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Periotomes for Reliable Tooth Extractions

Before surgery, many patients have the idea that extraction will be a traumatic experience. In reality, atraumatic tooth extraction limits pain and discomfort for patients. With modern dentistry, even an extraction followed by an immediate implant is a pain-free process, and discomfort during the healing stage is managed so that patients are comfortable long after they leave the clinic.

At your clinic, you aim for atraumatic extractions but you might not be providing the best service if you don’t have access to reliable periotomes that are sharp and suited to the tooth being removed.

The position of the tooth will determine the type of periotome that is used. Anterior periotomes have ergonomic handles for front tooth extraction, while posterior periotomes often have larger handles and angulated heads to provide the best access and maneuverability for rear tooth extraction.

Handling is key whenever considering a dental procedure. With the right tools, you will have the confidence to provide the best possible care. Our ergonomic periotomes ensure that atraumatic extraction truly comes with limited pain and discomfort.

Ensuring the Best Patient Outcomes When Using Periotomes for Extraction

Periotomes have been widely used in the dental industry for more than three decades. They were developed to complement the use of elevators. With thinner tips, these instruments can be placed into the periodontal ligament. With pressure applied along the root, they loosen the surrounding tissue and allow for a smoother extraction with limited trauma.

A periotome needs to be worked circumferentially around the root in a slow and methodical process to detach the ligament. An elevator may be used after the periotome before forceps are applied for the removal of the tooth. In some cases, forceps can be used immediately after the periotome.

It’s essential that a periotome is used only for its function (detaching the periodontal ligament) and never as an elevator. Due to the extremely sharp and delicate nature of a periotome head, excess leverage can cause breakage at the tip and trauma to the patient. Modern designs limit this risk.

Flexible Periotomes

To avoid the risk of breakage during normal use, premium periotomes can be used.

Titanium periotomes are made with a specialized alloy (Nickel Titanium) that allows the head to flex while in use. This eliminates the risk of breakage even with some leverage placed on the instrument. While flexible periotomes aren’t replacements for elevators, they do add an extra layer of security and confidence for the practitioner. A flexible tip also allows for the instrument to contour itself around the shape of the root, reducing the movement and time necessary to separate the periodontal ligament.

If you want smoother surgeries with pain-free extractions, you can purchase one of our premium products.

    • We also offer a Premium Posterior Large Handle Periotome (SKU: FB-3) that is angulated for safer and more comfortable access for rear teeth. Like the anterior equivalent, this product offers the same benefits like improved sharpness with reduced chair time and improved patient comfort.

We have several unique periotomes for you to consider for your clinic. Please browse all of our products to find the right fit for your technique and your budget. All of our dental instruments are competitively priced and designed for durability and accuracy.

Straight, Angled, or Curved?

When comparing our high-quality and affordable periotomes, you’ll find that we offer a complete range of straight, angled, and curved options.

It’s worth keeping all types on hand at your clinic. While they all perform a similar function, they can be used in different cases to improve workflow, reduce chair time, and reduce patient trauma and discomfort. Using the wrong shape could lead to a more difficult and painful extraction.

  • Straight periotomes are most suited to anterior extractions. Access along the anterior ridge is sufficient to use a straight instrument without any additional stress or difficulty for the practitioner.

  • Angled periotomes are best suited for posterior teeth. The angled head allows for easy access to the large molars. These instruments are available with large or slim handles depending on preference.

  • Curved periotomes sit between angled and straight instruments and are typically used for incisors, canines, and premolars where access with a straight head proves to be difficult. The curved head can allow for a more ergonomic workflow.

Our periotomes are made from the highest quality materials including titanium coatings and stainless steel. They are reliable and durable, and come with a lower incidence of breakage when compared to older designs. Ergonomics and function come together for the most predictable extractions.

Order periotomes from our trusted online store and benefit from the most reliable surgical instruments for all of your routine and complex cases.