Tapered Tite-Fit

Tapered Tite Fit Implants

Tapered Tite Fit implants are developed by Hi-Tec implants to offer efficient single-stage surgical solutions to practitioners. These implants are installed at surface level, increasing biocompatibility and reducing typical healing time when compared to other dentures.

Dental professionals looking for reliable implants that are comparable with Straumann® standard and tapered implants will find cost-efficient solutions at Dental Implant Technologies®.

Learn more about our tapered Tite Fit implants, explore the range of prosthetic elements and surgical kits, and order today from our convenient online store.

The Benefits of Tapered TiteFit Implants

Tapered TiteFit implants are self-tapping implants developed by Hi-Tec Implants in Israel. Manufactured in a self-owned state of the art facilities, the tapered TiteFit implant range is both affordable and reliable for practitioners throughout the United States.

The benefits for patients and practitioners include:

  • The tapered TiteFit implants design mimics the anatomy of a natural tooth root. This allows for excellent integration and stability.
  • Tapered implants are less invasive than traditional implants, helping to limit healing time and patient trauma.
  • Hi-Tec tapered TiteFit implants are easy to handle when using Hi-Tec surgical kits.
  • Tapered TiteFit implants are ideal for single-stage surgical procedures, such as implantation immediately after extraction. Efficiency is increased, helping to streamline any dental practice.
  • The prosthetic margin sits at the same level as gum tissue, improving hygiene, and reducing long-term complications like inflammation and infection.
  • Tapered TiteFit implants result in outstanding esthetics with complete function, giving patients the confidence to smile.

Hi-Tec implants are cost-competitive with other systems, increasing affordability for any practice. This can help to improve the profitability of the practice while also passing savings to patients and their insurers where applicable.

Practices that are struggling to generate reasonable margins when using other implant brands can have confidence knowing that Hi-Tec tapered TiteFit implants are affordable without compromising on quality.

Manufacturing Quality and Accuracy When Using Tapered Tight Fit Implants

Tapered tight fit implants are designed with the benefit of 30 years of research and clinical studies. Hi-Tec Implants has been FDA and European Community approved for more than two decades.

Materials matter when it comes to implants. Titanium is the industry standard for permanent elements.

Tapered tight fit implants in the Tite-Fit range are made from pure surgical-grade titanium and are self-tapping. The implant surface is large grit sandblasted and acid-etched. All Hi-Tec implants are made in compliance with exacting tolerances so that there is no deviation in advertised size and real-world size. This ensures compatibility with prosthetics and instruments.

Accurate implants are important to improve not only handling but to ensure that the implants are correctly integrated with a high level of primary stability. Any small deviation could create unnecessary pressure on the surrounding bone or may leave space within the implant socket where bacteria could multiply. Because Hi-Tec tapered tight fit implants are made with precision, these problems don’t occur.

For better patient outcomes and a more predictable experience chairside, always insist on authentic Hi-Tec Implants from Dental Implant Technologies®.

Sizing Availability

Tapered Tite Fit implants are available in a variety of sizes to meet the surgical needs of the patient and practitioner.

Various lengths are available depending on the implant and surgical needs. The 4.90mm wide tapered Tite Fit implants, for example, are available in lengths of 8mm, 10mm, 11.5mm, and 13mm. Browse through to the implant size of your choice and use the drop-down menu to select length before ordering.

Prosthetic Elements and Instruments for Tapered Tite Fit Implants

Hi-Tec Implants are offered with compatible prosthetic elements. Clicking on a product page for any of our tapered Tite Fit implants will present a comprehensive overview of all prosthetic elements and accessories available to order.

Prosthetic elements for the tapered platform include overdenture ball attachments, octa base abutments, one-piece screw-in abutments, two-piece abutments, angulated abutments, castable abutments, and zirconium abutments.

Impression transfers can be ordered for both closed and open tray impressions. Analogs and castable sleeves are also available to suit the needs of dental laboratory technicians when creating dentures for patients.

Additional healing caps and screws can be ordered from Dental Implant Technologies®.

Note that the wide-platform system uses unique abutments, impression-transfer copings, analogs, and healing caps. A complete list of currently available wide-platform abutments and prosthetic elements can be found by following the link to our 4.90mm Wide Platform Tapered Thread Implant.

As a highly compatible system, tapered Tite Fit implants can be used with Straumann® prosthetic elements. Surgeons transitioning from Straumann® implants to Hi-Tec Implants will find the process to be simple and cost-effective because of this.

Surgical instruments can be ordered directly from our product pages. Select your implant size and explore all of our high-quality tools made by Hi-Tec Implants.

Order Tapered Tight Fit Implants Today

If you have been interested in the Straumann® system but would prefer an affordable alternative with a wide range of prosthetic attachments, the Hi-Tec tapered tight fit implants system will be well-suited to your needs.

Hi-Tec Implants are affordable, readily available through our online store, and they are reliable and manufactured to the strictest tolerances and quality controls. In addition to our tapered tight fit implants, we offer a complete range of conical, internal hex, tri-lobe, and mini implants and attachments. As a leading dental supplier, we also provide regenerative products including the grafting materials needed to prepare compromised sites for implantation.

Browse our tapered Tite Fit implants and a wide range of the highest quality regenerative and restorative dental products today.