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Order ZEST® LOCATOR® Drivers and Tools Online

The ZEST® LOCATOR® denture system is one of the most advanced and reliable available to patients today. Any dental practice offering ZEST® products and procedures can benefit from our reliable LOCATOR® tools and accessories.

We provide reliable removal tips, LOCATOR® cap tools, LOCATOR® core tools, ZEST® LOCATOR® drivers, and accessories like alignment pins and measurement guides.

See our products at a glance, and order in confidence from a trusted American supplier of dental implant solutions.

A Comprehensive Selection of LOCATOR® Tools and Accessories

We offer the highest quality LOCATOR® insert tools and accessories and are ready to pack and ship your order today. Get rapid delivery turnaround and the best prices when you order from Dental Implant Technologies.

LOCATOR® Abutment Driver Assembly Pitt Easy

This reliable LOCATOR® abutment tool is designed for dental surgeons using the ZEST® system. Made from a durable and hardened material, this ZEST® LOCATOR® driver is ideal for professionals demanding the best drivers that are perfectly sized and designed for ZEST® products.

Order with SKU# 8317

SATURNO® O-Ring LOCATOR® Insert Tool

Fitting ZEST® micro o-rings can be a challenge without the right equipment. Experienced surgeons rely on the best LOCATOR® insert tools, like this SATURNO® o-ring insertion tool. It is specifically sized and shaped to work with the LOCATOR® system. It works with both micro rings and standard rings with 4.5mm diameter and 2.25mm ball.

This LOCATOR® insert tool is made from the highest quality polysulfone, a high-performance thermoplastic frequently used in medical tools and devices.

Order with SKU# 8049

LOCATOR® Parallel Post

Our efficient parallel post LOCATOR® abutment tool is used as a handle device when visualizing the alignment of several attachments. We offer our parallel posts in packs of four to ensure that they are readily available for denture procedures.

Order with SKU# 8517

LOCATOR® Alignment Pin for Angle Measurement Guide

This simple and reliable LOCATOR® placement tool ensures that denture abutments are perfectly aligned and ready to provide years of denture support. To ensure that the best denture results are achieved, insist on reliable LOCATOR® placement tools from Dental Implant Technologies.

Order with SKU# 9531

LOCATOR® Angle Measurement Guide

This reliable angle measurement guide can be used with the LOCATOR® alignment pin to ensure precision alignment of the denture system. An accurate alignment tool can reduce errors and improve patient outcomes.

Order with SKU# 9530

LOCATOR® HEX Insert Driver

Designed for use with a 30NCM torque wrench, this ZEST® LOCATOR® driver is high-performing and reliable. Made from hardened metal to ensure stability and control, this driver can improve handling during any denture procedure. Perfectly fitted for the ZEST® system, this is an essential LOCATOR® abutment tool for dental professionals.

Order with SKU# 4936

LOCATOR® Square Driver Torque Wrench 21mm and 15mm

We offer square LOCATOR® torque drivers for denture procedures. Made to the same high standards as all of our ZEST® accessories and equipment, our LOCATOR® torque drivers can prevent handling problems, improve patient safety and comfort, and streamline the entire denture placement process.

Order 21mm drivers with SKU# 8927 or 15mm drivers with SKU# 8926

LOCATOR® Torque Wrench Insert Drivers

Reliable LOCATOR® tool drivers are available in various sizes to suit any surgery. Latch type drivers can be ordered in both 29mm (Long) and 23mm (Short) lengths. They are made to the same high standards as our LOCATOR® placement tools and are available to order now.

Order 29mm drivers with SKU# 8914 or 23mm drivers with SKU# 8913

Regular type (non-latch) torque wrench driver LOCATOR® tools are available in 21mm and 15mm sizes.

Order 21mm torque wrench insert ZEST® LOCATOR® drivers with SKU# 8280 or 15mm drivers with SKU# 8260

Buy the Best LOCATOR® Torque Wrenches Online

We offer 20NCM and 30NCM torque kits. Surgeons seeking the most reliable LOCATOR® abutment tools will find them right here at Dental Implant Technologies.

Our 20NCM kit includes a torque wrench, 15mm driver insert, and thumb knob wrench. The 30NCM kit includes a torque wrench, 14mm driver insert, and thumb knob wrench.

Both LOCATOR® tool kits are made from stainless steel components that are designed for easy sterilization using an autoclave or chemclave device.

Order a 20NCM kit with SKU# 4391 or a 30NCM kit with SKU# 9020

LOCATOR® Core Tool (With Abutment Driver)

The ZEST® Locator® core tool is a specialist device that has been designed to provide three functions in one. With just a single tool, it’s possible to carry and place the abutment, remove the male element, and insert the male element into the denture cap. A range of insert drivers can be used with the Locator® core tool, making it a versatile instrument for any dental practice.

Order with SKU# 8393

Other Products

In addition to our main drivers, LOCATOR® core tool, and torque wrenches, we also offer smaller LOCATOR® abutment tools including delivery sleeves, LOCATOR® cap tools, LOCATOR® placement tools, removal tips, and individual drivers for the core tool.

Explore our complete range online today for up-to-date pricing and easy ordering.

Buy LOCATOR® Cap Tools and More at Dental Implant Technologies

Our LOCATOR® cap tools, core tools, torque wrenches, and other LOCATOR® parts are in stock and available to order now. With competitive prices and a trusted online storefront, it’s easy to get the best LOCATOR® tools for your dental practice.

Start ordering now, or contact our customer service team for more information and assistance.