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Dental Implant Drills and Stoppers

Choose the best instruments for safe and accurate implant placement. Dental Implant Technologies offers a range of dental implant drills, stoppers, and sterilization cassettes designed to enhance the surgical workflow.

Dental Implants are the most effective treatment option for missing or heavily degraded teeth. Safe placement of dental implants requires precision and accuracy for the best long-term patient outcomes. Our dental implant drills and stoppers are designed to help dentists achieve industry-leading levels of safety and accuracy during placement.

Dental Implant Drills

We offer a selection of dental implant drills designed to safely create the initial pilot osteotomy and the final osteotomy for implant placement. Made to meet the highest levels of precision, our dental implant drills can ensure that implants are placed with excellent initial stability, ensuring predictable osseointegration as bone remodels around the implant body.

Our dental implant drills are available in a range of sizes to ensure compatibility with a range of systems. Our drills are suited for our Hi-Tec Implants as well as systems from other brands. No matter the preferred system in the dental office, our instruments will create suitable osteotomies without the risk of damage to the surrounding tissue structure when following standard protocols.

Materials are important when selecting dental implant drills and stoppers. Our range of drills includes stainless steel and titanium drills. Both materials provide excellent corrosion resistance and will retain their tool shape throughout many successful surgeries. All of our instruments can be cleaned and sterilized with standard in-office procedures.

Some of our most popular drills include our NX carbide tipped and stainless steel drills designed for precision and long lifetime. Made from surgical stainless steel and compatible with external irrigation, these are suitable for creating osteotomies with widths ranging from 2.0mm to 5.5mm, so even the widest implants can be accommodated. These drills are laser marked for depth reading and can be used with stoppers to ensure the correct depth without the risk of over-drilling.

Consider our range of NX Stainless Steel Drills (SKU: TDS) and our NX Carbide Drills (SKU: TDC).

Carbide drills offer increased lubricity which can improve the surgical workflow. The material also has enhanced corrosion resistance and durability for only a nominal increase in price.

Dental Implant Drill Stoppers

Depth markers can be used to gauge depth when creating the osteotomy for dental implant placement. However, relying on the depth gauge alone can create the risk of over or under-drilling.

For clinicians that wish to remove all possibility of over or under-drilling, dental implant drill stoppers are recommended. These simple attachments are used to guide the osteotomy for consistency and precision depths.

Our Drill Stopper Set for NX Drills (SKU: STOPPERSET) can be used with any of our NX stainless steel and carbide drills. They are color-coded for easy identification, eliminating complexity when performing dental implant placement procedures. Made from surgical stainless steel these stoppers enhance safety and can also reduce surgical stress and fatigue for the clinician. They are available in configurations ranging from 2.0mm to 5.0mm and can be ordered alongside our NX carbide tipped and stainless steel drills and sterilization cassettes for convenience.

Browse our complete range of stoppers and drills to ensure that the best instruments are available in every case.

Sterilization Cassettes

Dental implant drills and stoppers can be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath to remove fluids and debris. Sterilization with an autoclave is the industry standard for dental instruments.

Our sterilization cassettes make it easy to clean and organize instruments and are designed to be compatible with NX drills and stoppers.

  • Our Drill Stop Cassette (SKU: NX-DSK) is suitable for both drills and stoppers and has 54 available slots. Made from surgical stainless steel this cassette is long-lasting and suitable for sterilization and storage. It is also available with a complete range of NX drills and stoppers (SKU: NX-DSKX) for clinicians that want to replace their existing instruments or build out a surgical inventory for a new practice.

Insist on the most reliable dental implant drills, stoppers, and sterilization cassettes. Enjoy the smooth workflow with precision instruments designed for successful surgeries and great long-term outcomes. Browse and order from Dental Implant Technologies for competitive pricing and delivery to practices in the United States.