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Sinus Lift Kits

Sinus lift procedures allow for implant placement at a site that would otherwise be unsuited to retain an implant post. The grafting procedure allows for the remodeling of augmentation material into healthy bone, which can integrate with an implant post for permanent restorations.

Clinicians performing sinus lifts, whether crestal or lateral, can find the most reliable sinus lift kits at Dental Implant Technologies. Browse all our sinus lift kits today and take a look at three of our most reliable and cost-efficient options below.

Crestal Osteotome Sinus Lift Kit

The Crestal Osteotome Sinus Lift Kit (SKU: NX-SLCOK) is designed specifically for crestal procedures. It contains all the essential instruments to perform a sinus lift using osteotomes rather than drills and burs. Osteotomes cut and shape bone with the aid of a specialized dental mallet. Osteotomes are cost-efficient and provide high durability for an excellent return on investment.

An osteotome sinus lift kit can be easily used for treatment at the maxilla, where the bone is softer and less dense than at the mandible. Cutting into the bone with osteotomes is possible, eliminating the need for handpiece drills and burrs. While these instruments can still be used for sinus lifts, many clinicians prefer the simplicity and fine control offered by handheld instruments.

Our Crestal Osteotome Sinus Lift Kit has all the necessary components required to perform surgery, including…

  • Periosteal elevators.
  • Scoops and graft packers.
  • A rounded scalpel.
  • An accurate sinus probe.
  • Four tapered concave sinus lift osteotomes with stoppers for depth safety.
  • Nylon dental mallet.

The kit also includes some of the items that aren’t found in other sinus lift kits, such as a bone dish for preparing the grafting material, and a curved bone grafting syringe. This eliminates the need to add additional instruments to an order. This is the best kit available for clinicians performing crestal surgeries who need an all-in-one solution with high-quality instruments.

Materials include stainless steel and titanium to ensure easy cleaning, sterilization, and cutting heads that maintain their shape and sharpness. The Crestal Osteotome Sinus Lift Kit is provided with a 14-piece cassette with a latticed design and divider, ready for use in an autoclave device.

Lateral Sinus Lift Kit

The lateral approach can be performed with our Lateral Sinus Lift Kit. This kit, like our crestal kit, is designed to provide a handpiece-free solution for manual sinus augmentation procedures.

The Lateral Sinus Lift Kit (SKU: NX-SLLEK) is designed as a cost-efficient solution providing all of the necessary instruments to perform a complete procedure. A bone grafting syringe and bone jar are included.

Major components of this lateral sinus lift kit include…

  • Round scalpel.
  • Periosteal elevator.
  • 2X, 5X, 8X, and 9X titanium sinus elevators.
  • A safe mushroom sinus elevator.
  • Serrated titanium graft packer.
  • Titanium graft scoops.

Again, titanium is used for instrument tips to improve durability. The titanium also prevents sticking when the hand instruments engage with tissue, grafting materials, and biological fluids. This sinus lift kit is provided with an adjustable 14-piece lattice cassette for sterilization.

The Best Tools to Use for an External Sinus Lift

An external sinus lift can be performed to augment a thin jawbone, creating a better platform for dental implants. External sinus lift procedures are used to ensure that dental implants are successful over a long period. Patients treated with an external sinus lift can enjoy the use of their implants for decades when well maintained.

The external sinus lift includes opening a window at the back of the upper jaw. The sinus membrane is lifted without tearing, and grafting materials are packed and placed into the sinus. The grafting period typically lasts between three and nine months for complete healing.

An external sinus lift requires the use of specialized instruments to safely lift the sinus membrane without causing a rupture.

This sinus lift kit is suitable for an external sinus lift. The mushroom-shaped elevators prevent damage and are suitable for qualified clinicians of all experience levels. The kit also includes a sinus probe with laser depth markers. Graft packers and scoops are included for stress-free packing of an augmentation material.

Note that this kit doesn’t include burrs, reamers, or osteotomes and is designed specifically to provide the essential tools for elevating the membrane and pack bone into the cavity.

Browse Our Complete Range of Sinus Lift Kits

For lateral and crestal procedures, insist on the best sinus lift kits from Dental Implant Technologies. All our kits (including handpiece-based kits) are available to browse today, along with individual sinus lift instruments. Get the highest quality stainless steel and titanium instruments and ensure durability for procedures in the years to come.

With the best sinus lift kits, grafting surgeries are safer, more effective, and easier to perform.