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Dental professionals can trust in our 100% medical-grade plain gut sutures from Unify®. Produced in a tightly controlled environment, our sutures are high performing and are designed to readily absorb with a linear degradation pattern that is both predictable and consistent. Our suture needles are amongst the highest performing in the industry, retaining their shape and sharpness for up to three times longer than standard surgical needles.

Every dental surgeon demands exceptional tools that allow for flawless procedures and predictable recovery patterns. Explore our range of Unify® plain gut sutures and order in confidence online.

Absorbable Sutures for Demanding Surgical Applications

Unify 4 0 gut sutures and 3 0 gut sutures are designed for precision tissue approximation during implantation, restorative work, and other dental surgeries.

Surgical gut is developed from highly purified collagen, which results in a high level of tensile strength with predictable degradation. Tensile strength in plain gut sutures can be maintained for up to 10 days, before the body begins the absorption cycle, which is usually complete within 70 days. Plain gut has a slightly faster degradation time when compared to gut treated with chromic salt. Unify® plain gut sutures are ideal for treatments where swift recovery is expected.

The advantages for both patients and practitioners are significant. With 4 0 gut sutures and 3 0 gut sutures, follow-up consultations are minimized. There’s no interaction required by the patient, with sutures absorbing naturally. The high tensile strength helps to ensure that surgical sites are kept clean during the healing process. Reliable sutures from Unify® can potentially reduce dental procedure costs while increasing the productivity of any practice or specialist surgical department.

Gut sutures are ideal for suturing subcutaneous tissue and ligating superficial blood vessels.

Chromic Gut vs Plain Gut Sutures for Dental Procedures

Treated chromic gut and plain gut surgical sutures are comparable in tensile strength and handling. There are some key differences in resorption and tissue irritation.

  • Chromic gut has an advantage with a delayed resorption profile. This can sometimes be as much as four full days when compared to plain gut. If minimal recovery and healing are anticipated, plain gut will provide the fastest possible resorption profile.
  • The tensile strength is comparable between the two materials. The degradation pattern is linear, offering a high amount of strength right up until degradation occurs around the tenth day following a procedure.
  • Plain gut surgical sutures are more biocompatible with oral soft tissues when compared to chromic gut. This may improve results in patients with heightened sensitivity. In the majority of cases, biocompatibility between plain and chromic gut is similar.
  • Plain gut sutures are non-pliable when removed from sterile packaging. Sutures are shipped in an isopropyl alcohol solution to stabilize and protect the material from contamination. Sutures should be rehydrated in sterile water before application. The material will become pliable within five minutes. Handling is comparable to silk, allowing for precision suturing and minimal trauma.

Faster resorption, moderate to high tensile strength, lower likelihood of irritation, and less tissue reaction are the key reasons why dental professionals choose Unify® plain gut surgical sutures.

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Moving to Unify® Sutures is Simple With Our Sizing Options

Unify® is a trusted manufacturer of 100% medical-grade sutures. Efficient and sterile packaging, versatile sizing options, and consistent qualities are all hallmarks of the brand. Surgeons looking for more affordable alternatives without quality compromises prefer Unify®.

Our sutures are comparable with other industry brands, including sutures from Medtronic® USA.

Availability of Unify® Plain Gut Sutures

Our dental sutures are available in a range of sizes for convenience and perfect application during any surgical procedure.

Our most popular Unify® 4 0 gut sutures and 3 0 gut sutures are available to order today. Unify® offers both innovation and familiarity with industry-standard sizing options.

4 0 gut sutures are available with P-3, PS-3, and FS-2 needle size names. Both 18” and 27” sutures are available, and the most popular sizes purchased by doctors. Multi-cut needles ensure superior handling and minimized trauma during tissue penetration. We keep stock of our most popular products to make the ordering process easy. Keep any dental practice stocked with sterile sutures to ensure fast turnaround times on any procedure.

4 0 gut sutures available today include:

  • SKU: PSJ-418R13
  • SKU: PMJ-418R16
  • SKU: PMJ-418R19
  • SKU: PMJ-427R19

3 0 gut sutures offer a smaller suture diameter for best-in-class handling and lower levels of tissue trauma. The beige monofilament thread is visible yet subtle in appearance, which is preferred by many patients for flap sutures and other sutures visible within the oral cavity.

3 0 gut sutures available today include:

  • SKU: PMJ-318R19
  • SKU: PMJ-327R19

We also offer plain gut surgical sutures in 6 0 and 5 0 sizes. For any dental surgery, minor or major, we have the sutures needed to ensure expected outcomes and the best possible recovery experience. Plain gut is readily absorbed with minimal tissue reactions. The tensile strength-duration for all plain gut surgical sutures is up to 10 days. Absorption is complete within 70 days and requires no intervention, providing oral health is maintained.

Our factory-direct prices are up to 80% lower than competitor prices in most cases. Our Unify® sutures are the only options that use a standardized needle size classification, which can improve ordering, inventory management, and needle selection for upcoming surgeries.

All of our surgical sutures are medical grade and perform to the highest standards expected by the best surgeons in the United States. We exceed all requirements of the FDA and USP®.

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For sutures that last throughout minor recovery durations, standard gut sutures are ideal. Unify® sutures are the affordable option, with no change in quality from other industry brands. Buy in confidence from a trusted American distributor of dental implant supplies.

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