Logic Implants

A Complete Conical Connection Solution with Logic Implant Prosthetics and Implants

Logic implants are reliable self-tapping implants developed by Hi-Tec Implants, and they’re available to order here at Dental Implant Technologies®. These implants, along with Logic implant prosthetics, are suitable for use in a range of surgical applications where a bone condensing implant is necessary. Logic implant prosthetics including Logic implant abutments are designed for platform switching, making it simple to compare and order all Logic implant parts.

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Overview of Logic Implants and Logic Implant Parts

The Logic system is designed by Hi-Tec Implants with an internal taper connection that creates superior osseointegration, particularly in soft bone. The bone condensing implants are self-tapping and are made with surgical titanium with blasted and acid-etched threads. Available in diameters ranging from 3.0mm to 6.0mm, Logic implant parts are consistent regardless of the size of the implant used.

Logic implant parts, also known as Logic prosthetics, range from abutments and overdenture attachments to healing caps, tools, and surgical instruments.

Dental Implant Technologies® stocks a complete range of Logic implant parts that are available to order today. The Logic implant system and corresponding Logic implant parts are designed to be durable, easy to handle, and cost-effective.

Clinicians transitioning from systems like NobelActive®, NobelReplace®, and Implant Direct™ InterActive will find it simple to move to our affordable conical connection solution.

Logic Implant Sizes for Use with Logic Implant Abutments

Platform switching means that all of the compatible Logic implant abutments can be used with any of the Logic implant sizes unless indicated as a narrow platform on the unique product page. Narrow platform prosthetics are designed for 3.0mm and 3.5mm Logic implants only.

Currently available sizes include:

These sizes represent a complete range of implants to suit any restorative procedure. An extensive lineup of Logic implant abutments is available for each size. To view all compatible abutments, simply follow the link to a specific implant size to see prices and availability.

Dental Implant Technologies® is a distributor of authentic Hi-Tec Logic implant abutments.

Types of Logic Prosthetics for Logic Implants

The various Logic prosthetics for Logic implants are designed to offer comprehensive solutions to dental clinicians and their patients.

Standard Logic prosthetics for Logic implants include:

  • Overdenture ball attachments.
  • Anti-rotation abutments.
  • Angulated abutments.
  • Impression transfers for closed and open trays.
  • Implant analogs.
  • Plastic and gold UCLA castable abutments.
  • Fused Zirconium-Titanium abutments.
  • Abutments for CAD-CAM restorations.
  • Universal unit straight and angled abutments.
  • PEEK temporary abutments.
  • Modular shouldered abutments.

All Logic prosthetics for Logic implants can be viewed by selecting the preferred implant size. Pricing is accurate at the time of order. Unlike some suppliers, we don’t require account creation to see our prices. We are confident that our Logic prosthetics for Logic implants are some of the most cost-competitive and reliable attachments available on the market today.

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Surgical Kits for Logic Implant Attachments

Hi-Tec Implants is a leading developer of implant systems and produces all of its implants, Logic implant attachments, and surgical tools in-house. Complete oversight of design and production ensures quality and the most competitive prices without compromising performance.

Logic implant attachments and the implants themselves can be placed with Logic surgical kits.

Surgical kits are fully customizable and are compatible with all Hi-Tec conical connection implants, Logic implant attachments, and some systems from competing manufacturers, including NobelActive® and NobelReplace®.

This Surgical Kit for Conical Connection Implants (SKU: CONICALSURGICALKIT) is designed to assist surgeons with the placement of Logic implants and the platform switching Logic implant attachments. Available tools designed specifically for Logic implant attachments include contra-angle abutment drivers, short, and long abutment drivers.

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Logic is one of the most reliable conical connection implant systems for use in soft bone. With an extensive range of Logic implant prosthetics, it’s easy to find the perfect solutions for any ground-up restoration or existing implant rehabilitation.

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