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Dental professionals across America have a need for reliable and inexpensive sutures for implants, extraction, and a range of advanced procedures. The tools and equipment used in your practice are equally as important as the technical skills that you have spent a career perfecting. Our Unify® sutures are comparable to top industry brands, offering the best combination of handling, strength, biocompatibility, and durability.

Buy Unify® sutures online for the most competitive pricing and convenience. Explore our range of dental sutures including non-resorbable sutures and resorbable sutures, and order in confidence today.

Unify® Chromic Gut Sutures

Chromic gut Unify® surgical sutures are designed for demanding surgical applications where high tensile strength is needed for periods between 10 and 14 days. These are absorbable dental sutures produced using innovative organic materials, including a chromic salt coating that reinforces integrity while minimizing the likelihood of tissue reactions.

Dental professionals prefer the handling of our Unify® sutures, with predictable knot tying characteristics and low incidence of tangling. The monofilament thread type and precision needles are hallmarks of the Unify® brand that dentists trust around the world.

Unify® Nylon Sutures

Nylon non-resorbable sutures are used for surgical applications where recovery requires high tensile strength without degradation throughout the healing process. These dental sutures offer superior handling with smooth tissue passage, enhanced by a silicone-coated stainless steel needle. Strength duration is up to two years, allowing these sutures to perform for extended recovery periods following implantation, bone grafting, and other major dental procedures.

Unify® nylon sutures are 100% medical grade and are comparable to alternatives including Ethilon® and Monosof® sutures.

Unify® PDO Sutures

Polydioxanone, commonly referred to as PDO, is an absorbable suture material that has been used for more than three decades in dental, cardiac, neuro, and orthopedic surgeries. It is the ideal material for reapproximating subcutaneous and cutaneous tissues. Unify® PDO sutures are made to the highest quality standards with a 100% medical-grade process.

The Unify® sutures thread is absorbable, which facilitates rapid and effective healing with minimal need for post-operative procedures. Tensile strength duration of 55 to 65 days surpasses other absorbable sutures. Absorption is achieved within a maximum of 200 days. PDO sutures are biologically inert with no risk of toxicity.

Our Unify® PDO sutures are designed to be comparable with PDS® II sutures in both performance and handling. Choose our affordable sutures for enhanced value.

Unify® PGA Sutures

PGA sutures are commonly used for post-surgical suturing in the dental industry. Reliable and with high tensile strength, our Unify® surgical sutures offer a predictable absorption profile to allow for better treatment outcomes. Available in both undyed and violet coloring, these are the preferred option for dentists needing consistent absorption times with tensile strength maintained for up to 21 days.

Unify® surgical sutures offer comparable performance to Vicryl® sutures and are an affordable alternative for dental professionals.

Unify® PGCL Sutures

PGCL sutures offer the highest possible tensile strength for 14 to 21 days. Absorption is completed within 90 to 120 days, minimizing post-surgical visits and consultations. PGCL sutures are inexpensive and offer superior handling properties. There’s a minimal incidence of infection or trauma noted in the medical community, thanks to 100% medical-grade components used in production.

Available as both undyed and colored violet sutures, these Unify® PGCL sutures are popular throughout the American dental industry.

Order Unify® as an alternative to Glycolon™ sutures.

Unify® Plain Gut Sutures

Plain gut sutures are reliable, easy to handle, and absorbable to minimize follow-up time and costs for patients and practitioners. Unify® develops inexpensive sutures with the highest levels of quality, strength, and surgical handling.

Designed for procedures with characteristically swift recovery times, plain gut sutures are rapidly absorbed with minimal tissue reaction. The total absorption time is a maximum of 70 days. Strength is maintained throughout the first 10 days.

Ultra-sharp multi-cut needles ensure minimal trauma during tissue penetration. Order Unify® surgical sutures online today for the most competitive prices and rapid delivery.

Unify® Polypropylene Sutures

For applications that require high tensile strength with an extremely flexible thread, Unify® polypropylene sutures are ideal. Precise knot placement and minimal trauma from tissue penetration are key characteristics of these non-resorbable sutures. Strength duration lasts the lifetime of recovery, with tensile strength maintaining complete integrity throughout.

Unify® polypropylene sutures are directly comparable to the performance and durability of Prolene® dental sutures. Consider our inexpensive sutures for reliable performance and handling.

Unify® PTFE Sutures

Unify® PTFE dental sutures are directly comparable to Cytoplast™ sutures. Designed for a broad range of dental applications, these inexpensive solutions are biologically inert and are manufactured with a soft monofilament that helps to eliminate bacterial wicking after surgery.

Unify® non-resorbable sutures are ideal for dental implant and bone grafting procedures. Dentists prefer our brand for handling and predictability throughout recovery. As non-resorbable sutures, PTFE sutures offer consistent tensile strength. Professionals familiar with Cytoplast™ sutures will find that Unify® sutures meet and exceed every expectation of quality, reliability, and durability.

Order Unify® as an alternative to Cytoplast™ sutures.

Unify® Silk Sutures

Silk sutures from Unify® offer impressive handling characteristics with an ultra-sharp silicone-coated needle for smooth tissue penetration and passage. The thread on these non-resorbable sutures is braided to improve strength. These sutures maintain their tensile properties for up to one year following implantation or grafting procedures.

The long duration allows for predictable recovery without the risk of post-surgical failures or infection. Professionals familiar with Perma-Hand® sutures will find these inexpensive sutures to be a reliable alternative with comparable handling, strength, and biocompatibility.

Choose From a Complete Range of Unify® Surgical Sutures Online Today

We maintain stock of the best Unify® sutures for dental implants and surgical procedures. Dental professionals trust our products and appreciate our inexpensive sutures that help to keep operating costs and patient costs as low as possible.

Unify® sutures are comparable to competitor brands like Cytoplast™ sutures and Vicryl® sutures. They match performance and handling while exceeding the value of competitor products. Contact us today to learn more about any of our affordable sutures, or order online for the best prices and rapid delivery times to keep your practice moving forward.

Ask These Questions to Choose the Best Dental Sutures

With so many dental sutures options available today, it can be difficult for some clinicians to choose the best products to keep in the surgical inventory. Whether considering resorbable or non resorbable sutures, there are a few questions that professionals can ask to provide some context in the decision-making process.

Are You Looking for an Alternative to Cytoplast™ Sutures?

There are plenty of popular resorbable and non resorbable suture brands available today, and Cytoplast™ sutures will be familiar to many practitioners. However, some will wish to transition away from Cytoplast™ sutures to find alternatives that have better performance or value. In some cases, clinicians simply want to find a new supplier with a wider range, in which case finding an alternative to Cytoplast™ sutures is important.

Cytoplast™ sutures are PTFE sutures popular for their broad availability and broad applications. Our Unify® PTFE dental sutures are the ideal alternative to Cytoplast™ sutures. They offer similar tensile strength, quality, and durability. There is no adjustment needed in procedure or technique when switching to Unify® from Cytoplast™ sutures. Our Unify® sutures use identical materials to Cytoplast™ sutures.

Are Non Resorbable Sutures Always the Better Option?

Non resorbable sutures have superior tensile strength and are used in cases where the strongest tissue hold is desired. Non resorbable sutures can ensure that wound healing is successful by preventing any premature failure of the repair.

Whether or not non resorbable sutures are better or worse, depends on the specific case. There are times when high tensile strength isn’t necessary, so non resorbable sutures can be avoided and resorbable sutures can be chosen instead. Resorbable sutures lose their tensile strength as they degrade, but they won’t require follow-up intervention, so the process is more convenient for the patient, more comfortable, and more practical for the clinician.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to choosing non resorbable sutures or resorbable sutures. Choose non resorbable sutures when consistent tensile strength is necessary.

How Long Can Non Resorbable Sutures Remain in Place?

In most cases, non-resorbable sutures should be removed after the first week. After this time, removal can become more complicated and more traumatic for the patient. Each case will vary, so the time left in place is at the discretion of the clinician. When the clinician requires extended tensile strength without complications caused by tissue forming over the sutures, a long-lasting resorbable suture could be used instead. For example, Unify® PGA dental sutures provide excellent tensile strength for up to 21 days and because they’re resorbable, they don’t need to be removed.

Why Has Dental Implant Technologies Chosen Unify® Sutures?

We supply quality Unify® sutures because they meet the most demanding standards of consistency, reliability, performance, and value. There are various options throughout the range, including resorbable and non resorbable as well as synthetic and natural sutures. With our complete line-up, we give clinicians options that they can trust, with competitive pricing.