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We created an online Store Assistant to help you quickly identify the correct products you need to select the appropriate abutment based on the criteria you enter. You will need to have the required information for each implant in order to find the correct abutment and additional items.

STEPS: Please select the top field “Select Product”, which will then provide a list of menu options in the dropdown boxes below. Please select from the additional options provided for that box, they include:

  • •    Implant manufacturer
  • •    Implant brand
  • •    Implant diameter
  • •    Tissue depth at the deepest point for cuff height selection

To select the proper Locator Males and additional items the following information is required:

  • •    Implant angulation within 0° - 10° or 10° - 20°
  • •    Technique for processing the Denture Caps into the denture
  • •    Direct Technique – chairside processing
  • •    Indirect Technique – Take an impression for laboratory processing
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Easy to insert and remove by your patients, LOCATOR Attachments are designed with customizable levels of retention and a low vertical profile. Most important, however, is its innovative ability to pivot, which increases the attachment's resiliency and tolerance for the high mastication forces an attachment must withstand, allows it to compensate for the path of insertion even with up to 40 degrees of divergence between implants, and provides exceptional durability. This patented pivoting action, along with the attachment's self-aligning design, also provides ease of seating the denture by the patient.


The LOCATOR Implant Attachment with patented pivoting technology is the premier system for implant-retained overdentures. According to recent studies, a two implant-retained, tissue-supported overdenture restoration is considered the new minimum standard of care for edentulous patients. More than two implants may also be placed for an implant-supported overdenture.


In clinical situations where healthy tooth roots can be prepared for placement of attachments to retain an overdenture, the LOCATOR Root Attachment delivers great versatility. Its supra-radicular design gives you the choice of a straight post and 10- and 20-degree angles to accommodate divergent roots, as well as a special cast-to version.


Allow for insertion of the overdenture with up to 20 degrees of divergence between implants and are available with 1.5, 3 or 5 lbs of retention forces.


Allow for insertion of the overdenture with up to an extensive 40 degrees of divergence between implants and are available with 0, 1, 2 or 4 lbs. of retention forces.


The LOCATOR Overdenture Attachment System features a Core Tool that contains 3 tools in 1. This convenient tool is used to carry and place the LOCATOR Abutment, remove the LOCATOR Male, and insert the male into the LOCATOR Denture Cap. Insert drivers for various types of torque wrenches are available to achieve 30 Ncm of torque.

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With the LOCATOR Attachment, the pivoting ability of the LOCATOR Males and the Denture Cap at various points during seating and in function deliver a host of benefits including self-aligning ability, angulation versatility, greater resiliency and exceptional durability. The Denture Cap's ability to gently pivot in any direction over the male accommodates the natural movements during occlusion and the pliancy of the soft tissue supporting the overdenture, providing greater resiliency and keeping it from dislodging. Patients are able to enjoy a normal, comfortable chewing function and unparalleled confidence in the secure fit of their overdenture. Compare this with attachments that don't pivot. Without the pivoting action, the overdenture is locked in a static hold. As the patient is chewing, the attachment can easily disengage because of the opposing forces of occlusion.


During seating, while the LOCATOR Male pivots inside the Denture Cap, the system's self-aligning design centers the male on the attachment before engagement. These two actions in concert allow the LOCATOR to self-align into place, enabling patients to easily seat their overdenture without the need for accurate alignment and without causing damage to the attachment components. This self-aligning feature also increases the durability of the LOCATOR Attachment.


With options of either LOCATOR Males or Extended Range Males, the LOCATOR Attachment System provides maximum versatility in retention and angulation to suit each patient's needs.


The pivoting ability of LOCATOR Males allows for insertion of the overdenture with up to 20 degrees of divergence between implants. LOCATOR Males are available in 3 different retention force options - 1.5, 3 or 5 lbs. In addition, LOCATOR Males include a unique Dual Retention feature that includes inside and outside retention, which provides the LOCATOR Attachment with a greater retention surface area than ever before available with other attachments, providing greater resiliency to maximize stability and durability.

Extended Range Males

The pivoting ability of the Extended Range Males allows for insertion of the overdenture with up to an extensive 40 degrees of divergence between implants. Extended Range Males are available in 4 different retention force options - 0, 1, 2 or 4 lbs.


Dual retention, pivoting action provides resiliency to maximize stability and longevity.

Extended Range Males

Extended Range Male's pivoting action allows for insertion with up to 40ยบ total divergence.


The LOCATOR Male remains in static contact with the attachment while the Denture Cap, which is processed into the overdenture, has a full range of rotational movement over the male for a genuine resilient connection of the prosthesis without any resulting loss of retention.


Both the LOCATOR's pivoting technology and its dual retention feature that includes inside and outside retention ensure long-lasting performance of the attachment, as shown by an independent laboratory test comparing the LOCATOR to the Stern ERA implant attachment during 60,000 cycles of function.


The LOCATOR Male remains in static contact with the attachment while the Denture Cap, which is processed into the overdenture, has a full range of rotational movement over the male for a genuine resilient connection of the prosthesis without any resulting loss of retention.


Cuff height, thread diameter and thread length vary by implant system.






Dental Implant Technologies® is a leading dental supplies company with a fully stocked online store. We supply dental implant LOCATORS, including ZEST® LOCATOR® abutments, Nobel Biocare™ LOCATOR® products, and a range of implants, accessories, and tools.

LOCATORS for Nobel are an alternative to ZEST® and are often used when an F-Tx fixed denture attachment system is desired. We supply both options to ensure that dental professionals have access to the right solutions for every patient.

Learn about dental implant LOCATORS, what makes the ZEST® system special, and order dental supplies online for convenience and access to the best prices.

What are Dental Implant LOCATORS from ZEST®?

The ZEST® LOCATOR® system is the most advanced overdenture implant system available today.

LOCATOR® is a simple system that is easy to remove and insert. Patients with LOCATOR® implants can easily manage their overdentures, remove them for cleaning, and reattach them with nothing more than natural bite force.

The dental implant LOCATOR® abutment system is paired with male retention components that compensate for the insertion path, even when there is a divergence between implants. The implant attachment can be retained by just two implants, making the LOCATOR® system one of the most affordable options for implant-supported overdentures.

We stock dental implant LOCATORS from ZEST® as well as a range of Nobel Biocare™ LOCATOR® products.

Choose us for dental implant supplies and get the best customer service with reliable products trusted by professionals throughout the restorative dental industry.

Ordering ZEST® LOCATOR® Implants is Easy with Dental Implant Technologies®

We make it easy to order dental implant supplies with a simple search function. There’s no need for SKU numbers or specific product codes. Use our drop-down selection tool to find the perfect ZEST® LOCATORS to suit patient needs.

Our tool has been designed for dental professionals and offers selections based on:

  • The type of ZEST® LOCATORS needed, including original ZEST® LOCATOR®, R-TX, and F-TX.
  • The preferred or familiar manufacturer/supplier, such as Nobel Biocare™.
  • The type of implant.
  • The required diameter.
  • The tissue depth to select cuff height.

Our integrated search will find the most suitable dental implant LOCATOR® abutments and redirect to the product page with technical information and pricing.

We are suppliers of authentic ZEST® LOCATORS and stock a complete range of implants, tools, and accessories. Dental professionals regard ZEST® implants as the best in the industry for price, reliability, and durability.

Understanding LOCATOR® Attachments Colors

ZEST® attachments use a simple color-coded system to make it easier to get the perfect amount of retention force with both original ZEST® LOCATORS and extended range ZEST® anchors implants.

  • Standard LOCATOR® abutments provide up to 20° of divergence between implants, and retention forces of 1.5, 3, and 5 lbs. are available.
  • Extended Range LOCATOR® abutments provide up to 40° of divergence between implants, and retention forces of 0, 1, 2, and 4 lbs. are available.

LOCATOR® attachments colors in the standard male processing package include:

  • Clear Nylon ZEST® LOCATOR® colors with 5 lbs of retention force.
  • Pink ZEST® LOCATOR® colors with 3 lbs of retention force.
  • Blue ZEST® LOCATOR® colors with 1.5 lbs of retention force.

Each processing package includes all three ZEST® LOCATOR® colors to ensure that surgeons can evaluate patients chairside and immediately have access to the correct part.

LOCATOR® attachments colors in the extended range processing package include:

  • Red ZEST® insert colors with 0.5 – 1.0 lbs of retention force.
  • Orange ZEST® insert colors with 2.0 lbs of retention force.
  • Green ZEST® insert colors with 3.5 – 4.0 lbs of retention force.

As with the original implant LOCATOR® system, the extended range system includes all three ZEST® insert colors so that the appropriate retention force can be determined and set chairside.

Choose the Gold Standard in Overdenture Implant Technology

ZEST® anchors implants are considered the gold standard in the industry. The implant LOCATOR® system is the ideal solution for overdenture implants. With the addition of convenient LOCATOR® attachments colors, it’s simple and stress-free to select the correct amount of retention force when patients have their dentures fitted for the first time.

LOCATOR® insert colors aren’t just beneficial for practitioners. Patients will also benefit, especially if visiting another practice for service or refitting. A specialist that is unfamiliar with the patient will be able to easily determine the original retention force simply by referring to the LOCATOR® insert colors used. Because ZEST® anchors implants are designed to function even with divergence, the LOCATOR® insert colors can be mixed to provide the correct retention force across the entire overdenture.

The modularity and flexibility offered by LOCATOR® implants and LOCATOR® insert colors is one of the reasons why surgeons prefer the ZEST® implants system.

How to Place a ZEST® LOCATOR® Denture

Dental professionals will find the process to be simple and even similar to other systems when learning how to place a ZEST® LOCATOR® Denture. The handling characteristics of ZEST® anchors implants are impressive, even for highly experienced surgeons.

The following instructions offer a broad outline of how to place a ZEST® LOCATOR® denture system.

  • The surgeon determines the diameter and type of implant used. Measuring thickness from the implant to the crest of the gingiva allows for the accurate selection of the dental implant LOCATOR® abutment.
  • After the healing period, the healing cuff will be removed according to the technical documentation included with ZEST® implants.
  • Any bone and soft tissue that would interfere with the dental implant LOCATOR® abutment is removed.
  • A dental implant LOCATOR® abutment tool is used to hold the abutment and deliver it to the implant site.
  • The abutment is then tightened using a LOCATOR® abutment torque tool.

These are the basic steps of securing the implant and the ZEST® abutments. With the abutment secured, surgeons then select the correct dental implant components, including the color-coded retention inserts, before placing the attachment.

The entire process is made simpler when using specialist tools like LOCATOR® wrenches and LOCATOR® abutment torque drivers.

The simplicity of how to place a ZEST® LOCATOR® denture is surprising. With the ZEST® abutments in place, the overdentures can be pressed on to the ZEST® implants. The surgeon can assist with this during the initial placement of the ZEST® LOCATOR® abutments. When patients leave the surgery, the dentures can be removed for hygiene and maintenance, and then simply reseated and ‘bitten’ into place. Because ZEST® dentures pivot, they can be subjected to high chew force without causing harm or irritation to the gingiva.

We also supply LOCATOR® for Nobel systems, offering an alternative to ZEST® LOCATOR® without pivoting technology. Nobel LOCATOR® is a leading solution for instances where a fixed solution is preferable over a pivoting and removable overdenture. Nobel ZEST® LOCATOR® is installed with a similar process, but dentures can’t be removed by the patient when using the F-Tx fixed attachment system.

ZEST® LOCATOR® attachments truly are amongst the most innovative dental implant attachments available today. Order ZEST® attachments and dental implant components from our convenient online store today.

Ordering Tools for ZEST® Implants

As a supplier of dental implant components and ZEST® attachments, we have a comprehensive understanding of the tools and accessories needed for implantation and denture installation. We proudly stock ZEST® dentures along with essential tools and accessories, including LOCATOR® abutment torque drivers and wrenches.

Our LOCATOR® abutment torque drivers are designed specifically for use with ZEST® abutments. They offer the optimal minimum torque values to ensure that ZEST® abutments are safely secured on LOCATOR® implants.

Browse our LOCATOR® abutment torque drivers, wrenches, and a complete range of tools and ZEST® attachments to order today.

The Most Reliable Dental Implant Supplies for Zest® Locator® Systems

We offer a range of high-quality dental implant supplies for Zest® Locator® systems. The placement and maintenance of the Locator® system should be performed with the best dental implant supplies to ensure successful patient outcomes and long-term maintenance of attachments and abutments.

One of the most important stages of treatment with Zest® Locator® is the placement of the abutment onto the implant. Within our inventory of dental implant supplies, we offer a convenient 3-In-1 Core Tool (SKU: 8393) that serves unique functions to enhance the chairside process.

  • A removal tool includes a sharp end to safely engage and remove the male attachment from the denture cap.
  • A seating tool aids in placing the Locator® male attachment.
  • A placement tool serves as an abutment driver with an abutment holder sleeve, making it easy to secure the abutment to a fully healed and integrated implant.

With three key functions on a single tool, it’s easy and stress-free for clinicians to place Zest® abutments. We also offer individual-function tools including our Locator® Abutment Driver (SKU: 8390) for clinicians that already have suitable tools and only need the specific driver for the Locator® system.

All of our instruments are made to the highest quality standards using surgical-grade materials like stainless steel and gold. Offering excellent handling, performance, and durability, clinicians will enjoy a long return on investment from our dental implant supplies.

Explore a complete range of our Locator® Tools and Accessories and order in confidence from Dental Implant Technologies. Browse and order online for convenient delivery to your practice.

Instruments are designed to suit every stage of the surgical process, and they’re all available from our secure online store.

The range includes essential dental implant supplies including…

  • Abutment drivers.
  • Parallel posts.
  • Insert tools.
  • Alignment pins for angle measurement.
  • Measurement guides.
  • Insert drivers.
  • Torque wrenches (perfectly torqued for patient safety).
  • Core tools.

The importance of choosing the right instruments cannot be overstated. With the most reliable tools in the industry, chairside procedures will be smoother without setbacks and with a lower risk of complications. Tools with excellent handling properties and exacting measurements ensure that clinicians can work without stress or worrying about compatibility or functional shortfalls.

Dental Implant Technologies is a leading supplier of Zest® Locator® systems and instruments in the United States.

Nobel Biocare™ LOCATOR® Products

Our range of implant solutions extends to Nobel LOCATOR® abutments. Nobel Biocare™ LOCATOR® abutments use the F-TX system. This is a fixed system for overdentures that provides exceptional stability and performance.

LOCATOR® for Nobel may be considered less versatile by some surgeons and patients because the system requires clinical cleaning, maintenance, and hygiene checks. While the system is fixed for the patient, removal is relatively easy for the clinician.

Suitability of a Nobel LOCATOR® over a pivoting ZEST® LOCATOR® will depend on the needs of the patient and the recommendation of the dental surgeon.

Advantages of the Nobel Biocare™ LOCATOR® system include:

  • Snap-fit design for easy Nobel LOCATOR® installation at the clinic.
  • 20° angle correction.
  • Attachment housing can rotate 360°.
  • LOCATORS for Nobel preserve the integrity of dentures.
  • The system is cost-effective and can reduce chair time.
  • Fixed Nobel ZEST® LOCATOR® dentures help to preserve patient safety and comfort.

LOCATOR® for Nobel can be considered any time that a pivoting system would cause complications with patient after-care and durability. Surgeons should evaluate original ZEST® abutments and LOCATORS for Nobel relative to the needs of each patient.

We supply original ZEST® products and LOCATOR® for Nobel.

A Complete Range of Dental Implant Components

We are a complete online dental supplies store with dental implant attachments and components available to order. Surgeons familiar with ZEST® dentures and even those using the LOCATOR® implants system for the first time will find our convenient and affordable products to be the best in the industry.

Our ZEST® denture products and dental implant attachments include:

  • LOCATOR® implants and processing components.
  • LOCATOR® tools and accessories.
  • ZEST® LOCATOR® Abutments.
  • ZEST® attachments.
  • ZEST® abutments.
  • SATURNO® and LODI dental implant LOCATORS.
  • Nobel ZEST® LOCATOR® products. (Our LOCATORS for Nobel are used for fixed dentures that are cost-effective and durable.)
  • A complete range of dental implant attachments and accessories.

Our team is committed to stocking and delivering the most reliable dental implant supplies for professionals throughout America.

Unique Elements of the Zest® Attachments System

Zest® attachments and compatible attachments offered by Dental Implant Technologies are designed for ease of use and easy clinical reference. The system ensures efficient treatment planning with an enhanced chairside workflow, with better patient outcomes. Several aspects of the Zest® attachments system make it easier to use than competing systems.

The implant-retained overdenture market is rapidly expanding. Even with optimal dental health, tooth loss is difficult to avoid. After middle age, the risk of tooth loss increases, and with tens of thousands of people expected to reach retirement age daily within the next seven years, the need for tooth replacement systems is only likely to increase.

The Zest® attachments system is one of the most versatile options because it allows for customized solutions that can suit the specific needs of each patient, without having to learn and adjust to a multitude of different implant systems. Zest® attachments for the Locator® system provide the best possible retention with customizable levels of retention. The vertical profile is superior to that of any other attachment system, and the durability is class-leading.

Zest® attachments are available for both implant attachment and root attachment.

  • Implant attachments are the standard and most common option. These are used when teeth and roots are heavily compromised (or long removed after tooth extraction treatment).
  • Root attachments are available when the roots can be preserved. This allows for the placement of Zest® attachments without dental implants.

The right approach depends on the unique case of the patient. Implant attachments are more common because even saved roots can become compromised over time, especially when teeth need to be filed down and drilled to prepare for a root attachment system. Dental Implant Technologies supplies implant attachments to ensure the best possible patient outcomes.

System Benefits for Zest® Attachments

The benefits of Zest® attachments are linked to the pivoting technology of the Locator® male component. The male component is technically static in the female socket, but the denture cap itself has a full range of rotational movement. This improves comfort while also enhancing the function of the final restoration. Even with highly accurate 3D scanning and pinpoint accurate dental implant placement, there can be some deviations between the implant attachments, the patient’s anatomy, and the overdenture. The pivoting nature of Zest® attachments ensures that the overdenture fits comfortably and securely even when these micro-deviations are present.

The small movements of the denture when speaking, biting, and chewing will also allow for long-term comfort. Pivoting reduces the pressure applied to the implants during daily use, which can enhance the lifetime of the implants and prevent pain, discomfort, soft-tissue damage, and inflammation. Reducing pressure will help to prevent implant failure, ensuring that patients can maintain their smiles and the implant system for a lifetime.

Because pivoting Zest® attachments can self-align, it also ensures that there’s a comfortable press-fit whenever patients remove their overdenture for cleaning in the evenings. This removes error, potential damage to the system, and frustration for the patient. There’s no difference in difficulty for the patient when comparing traditional dentures with Zest® Locator® style dentures. But there is a huge difference in technical performance and comfort. The performance of implant-supported dentures vs. traditional dentures is night and day, and then there’s also the aesthetic benefit thanks to the lowest vertical height which makes the dentures appear natural and beautiful.

With twice the retention area of Zest® attachments when compared to other systems, durability is ensured.

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