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Order PRF Dental Supplies Online

The Choukroun DUO Quattro is an innovative centrifuge offering pre-set operation with a programmable option for dental surgeons and technicians. The Choukroun system is an alternative to the IntraSpin™ centrifuge that competes on cost and improves performance. Lower-speed Choukroun PRF protocols such as A-PRF+ have been clinically proven to improve platelet distribution and growth factor release within the first ten days of procedure [1].

We are a leading online dental implant supplies store, and we offer a complete range of PRF dental supplies, including PRF red tubes, PRF vials, blood draw butterfly devices, and BD vacutainers.

Explore our PRF dental supplies for the DUO Quattro and order in confidence and convenience today.

Plastic I-PRF Tubes

Our Dr. Choukroun I-PRF tubes are designed for aesthetic and orthopedic procedures. Each sterile box contains 24 PRF tubes designed for I-PRF treatment. These can be used with the Choukroun centrifuge.

Each tube is made from a high-quality medical plastic polymer that is free of dangerous additives. Tubes are packaged in sets of two in sterile blister packs to ensure safety for the patient and confidence for the practitioner.

All Choukroun PRF vials and tubes are compliant with regulatory requirements for medical devices. Surgeons should note that each blister package includes a needle component which is not to be used as a blood collector. It is included for regulatory purposes only and should be discarded.

We offer individual blood draw butterfly products to be used with the Choukroun system.

S-PRF Tubes

S-PRF tubes are the latest version of the I-PRF tubes for use with the Choukroun system. Each box includes 24 sterile PRF green tubes for the creation of S-PRF liquid in a centrifuge. There are no additives included in the tubes or the plastic. These items are FDA registered and safe for use in a dental surgery or laboratory.

Unlike generic PRF vials and tubes, our S-PRF green tubes are designed with textured plastics to ensure that platelet-rich fibrin is created efficiently and with negligible growth factor loss when transferred back to the site of injury.

Order our S-PRF tubes today and use them along with our blood draw butterfly devices and DUO Quattro centrifuge.

Choose Dental Implant Technologies® for the most reliable BD vacutainer tubes.

Glass A-PRF Vials (PRF Red Tubes)

Our glass A-PRF vials are specialized BD vacutainer tubes designed to be used for clots, membranes, and plugs. Each package includes 100 sterile red tubes with a 10ml capacity. Each tube is individually packed.

When used with the DUO Quattro system, PRF red tubes BD vacutainers should be processed at 1300 RPM for 14 minutes.

Blood Draw Butterfly Needles

Specialist blood collector needles have been specifically developed for the DUO Quattro system. Only Dr. Choukroun blood draw butterfly needles are approved for use with the Choukroun system.

Our 21g needles are individually packaged to be sterile in boxes of 24. These FDA registered blood collector butterfly devices are used to collect for both A-PRF and I-PRF therapy. They can be used in conjunction with PRF red tubes, PRF green tubes, PRF yellow tubes, and PRF orange tubes.

Order blood collector needles in confidence from a leading American dental implant supplies store.

PRF Tourniquets

Our reusable PRF tourniquets are designed with adjustable straps and are approved by Dr. Joseph Choukroun. Tourniquets and our PRF red tubes and other color-coded tubes are also available in our complete Choukroun Duo Quattro kits.

PRF Supplies Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right PRF dental implant supplies can be challenging, especially with so much competition between brands. We only supply blood collector butterfly devices, PRF red tubes, and BD vacutainers that are approved for use with the Choukroun PRF centrifuge system.

  • Can I use third party blood butterfly devices with the Choukroun system?

    Third party blood collector butterfly devices may work with the Choukroun system. However, approved blood butterfly devices have undergone extensive design and testing steps to ensure their suitability. Always use approved dental PRF supplies with the Choukroun system.

  • What are PRF Orange Tubes Used For?

    PRF orange tubes have been replaced with green S-PRF tubes. To ensure quality and a long-duration shelf life, avoid PRF orange tubes for sale and insist on individually packaged PRF green tubes from Dental Implant Technologies®.

  • Does Dental Implant Technologies® stock PRF Yellow Tubes?

    We don’t offer PRF yellow tubes for sale. PRF yellow tubes offered by competitors have not passed the strict design and quality assurance requirements of our Choukroun dental PRF supplies. The Choukroun PRF protocols are the most advanced available to surgeons and technicians. For blood collection and processing using these protocols, we offer A-PRF+ red tubes, S-PRF green tubes, and I-PRF+ purple tubes.

  • What is the difference between plastic and glass dental implant supplies?

    Both glass and plastic dental PRF supplies are made to the same high standards and are guaranteed to work flawlessly in clinical and laboratory environments. Glass tubes are designed specifically for A-PRF treatments.

  • Why are blood collector butterfly products referred to with several similar names?

    Standardization is a slow and evolving process in the medical device industry. Choukroun blood collector butterfly needles are often referred to as collection needles or simply as blood butterfly devices. Order authentic approved blood butterfly needles. (SKU: PRF-PRVT).

  • Is it Safe to Order Dental Implant Supplies Online?

    Yes. At Dental Implant Technologies®, we stock only trusted dental PRF supplies and all products meet necessary regulatory requirements. We stock authentic Dr. Choukroun BD vacutainers and accessories.

Buy PRF Red Tubes and Accessories for the Choukroun Centrifuge System

Our dental PRF supplies are in stock and available for your order today. Get the most out of your DUO Quattro system with BD vacutainers and accessories approved by Dr. Choukroun.

Order now for competitive prices and fast delivery turnaround. Buy from our online dental supplies catalog or contact our customer service team to learn more or get assistance with your next order.


1. El Bagdadi, K., Kubesch, A., Yu, X., Al-Maawi, S., Orlowska, A., Dias, A., Booms, P., Dohle, E., Sader, R., Kirkpatrick, C. J., Choukroun, J., & Ghanaati, S. (2019). Reduction of relative centrifugal forces increases growth factor release within solid platelet-rich-fibrin (PRF)-based matrices: a proof of concept of LSCC (low speed centrifugation concept). European journal of trauma and emergency surgery : official publication of the European Trauma Society, 45(3), 467–479.