Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting Dental Instruments

Dental Implant Technologies supplies the most reliable bone grafting dental instruments designed to streamline and enhance the surgical process. From bone grafting material dishes to bone scrapers and harvesting instruments, we offer an extensive range while meeting and exceeding the requirements of discerning clinicians.

Browse our range of dental instruments for bone grafting and order in confidence from one of the most trusted suppliers in the market today.

Bone Expander Drills

Available in a range of diameters, our bone expander drills are made from surgical stainless steel and are suitable for handpieces operation between 800 and 1500 RPM. Designed to condense sockets for implant placement and grafting, our drills are accurate and efficient to enhance the chairside process.

Bone Grafting Kits

With a range of bone grafting kits, it's more cost-efficient to get the most essential bone grafting instruments in a single set with a sterilization cassette. Kits are available for a range of procedures from ridge augmentation to bone block grafting and socket preservation.

Bone Packers & Scoops

Applying and packing bone grafting materials into the treatment site is easier and more efficient with our precision bone packers and scoops. Designed for versatility and reliability, the most discerning clinicians can rely on these simple tools for a diverse range of bone grafting procedures.

Bone Scrapers & Harvesting

Bone harvesting and scraping rely on extremely sharp and durable dental instruments that can remove bone quickly and efficiently. We offer a range of solutions from standard bone harvesters to titanium chisels for scraping hard tissue. We also offer harvesting trephines and bone chip makers in convenient kits.

Bone Grafting Syringes

For the application of bone grafting materials at the treatment site, bone grafting syringes can offer reliable performance. Our stainless steel instruments are easy to clean and maintain and are ergonomic to ensure swift placement of materials chairside.

Bone Mills & Morselizers

Morselizers are precision dental instruments designed to prepare solid bone material for placement at the defect site. We offer reliable crushers, mills, and morselizer grinders for efficient chairside preparation of autologous materials harvested from the patient.

Bone Grafting Dishes

For the preparation of grafting materials, our stainless-steel bone grafting dishes are ideal. Used for mixing bone grafting materials, hydrating, or even combining a crafting material with a PRF product, our durable and autoclavable dishes, bowls, and trays are essential for any implant specialist or dental surgeon.

Osseous Trap

Our osseous bone traps are the best dental instruments for use when collecting bone fragments with the help of an aspirator. The osseous trap acts as a specialist filter and reservoir that can be easily attached to an aspirator system. We offer tips, traps, and filter baskets for order today.

Bone Spreaders

Expanding bone for augmentation is more easily achieved with highly reliable dental instruments. Available as ridge and bone spreading kits, or as individual tools like our chisels and spreaders, we have an extensive range to suit any surgical scenario.

Bone Chisels

A complete range of titanium and surgical stainless steel bone chisel dental instruments are suited to any procedure where splitting, chipping, and scraping is necessary.

Socket Curettes

With our reliable socket curettes, an extraction socket can be cleaned to remove debris and bone materials left behind. Socket curettes are highly effective for preparing a socket after the tooth has been segmented. Our reliable socket curettes maintain their shape and edge for reliability from procedure to procedure.

Bone Files

Our bone reduction files aid in meticulous reshaping in difficult areas. Precision-engineered to allow movement between soft tissue and bone, bone files are essential for any practicing dentist that frequently performs guided bone regeneration and preservation procedures.

Crown Lengthening

The process of crown lengthening can be challenging to achieve with minimal trauma. Dental Implant Technologies offers the best dental instruments for a manual traditional approach using stainless steel instruments, or a more innovative approach with the K2 Laser System to gradually remove soft tissue.

Fixation Screws and Tacks

Our range of affordable and reliable fixation screws and tacks can be placed to stabilize the graft and prevent it from moving as it heals. Our screws and tacks are made from highly biocompatible and stable surgical titanium, to eliminate potential negative tissue reactions during healing.


Nylon-tipped mallets make it easy to fixate titanium tacks used during guided bone regeneration procedures. Our surgical stainless steel mallets are durable and autoclavable. Replacement nylon heads are available, simply contact our team to order.


Individual osteotomes are available to order in assorted styles and sizes, or within a complete Crestal Osteotome Kit. Designed to provide a quick and effective measurement of a socket or the sinus cavity, our osteotomes are accurate and ergonomic.


Our range of highly reliable bone rongeurs ensures that the sinus window can be enlarged for access and visibility of the surgical field during a bone augmentation procedure. Order the best rongeurs from Dental Implant Technologies, a trusted bone grafting dental instrument specialist.


Our slow-speed saws are compatible with contra-angle handpieces to gradually and safely split the ridge in preparation for an augmentation procedure. Available in a range of sizes to suit the unique needs of different patients and procedures, our saws are reliable and will maintain cutting potential when carefully maintained.

Trephine Burs

Bone harvesting trephines make it easy to extract bone, ready for preparation in a bone mill or morselizer. Choose from individual trephines in assorted sizes or select a trephine kit and cassette for the most common sizes in a convenient package.

Ridge Trimming Burs

Shaping and contouring the ridge is simple and effective with our high-quality slow-speed burs designed for use with dental handpieces. Precision-engineered to conform with the shape of the ridge, our burs limit chairside time and ensure efficiency.

Bone Block Clamps

Specially designed forceps for bone block can safely grip solid blocks before implantation and final preparation of the treatment site. With our locking bone block clamps, surgeries are simplified with less clinical stress for dentists and assistants.

Piezo Electric Surgery

Piezo Electric surgery allows for superior precision and success when performing crown extension, crest splitting, and more. We supply Piezo Electric dental instrument units that allow for the most efficient bone cutting and shaping.

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