Tri-Lobe Connection

Tri Lobe Implants – Vision Implants

Practitioners demanding the most reliable tri lobe implants can trust the Hi-Tec Vision implants available at Dental Implant Technologies®.

We offer a selection of versatile implants, elements, and instruments that are compatible with the NobelReplace® system. Implants are made from surgical grade titanium and are both biocompatible and durable. Prosthetic elements cover a broad range of types to ensure suitability for dentures and single prosthetic replacements.

Browse a collection of the best tri lobe implants and enjoy our convenient online ordering system, fast delivery turnaround, and on-demand customer support from trained dental experts.

About Hi-Tec Vision Implants

Hi-Tec Vision implants are part of the wider range of Hi-Tec Implants available at Dental Implant Technologies®. With 30 years of research and clinical experience, Hi-Tec Implants develops the most reliable implant systems compatible with major brands. Tri-lobe implants are compatible with the NobelReplace® system, offering impressive handling, performance, and durability.

Hi-Tec Vision implants are manufactured in-house at the company’s facilities in Israel. Dental Implant Technologies® is an authorized distributor in the United States.

What are Tri Lobe or Tri Channel Implants?

Tri channel implants (tri-lobe implants) are root-form tapered implants using an internal 3-lobe connection. They feature pre-mounted pure titanium surface threads and come included with a fixture and titanium cover screw.

There are several advantages when using tri channel implants. The tapered design of Vision implants ensures that the implant body closely replicates the shape of a natural tooth root. This helps to create primary stability even when the patient’s bone is compromised. Tri channel implants can be used in existing bone, or grafted bone developed prior to implantation.

Placement of tri channel implants is standardized when using vision implants. Drilling is sufficient to prepare the site for implantation when working with soft bone. For dense bone, the preparation can be enlarged with a drill bit before using a Vision tri channel implants bone tap. Ratchet and hex screwdrivers can be used with an adaptor, or with an insertion tool for contra-angle implants.

Tri channel implants from Hi-Tec come with healing caps to finalize the process, in preparation for mounting a prosthetic element.

Vision trilobe implants are available in three sizes to ensure a suitable application. These sizes include:

      • 3.5mm Vision Tri Lobe Implants (Compatible with NobelReplace® 3.5 – PINK).
      • 4.3mm Vision Tri Lobe Implants (Compatible with NobelReplace® 4.3 – GOLD).
    • 5.0mm Vision Tri Lobe Implants (Compatible with NobelReplace® 5.0 – BLUE).

All of the Vision dental implants supplied by Dental Implant Technologies® are offered with a range of restorative components (prosthetic elements) and surgical kits.

Tri Lobe Implant Prosthetic Elements

The vision system offers versatility for a range of applications, including tooth replacement with abutments, overdentures using ball attachments, and preparation for hybrid dentures using angulated and straight abutments.

As authorized Hi-Tec Implants suppliers, we offer a complete range of prosthetic elements to suit your required implant size. Please browse through any of our 3.5mm, 4.3mm, or 5.0mm implants to see pricing and availability for prosthetic elements.

Vision prosthetic elements include impression copings and analogs. Dental professionals will find all the necessary elements to complete the implantation process from beginning to end.

Tri Lobe Surgical Kits

Whether transitioning from NobelReplace® or developing a new practice using Hi-Tec Implants, you will find a complete selection of tri-lobe surgical kits and instruments available to order online.

Instruments are made from the highest quality materials suitable for implantation practices. Stainless steel products ensure strength and durability with the ability to sterilize instruments between uses.

Instruments can be supplied individually, or surgical kits can be customized with the instruments needed. Our compatible instruments and kits can be found by browsing any of our Vision implants above.

Order Trilobe Implants Online from Dental Implant Technologies®

Vision Implants are designed to be compatible with the NobelReplace® system. You can order trilobe implants online from Dental Implant Technologies®.

We offer a complete range of Hi-Tec Vision implants designed to be used in demanding surgical applications where accuracy and longevity matter. Trilobe implants are made from durable surgical titanium that offers the best combination of strength and rigidity while remaining highly biocompatible.

From trilobe implants to surgical kits and prosthetic elements, your surgical needs can be served by the Vision implants system. Order online, enjoy the most competitive pricing, and get rapid delivery turnaround to your practice in the United States.