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Molt Mouth Gag – Specialized Mouth Retractors

For complex surgeries and examinations, the patient’s mouth must remain open for an extended period. This can be difficult for the patient as well as for the surgeon and assistants. A molt mouth gag is a reliable prop that can be used to keep the mouth open safely, providing optimal access without discomfort.

Molt mouth gags are specifically designed to provide reliable and convenient access without causing injury to patients. With a special mechanism, molt mouth gags remain in place and require no further handling until they need to be adjusted, or removed at the end of the procedure.

Learn about our high-quality stainless steel molt mouth gags and order the best surgical mouth retractors from Dental Implant Technologies.

Basic Elements of a Molt Mouth Gag

The molt mouth gag design (also known as a molt mouth prop) ensures comfort for both the surgeon and the patient. Ergonomics and convenience both play a key role.

  • The molt mouth gag design is based around a scissor action.
  • Handle rings are ergonomically curved to improve handling for the clinician.
  • The molt mouth gag design is self-retaining thanks to a ratcheted mechanism.
  • Blades curve inwardly, allowing maximum retraction and room for dental procedures.
  • Blade ends are coated in silicone for comfort and safety.

Molt mouth gags are commonly used and should feature in the inventory of any clinician that routinely performs dental surgery, implant surgery, implant maintenance, or oral examinations.

The Benefits of the Ratcheted Molt Mouth Prop System

The ratcheted operation of a molt mouth prop is what sets it apart from other types of mouth retractors. Unlike some devices which must be held in place by the surgeon, an assistant, or with the help of the patient, molt mouth props remain in place once they are set. This allows access to the oral cavity for extended periods and is ideal for complex surgeries and longer procedures.

The clinician won’t experience fatigue when working with a molt mouth prop, and the system is even quite comfortable for patients.

The ratcheted system has several teeth that allow the instrument to be locked anywhere from the resting position all the way to fully open. The system also makes it simple for a clinician to adjust the mouth retractor if it becomes uncomfortable for the patient.

When used conservatively, a molt mouth prop can significantly open the mouth without causing strain on the temporomandibular joint.

Molt Mouth Prop vs. Plastic Mouth Retractors

Plastic mouth retractors have become common in recent years. They offer affordability and comfort for the patient, but there are limitations.

Plastic mouth retractors have one setting, meaning that the size and shape of the retractor influence exactly how wide the mouth and jaws can be opened. This is a type of one-fits-all system and, in practice, it means that retraction will be compromised in some cases. Plastic molded retractors will be perfect for some patients and unsuited for others, due to the vast differences in anatomy from person to person.

Plastic retractors typically work by extending the position of the lips and cheeks, which opens the jaw. There is natural resistance in this case and it is less comfortable for the patient. Molt mouth props engage with teeth to move the jaw open, so the movement is much more natural and comfortable. Because molt mouth gags are set in place with the ratcheting system, there is no fatigue for the patient. They can relax their facial muscles while the instrument does all of the work. Molt mouth retractors can also be safely used for patients under sedation.

Stainless Steel Construction Ensures Durability

Dental implant Technologies supplies molt mouth gags made from surgical stainless steel. This material is resistant to damage and corrosion. It offers more corrosive resistance than standard stainless steel, without irritation when exposed to soft tissue. Surgical stainless steel is the industry standard material for dental instruments and a broad range of surgical instruments.

Stainless steel is easy to maintain in the dental office. It can be hand washed using pH-neutral detergents and soft brushes or sponges. After debris and fluid removal, molt mouth gags can be sterilized using autoclave devices.

Dental Implant Technologies provides stainless steel molt mouth retractors with five years of warranty coverage. Instruments should be replaced whenever they show signs of corrosion, pitting, or other deterioration. Our mouth retractors are affordable, made to the highest quality standards, and are reliable for regular chairside use.

Order Molt Mouth Gags Online

We offer 80mm and 140mm mouth gags suited for use in both pediatric and adult cases.

For the most reliable mouth retractors made from surgical stainless steel, order molt mouth gags from Dental Implant Technologies.