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Silk has remained one of the most popular non-absorbable suture materials for more than a century. Even as synthetic sutures become more affordable, silk sutures are still preferred for some applications thanks to a low cost, moderate tensile strength, and lack of shape memory.

Dental professionals looking for the highest quality sutures can trust Unify® sutures from Dental Implant Technologies. We supply silk suture products that meet the high standards of the FDA. A factory-direct pricing model ensures maximum savings for a dental practice that is affordable for patients and sustainable for operators.

Learn about our Unify® silk surgical sutures and explore sizing options today. Convenient online ordering is the best way to procure surgical sutures anywhere in the United States.

Advantages and Applications of Unify® Silk Surgical Sutures

Even with advancements in synthetic suture technology, traditional materials, including silk, are still in high demand in the dental industry. With superior handling and moderate tensile strength, silk is sometimes the best solution for specific surgical applications.

Dental surgeons often prefer silk because it is flat when tied. This makes it easier to handle and secure knots around a surgical site.

There are several popular suture materials available to dental surgeons today, with silk being just one of the options. As is common in all material types, there are downsides. The major downside to silk is that the material is made from foreign protein, which could lead to infection. Unify® sutures are produced in a cleanroom environment and the braided threads are coated to improve biocompatibility. All Unify® sutures are expertly packaged to ensure they are sterile when opened for surgery.

A length of silk suture can maintain its tensile strength for up to a year before deterioration begins. However, because of the mild tissue reactivity, silk is typically only used for short term suturing. Consider using silk when moderate tensile strength is needed without any degradation during the healing process.

Silk suture can be used in common dental procedures like extraction or oral trauma repair.

Properties of Unify® Silk Suture

Unify® silk suture products are braided for strength. They are coated in a sterile surgical wax to improve handling, tissue passage, and limit inflammation and the risk of infection. The thread color is black to improve visibility during handling, and to identify silk sutures during removal or follow-up procedures.

High strength steel needles are attached to Unify® silk suture using a drill end press fit process. This ensures stability and strength during suturing.

How do Unify® Silk Sutures Perform Compared to Popular Brands?

In a crowded marketplace, it can be challenging to find a reliable medical supplier with leading brand availability. We are a trusted American distributor of sutures and specialist dental products for implantation and other procedures. Our Unify® sutures are designed and manufactured in accordance with exacting standards, complying with and in some cases exceeding FDA guidelines.

With our suture products, it will never be difficult to find the right items for your inventory.

All Unify® silk sutures are created in a cleanroom environment in an ISO 13485 facility. This Medical Devices standard ensures that producers meet high benchmarks of work environment safety and cleanliness, risk management, design control, inspection processes, and validation processes. Whenever buying sterile medical equipment and devices, ensure that they meet or exceed the standards of ISO 13485.

Unify® silk surgical sutures are designed to maximize handling and strength given the limitations of the material. Our sutures are comparable with industry brands including Sofsilk®, Perma-Hand®, and Silkam®.

It’s simple to switch to Unify®, thanks to our coverage of all common needle and suture sizes. See an overview of the options below.

Availability of Unify® Silk Suture Products

We stock silk suture products in all common size configurations. It’s simple to maintain an inventory or order products on demand through our online store.

Unify® silk suture is available in 3-0, 4-0, 5-0, and 6-0 sizing. 18” and 30” thread lengths are available. Please view our products to order or see more information.

Popular options include:

  • Unify® 3-0 Silk Suture with FS-2 needle (19mm). Reverse cutting needle with 3/8 circle shape. Black colored thread for enhanced visibility. See SKU: M-S318R19
  • Unify® 5-0 Silk Suture with P-3 needle (13mm). Reverse cutting needle with a 3/8 circle shape. Black colored thread for enhanced visibility. See SKU: S-S518R13
  • Unify® 6-0 Silk Suture with P-3 needle (13mm). Reverse cutting needle with a 3/8 circle profile. Black colored thread for enhanced visibility. See SKU: S-S618R13

Sutures are supplied in boxes of 12 for convenience. Silk surgical sutures are amongst the most affordable 100% medical-grade sutures available today. We maintain high stock levels to serve the professional dental community. Orders are fulfilled quickly to ensure dental practices are fully stocked and ready to provide services to the public.

We also offer a comprehensive range of synthetic and gut sutures. View all of our regenerative products to find the perfect solutions for a range of implant and restorative dental procedures.

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Order any size of Unify® silk suture online for convenience and low cost. Savings of up to 80% are available when compared to the pricing of competitor brands. Unify® sutures are increasingly preferred by medical professionals thanks to factory-direct pricing and the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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