Growth Factors and Inductive Grafts

Osteoinductive Support from the Best Growth Factors and Inductive Grafts

Osteogenesis is one of the most important biological functions of the human body. It’s the process through which bones are formed, maintained, and healed. Without effective osteogenesis, serious complications can occur, requiring complex and often costly medical intervention. Osteogenesis, even in a healthy person, can be enhanced with osteoinductive products.

In dentistry, osteogenesis is critical as it is the underlying mechanism through which new bone is formed. Guided bone regeneration (GBR) with grafting materials can develop new bone to enhance patient health and prepare for treatments like dental implants. Clinicians can use osteoinductive materials to ensure that healing is predictable, consistent, and suited to the intended final treatment. These materials are also available for routine treatments like socket preservation.

Dental Implant Technologies offers a diverse range of growth factors and osteoinductive products suited to discerning dental professionals. Explore our products today and order in confidence from our trusted digital storefront.

A Diverse Offering of Growth Factors and Inductive Grafts

Browse any of the category links at the top of this page to find a range of the highest-quality growth factor and inductive graft products. Our products are developed by the world’s most trusted tissue banks and biomedical innovators, and are designed to suit a range of scenarios from simple socket preservation to complex cases of guided bone regeneration for implantology and oral reconstruction.

Order from categories including…

  • DBM Cortical Fibers for enhanced healing and promotion of new bone formation.
  • Amnion Membranes for wound protection and decreased pain following guided bone and tissue regeneration procedures.
  • Choukroun PRF for the production of autologous injectibles, membranes, and clots that enhance healing.
  • Pliable Sponge Bone solutions with excellent handling and osteoinductive properties.
  • Pentos OI grafting particulates and veneers.
  • Bone Putty Syringes for the easiest-handling bone grafting solutions.
  • Collagen Membranes for healing and stability of grafts.
  • Socket, Ridge, and Sinus Grafting syringes.

All of our products are extensively tested for quality and safety, and are available to licensed clinicians in the United States.

The Most Innovative Osteoinductive Solutions

Dental Implant Technologies is committed to quality and providing innovative solutions that enhance patient experience and the surgical process. This is evident throughout our range of osteoinductive solutions. Whether considering the Choukroun PRF system or our convenient immediate grafting supplies, each product has been carefully selected to exceed the demands of discerning clinicians, while also providing incredible value.

One example of this can be found in our Immediate Graft™ 3 rd Generation Putty petal Disks (SKU: 110). These disks contain an infused SL Factor, a specialized osteoinductive compound that stimulates bone regeneration. SL Factor is absorbed into the body through osteoblasts and communicates directly with DNA to initiate osteogenesis. More than 300 genes are stimulated in cells so that the bone formation process is rapid, predictable, and consistent. This can reduce the total time it takes for healing, ensuring that patients can have implants placed in less time. This and our other osteoinductive solutions ensure that clinicians can provide more advanced solutions for patients.

The previously mentioned Choukroun PRF system is another example of how innovation can lead to better patient outcomes. Choukroun PRF is an innovative autologous system that uses processed patient blood to develop injectable products, autologous membranes, and clots. These can be used for a variety of applications. Clots and membranes can be used during guided bone regeneration to stimulate bone regeneration and healing. PRF products are rich in human growth factors, delivering concentrated amounts to the site of a defect repair.

These are just two of the extensive options in our range of growth factor and inductive products.

When looking at options from our membranes to our unique grafting materials, the goal is always to enhance the clinician’s experience while also ensuring more consistent and in some cases faster healing for patients.

Is it Necessary to Use Osteoinductive Products?

Bone regeneration can be achieved with traditional products that are mildly osteoinductive, but the addition of osteoinductive-focused products is a much better option in every case.

  • Enhanced osteoinductivity combines with the body’s own natural healing to ensure support for bone grafting and more predictable outcomes.
  • Healing is typically faster when using osteoinductive products, so the total treatment time can be reduced. In dentistry, this is critical, especially when a patient is waiting for the eventual restoration with dental implants.
  • When considering socket preservation, quickly restoring the alveolar ridge with healthy bone can prevent surrounding structures and adjacent teeth from becoming compromised.
  • Every patient’s natural healing ability is different. Growth factors and osteoinductive grafting products help to create consistency so that long-term surgical outcomes are as expected.

Ultimately, clinicians who choose to use osteoinductive products will experience better outcomes and enhanced reputations within their communities. Order the best inductive grafting materials and growth factors from Dental Implant Technologies today.