense advantage when seeking structural support for a graft. Bone blocks developed from cortical bone are dense and provide necessary space maintenance with the ability to integrate with newly formed tissue. Cortical bone graft particulates can provide similar advantages in a different form, creating scaffolding within the defect site for new cells to adhere to.

Clinicians that require uncompromised space maintenance and stability should choose cortical bone graft products.

Should Clinicians Choose Cortical or Cancellous Grafting Materials?

There’s sometimes a misconception when it comes to cortical bone and its role as an allograft in dental bone grafting. Some clinicians believe that cortical materials will resorb and weaken over time. The science is simple. Cortical bone has fewer osteoblasts and osteocytes, and it has less surface area relative to its weight. However, when compared to cancellous bone products, cortical bone grafting materials have superior structural strength. And, unlike cancellous products, the structural strength is available immediately after implantation (in block form), without the need to remodel.

Cancellous bone grafts strengthen over time by facilitating rapid new bone formation. Cortical bone is at its peak strength at implantation, which is where the misconception comes from. This doesn’t mean that the material will fail over time. After integration with surrounding new tissue, the structure can potentially remain viable for the patient’s lifetime.

So how does this factor into decision making? The answer is simple…

  • Whenever needing initial stability and strength, a cortical bone block can be selected.
  • When there’s an overwhelming requirement for stability and space maintenance, cortical blocks or particulates are ideal.
  • The largest and most severe defects are typically best treated with block materials or a grafting preparation that contains cortical particulate.

For guided regeneration using particulates, a combination of cortical and cancellous products is often selected, because discerning clinicians understand that a combination of cortical and cancellous bone can provide the best of both worlds with osteoinductive and osteoconductive properties. Combined particulates follow a ratio of 70% cortical to 30% cancellous, ensuring that defects can be filled with excellent space maintenance thanks to the dense particles.

Understanding that clinicians need a variety of solutions, Dental Implant Technologies supplies cortical and cancellous products, as well as blended products. Beyond this, we also offer demineralized and mineralized particulates, as well as blended demineralized/mineralized particulates. For the most extensive options to suit any potential case, browse our complete range of allografts.

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