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Buy OsteoGen® Plugs Online

OsteoGen® Plugs are innovative bone grafting material plugs designed to provide a simpler and more affordable way to prepare sites for implantation and other dental procedures. Developed by Impladent Ltd., OsteoGen® bone plugs combine a resorbable grafting material with a convenient plug that can be quickly inserted, compressed, and formed to a socket along the alveolar ridge.

Dental Implant Technologies® offers osteogenic plugs available to order online. Dental professionals prefer our secure ordering system for its convenience and cost savings.

Take a look at how OsteoGen® bone plugs are unique, the advantages they offer, and how they can be ordered online today.

OsteoGen® Plugs are an Innovative Grafting Solution

Dental surgeons have a variety of options when preparing the alveolar ridge for implantation surgery. Particulate granules can be prepared and implanted into sockets to promote bone regeneration. Some grafting syringes can be used for the same purpose.

However, few products can rival the combination of affordability and innovative handling as osteogenic plugs.

OsteoGen® plugs can be inserted directly into a socket after promoting blood flow. There is no mixing or special applicator tool required. Plugs are uniformly shaped and can be easily inserted with dental tweezers.

Each plug contains a proprietary resorbable calcium apatite combined with a collagen matrix derived from bovine (domesticated cow) bones. The material promotes bone growth by providing a stable grafting structure. As new bone tissue develops, the plugs are gradually broken down by the patient’s metabolism.

For patients, it results in a simpler surgical process. Implantation is possible within a matter of weeks when combining atraumatic extraction with the use of osteogenic plugs.

Significant Advantages When Using OsteoGen® Bone Plugs

Even the most talented dental surgeons can experience improvements to their process when using OsteoGen® bone plugs.

  • Surgery time is reduced with no need to mix and pre-form granulated grafting material or putty material.
  • Plugs become radiolucent on the day of surgery.
  • The cost is significantly lower per plug when compared to other grafting materials.
  • The potential for graft washout is eliminated.
  • The porous ceramic crystals in OsteoGen® are chemically similar to human bone.
  • The collagen in OsteoGen® works to stabilize blood flow and acts as a wound dressing. There’s no need for additional membranes.
  • Collagen from bovine Achilles tendon supports the bone graft to promote regeneration.
  • OsteoGen® Plugs are clinically proven and have been used successfully for more than three decades.

These benefits cannot be overlooked, especially when considering the practical and cost benefits of osteogenic plugs. The convenience and simplicity of grafting procedures can be appreciated in any dental practice.

We have osteo plugs in stock today. Our rapid delivery turnaround times are ideal when restocking inventory or seeking plugs on-demand for upcoming surgeries.

Osteo Plugs Offer a Simple Application Procedure

Improving surgical procedures through efficiency and simplicity can help surgeons to reduce their overheads while ensuring the best patient outcomes. OsteoGen® Plugs are amongst the easiest bone grafting materials to work with, competing with syringe applicated and putty grafting materials.

Osteo plugs are implanted in five steps to preserve the alveolar ridge following extraction.

  1. Extraction and debridement are achieved using the standard flapless protocol.
  2. The surgeon promotes bleeding after the removal of the periodontal ligament and debridement.
  3. Osteo plugs are delivered directly into the socket before compression.
  4. A membrane is formed after final compression and uniform packing.
  5. Suturing is performed using non-resorbable materials. Osteo plugs don’t require an additional membrane, eliminating waste and time in the surgical process.

The handling and technical properties of osteo plugs are impressive. Surgeons enjoy the time saved and the limited room for error when following Impladent’s recommended steps. Plug resorption is continuous and linear, typically occurring within three to five months. As plugs break down, they are replaced by the patient’s bone growth, preparing the site for implantation.

Surgeons seeking a clinically advanced and more effective way to prepare extraction sites for implantation can order osteo plugs from our secure online store. Osteogenic plugs are offered in two convenient sizes to suit any patient.

Availability of OsteoGen® Bone Plugs

OsteoGen® bone grafting plugs are available in two convenient sizes today. These sizes have been developed to successfully fit a broad range of patients.

  • Slim OsteoGen® bone grafting plugs measure 6mm x 25mm and are packaged in boxes of five. The typical cost per plug is $50 USD, significantly beating competing products. (SKU: IMP-OPS625-5).
  • Large OsteoGen® bone grafting plugs measure 10mm x 20mm and are also packaged in boxes of five. Pricing is identical across the two sizes. (SKU: IMP-OPL1020-5).

OsteoGen® Plugs are sterile when packaged and remain safe when stored in clean and dry facilities. Each packaged plug has a shelf life of up to four years, making it easy to maintain an inventory even over a long period. Dates are indicated on packaging to inspire confidence and aid with inventory management.

All our orders are backed by rapid delivery times. We offer a range of shipping options fulfilled by FedEx, ranging from first overnight and priority overnight shipping to cost-effective three-day shipping. Delivery tracking is available.

All orders must be delivered to a physical address, PO Box deliveries are unavailable at this time.

Ready to Order? Buy Slim and Large OsteoGen® Plugs Today

Our OsteoGen® bone plugs are in stock now. Order with confidence from our secure storefront and ensure that you are prepared for grafting treatments now and in the months or years to come.

Choose your size, place your order, and enjoy the swift and safe delivery of your dental implant supplies. Explore our complete range of products to find more grafting materials, applicators, and sutures.

Buy now or contact us to learn more about our products and get live support from a Dental Implant Technologies® representative.