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Dental Implant Technologies® is a leading American supplier of specialist synthetic bone products. Ideal for dental implants, restorative surgery, and dental cosmetic surgery, our reliable synthetic bone, dental cement, and alloplast materials are both affordable and of the highest 100% surgical-grade quality.

We supply the most trusted synthetic bone graft products, including the innovative Bond Apatite™ from Augma Biomaterials.

Our products range from loose particulate to Augma bone graft syringes, and other innovative products like Osteogen® graft and SteinerBio injectables.

Order in confidence and keep a complete inventory of synthetic grafting materials for upcoming surgeries.

The Advantages of Synthetic Bone for Dental Surgery

Dental implantation is the most effective way to restore confidence and a full smile following tooth loss or heavy deterioration. For the most successful implants that preserve chewing ability and force, without negatively altering the facial structure, reliable synthetic grafting materials are essential.

We carry a comprehensive range of synthetic bone graft supplies to ensure that dental surgeons have the right products to ensure expected results and recovery times.

With high-quality dental cement and synthetic grafting materials, dental professionals can ensure:

  • Long-term results from dental implantation.
  • Better patient outcomes.
  • Improved handling of materials during surgery.
  • High biocompatibility with synthetic bone graft.
  • Preservation or improvement of facial structure.
  • Low incidence of sunken cheeks following surgery.
  • Low incidence of bone density loss following tooth extraction and artificial implantation.

Alloplasts are synthetic grafting materials designed to simulate the properties of natural bone. We carry products that are comprised of similar materials to human bone. Surgical-grade resins allow the natural bone to regenerate following extensive dental work.

Regenerative synthetic bone products are highly biocompatible and are rapidly absorbed as bone growth occurs. Take a look at some of our most popular products and explore all of our grafting materials for regenerative procedures.

Synthetic Bone Graft Cement Syringes

Augma Biomaterials (sometimes incorrectly referred to as Augma Biologics, or simply as Augma Bio) is a leading developer of dental cement. We supply convenient Augma grafting materials in a surgical syringe format.

Augma Bond Apatite™ (SKU: BOND APATITE) is an innovative form of alloplast that is convenient to store, simple to use, and highly effective for the best patient outcomes.

Bone apatite contains both the granulated alloplast powder and saline liquid in a single dual-chamber syringe. This allows for the rapid mixing of the compound to be used in grafting. The dental cement is self-setting, making it easier, faster, and safer for surgeons to work in the oral cavity.

Bone apatite contains both the granulated alloplast powder and saline liquid in a single dual-chamber syringe. This allows for the rapid mixing of the compound to be used in grafting. The dental cement is self-setting, making it easier, faster, and safer for surgeons to work in the oral cavity.

Augma Biomaterials is a trusted dental product supplier and Bond Apatite™ is cleared by the FDA.

Augma bone graft alloplast syringes are ideal for dental procedures including:

  • Periodontal bone damage and defects.
  • Crest widening.
  • Repairing cyst cavities.
  • Augmentation of the alveolar ridge.
  • Correct bone defects for implantation.
  • Augmentation of the sinus floor.
  • Fenestrations.

Augma grafting materials are trusted throughout the international dental community. Order in confidence online with competitive pricing and rapid delivery fulfillment.

Augma bone graft products are comparable in quality and handling to Osteogen® bone graft products.

Socket Graft Injectable™ from SteinerBio

It’s our priority to provide options for dental professionals. Augma grafting materials are extremely popular in the industry, with Augma Biomaterials (Augma Biologics) being one of the most trusted names.

SteinerBio has an equally impressive reputation, and we supply a range of injectable products from this trusted manufacturer.

SteinerBio syringes offer comparable performance to Aguma bone graft products. The Socket Graft Injectable™ (SKU: 103) is a reliable option for surgeries where rapid bone regeneration is necessary. The company has developed a proprietary combination of organic and synthetic materials to physiologically stimulate bone growth.

Implantation is possible within as little as four weeks following bone grafting treatment.

SteinerBio products are comparable in performance and quality to Osteogen® bone graft products.

How Do Synthetic Bone Syringes Compare to Osteogen® Graft?

Osteogen® graft products are incredibly popular, especially for surgeries that require plugging. Plugs function differently from the syringe application of synthetic bone, but the surgical goals are largely the same.

Osteogen® grafting plugs are designed to fill cavities with a collagen mass that contains a non-ceramic bone grafting material within. This can result in rapid bone restoration and faster healing of a surgical site. Whether used for pure extraction or in conjunction with implantation, Osteogen® grafts are popular with dental professionals.

Ostegen® bone grafting can also be achieved using strip products. Flexible strips easily conform to the grafting site, making the process easier for the surgeon and safer for the patient. Strips are often used for sinus lifts and are preferred by some professionals over particulate products or syringe applicators.

Osteogen® bone grafting products meet the same high standards of quality as all our synthetic bone supplies. Ultimately, surgeons will determine the best alloplast application method based on the unique nature of the surgery, the patient’s needs, and any planned follow-up procedures.

Ordering the Highest Quality Synthetic Bone Graft Materials Online

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