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Narrow overdenture implants are made easier and more reliable with the ZEST® SATURNO® implants system.

At Dental Implant Technologies®, we offer a range of ZEST® products, including mini implants in the SATURNO® range. These implants are based on more than four decades of innovation and technical excellence, offering surgeons and patients a cost-effective solution for overdenture implants.

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What is the SATURNO® Implants System?

ZEST® mini implants in the SAUTRNO® range are narrow-diameter implants measuring 2.0mm, 2.4mm, and 2.99mm. Lengths of 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm are available to suit a range of surgical applications.

SATURNO® implants are designed to restore masticatory ability to patients. In cases where primary stability is available with ample bone density, these implants can function immediately with a pre-molded overdenture.

There are several innovative features and benefits found in the SATURNO® system. Surgeons and patients will appreciate the affordability, durability, and reliability of ZEST® mini implants.

  • The SATURNO® system uses an angled O-Ball that allows for angular collection to overcome placement challenges along the alveolar ridge.
  • Stability is created by a progressive thread that widens at the coronal region. This allows for maximum stability and durability of the implant.
  • The entire length of the implant has a textured surface to maintain stability and ensure that implants are perfectly fitted after the initial procedure.
  • The pivoting O-Ring used in SATURNO® implants can move up to 15° in any direction inside of the denture cap. This allows for a patient-friendly range of motion.
  • With multiple diameters, it’s easy to find the perfect SATURNO® mini implant for any application. Two unique cuff heights are available to suit the needs of the patient.
  • All ZEST® mini implants are self-tapping, which helps to improve the handling and ensure successful implantation surgeries.

Any dental professional looking for the best narrow diameter implant solution will find ZEST® products to be compelling. ZEST® has a reputation for quality and reliability in the restorative dental industry. For patients of all ages, a narrow diameter implant system is the ideal solution when working with moderate amounts of bone density.

ZEST® products are comfortable and highly biocompatible, ensuring that complications are avoided during and after the surgery. We stock a complete range of SATURNO® implants, accessories, and tools at competitive prices.

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Indications and Contraindications of ZEST® Mini Implants

ZEST® implants in the SATURNO® range are designed specifically to retain overdentures of the mandible or maxilla. The system can also be used for partial dentures. SATURNO® can offer immediate performance if primary stability is available. Grafting may be necessary to restore adequate bone density before implantation. Surgeons looking for grafting materials will find products from industry-leading brands at Dental Implant Technologies®.

SATURNO® implants offer a variable range of motion and aren’t ideal for overdentures where a rigid connection is necessary. Straight implants should not be used when there is a divergence greater than 15°. Angled 20° implants are available for use in cases with divergence up to 30°.

While ZEST® SATURNO® implants are suitable for healthy patients, they should be avoided in cases where serious medical issues or underlying disease are present. Patients suffering from drug or alcohol addiction aren’t suited to dental implantation. Patients with bleeding disorders are high risk and should not be considered for surgery without necessary precautions and cross-consultation with a physician. Patients with weakened immune systems and those on immunosuppressant drugs aren’t considered candidates for dental implantation.

ZEST® implants use titanium for strength and longevity. Patients with titanium allergies aren’t suited to ZEST® implants.

All SATURNO® products are packaged sterile with no cleaning required before implantation. Implants in damaged packaging should not be used and can be returned to the supplier. If the damaged packaging is a result of shipping issues or mishandling, refunds are available. If you have received a damaged product, contact our customer service department immediately to begin the return process.

All SATURNO® narrow-diameter implants are for single use.

Insertion tools and individual replacement O-Rings must be sterilized before use in a fully disassembled state. Liquid sterilant products can be used. All elements must be soaked for at least three hours before surgery. O-Ring insertion tools must not be sterilized with an autoclave device.

ZEST® SATURNO® Implants Availability

We have a complete range of ZEST® products available to order today. Surgeons can order individual implants, O-Ring assemblies, drivers, tools, and more from our convenient online store.

  • ZEST® SATURNO® implants are available in various sizes and straight/angled configurations.
  • We stock all processing components for the SATURNO® system.
  • Tools and accessories are available to order now. We supply drills, drivers, guides, and more.

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