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Buy Collagen Foam Cote Products Online

Collagen strips are effective wound dressings used for palatal donor sites and mucosal flaps. For dental surgeons, it’s important to have reliable regenerative products that can limit the risk of reactions and mitigate immunological responses.

Our HeliCote® collagen strips are designed to perform in the most demanding surgical applications while offering easy handling to reduce surgical errors and hasten patient recovery times.

Learn more about our collagen sponge dressings, the advantages they offer, and order online for the best prices and convenience.

Integra Miltex Collagen Strips are Ultra-Pure for Dental Applications

Integra through its subsidiary brand Miltex has designed some of the most reliable collagen sponge products available on the market today. Several factors come together to make HeliCote® collagen wound dressings ideal for a range of surgical applications.

Collagen is a building block of all tissue found in the human body. The collagen in our HeliCote® collagen strips is derived from the bovine deep flexor (Achilles tendon) and is processed in a sterile environment to ensure biocompatibility while eliminating the risk of infection.

HeliCote® is made from a proprietary ultra-pure collagen. When choosing HeliCote®, surgeons can leverage benefits like:

  • Limited risk of reaction to a foreign material used in would dressing.
  • Reduced likelihood of fibrous tissue encapsulation.
  • Low possibility of any immunological response.

Integra achieves this through its unrivaled manufacturing expertise, advanced product engineering, and the purity and quality of its collagen.

The Type-1 collagen used in HeliCote® collagen strips is treated with a proprietary purification process. This process ensures that there is a minimal inflammatory response. In the majority of patients, collagen strips are 100% biocompatible. The collagen is engineered specifically for clinical application, putting it above lower quality products from unproven brands. Integra offers confidence to dental professionals. The company has been a leader in regenerative technologies for more than three decades, and its collagen products are some of the most trusted in the industry.

How are Collagen Sponges Used?

Surgical wounds in the mouth face a difficult process of regeneration. The moisture, foreign elements from food and beverages, and high level of bacterial activity in the mouth can compromise healing. Collagen wound dressings like HeliCote® are designed to be used on bleeding or moist wounds created during dental surgery. They protect wounds by controlling bleeding and protecting the surface of the wound from trauma and contamination.

In a surgical environment, HeliCote® dressings are most commonly used for palatal donor sites and mucosal flaps. They may be used alongside other dressings like collagen plugs and collagen tape.

Technical Properties of HeliCote® Collagen Sponges

Beyond the high level benefits of HeliCote®, surgeons will appreciate the unique technical properties that improve handling and performance.

Collagen sponge dressings are extremely stable, retaining their structural integrity even when used in a moist environment like a mucosal flap. Each sponge is manufactured to exacting tolerances and is highly porous. This allows for the absorption of any saline solution used during preparation. This in turn helps to lubricate and protect the surgical site.

Bleeding is a challenge for even the most experienced dental surgeons. Collagen dressings work quickly by controlling bleeding within two to five minutes in most cases. Dressings can be used during procedures that require frequent aspiration. They can quickly manage oozing wounds to improve patient comfort and keep the surgical site clean. Sponges can even be used as temporary dressings during surgical procedures. Because each sponge can be easily removed without causing damage to a wound site, individual pieces can be temporarily applied and then removed before closure and suturing.

Even if the sponges are left in place, they are completely absorbable. The high biocompatibility is a major advantage of HeliCote® collagen strips.

Wounds require an effective barrier during the critical stages of healing. Reliable collagen foam cote products serve as a barrier during wound healing. Epithelial cell migration is limited, ensuring that tissue or bone regenerates without interference. Despite limiting cell migration, collagen sponges still allow for nutrients to penetrate the membrane and reach the wound site. The semi-occlusive properties surpass those of non-permeable barriers.

Errors during surgery are limited thanks to a proprietary textured surface that is easy to handle, even when the material is wet.

Ordering Collagen Foam Cote Products from Dental Implant Technologies®

We are a leading supplier of foam cote products and are proud to carry high-quality Integra HeliCote® collagen sponges for regenerative procedures.

HeliCote® collagen foam is sold in boxes of ten to ensure that dental professionals have inventory readily available for scheduled surgeries and emergency procedures. Each dressing measures 1.9cm x 3.8cm (3/4” x 1 ½”). The dressing retains its structural integrity within the first week of application and is totally resorbed in 10 – 14 days.

As one of our most popular dressing products, we offer a discounted price when buying five boxes of HeliCote®.

  • HeliCote® Collagen Foam Dressing Box of 10 (SKU: 62-201)

Our collagen sponge dressings are in stock now and ready for dispatch to your practice. We use trackable shipping services with a range of options to suit your needs and budget. Priority overnight shipping is available to most major cities and regional centers.

Are You Using the Best Regenerative Supplies?

If you aren’t using the best collagen sponge dressings at your practice, you are missing out on the performance, handling, and reliability of HeliCote®.

The best collagen strips can improve surgical workflow and patient outcomes. Order in confidence from a leading supplier and enjoy our competitive prices and exceptional customer support.

Buy online today, or contact a sales representative for more information and order support.