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Cytoflex® Tef-Guard® PTFE Membranes

The most reliable PTFE membranes are available at Dental Implant Technologies, a leading supplier of regenerative products to clinicians in the United States.

PTFE membranes like Cytoflex® Tef-Guard® dental membranes can provide excellent barrier protection with a synthetic material that won’t degrade over time. Synthetic membranes ensure that even while rejecting bacteria, fluids are allowed to penetrate, providing nutrition during remodeling and repair.

Cytoflex® membranes offer excellent handling for a smooth chairside workflow and can be used in place of similar brands such as Cytoplast™ while offering comparable handling and performance.

Cytoflex® Tef-Guard® Technical Specifications

Cytoflex® membranes are non-resorbable membranes made from ePTFE thin film, a uniquely processed variant of polytetrafluoroethylene widely used in medical fields.

  • Material: ePTFE
  • Texture: Yes – Textured Surface
  • Dimensions: 12x25mm and 25x30mm variants.
  • Thickness: 0.25mm
  • Non-Resorbable
  • For Primary Closure

Our Cytoflex® Tef-Guard® membranes are not to be left exposed. They are designed for treatments when closure with a tissue flap is available. These membranes will prevent epithelial migration to isolate bone grafting materials during remodeling.

Our PTFE membranes are ideal for barrier protection during guided bone remodeling.

Advantages of PTFE Membranes

The biggest advantage of choosing PTFE membranes is found in the reliable barrier protection. Synthetic membranes can provide consistent barrier protection throughout remodeling. Unlike resorbable alternatives that break down over time, the barrier protection offered by Cytoflex® will remain the same from the day of implantation, right up until the membrane is eventually removed. These membranes are recommended to be used for up to six weeks.

When choosing Cytoflex®, clincians can expect…

  • A consistent and reliable barrier with identical properties throughout the period of implantation.
  • Restricted bacterial entry to ensure that the treatment site doesn’t become infected.
  • Nutrient passage thanks to a microporous structure throughout the membrane. This ensures more predictable healing and remodeling.
  • Extremely low risk of flap dehiscence.

Textured membranes also offer additional handling advantages for clinicians. When PTFE membranes are textured, as is the case with Tef-Guard® membranes, there is easier adhesion to soft tissue and bony defects.

Handling Performance of Cytoflex® Membranes

The handling of a membrane is one of the most important factors of its design. Membranes that are too thick or too rigid are difficult to work with, especially when working around defects and grafting sites with odd proportions or features. Cytoflex® PTFE membranes are designed to be soft easily draped over defects. This is made possible thanks to the soft nature of PTFE, as well as the exceedingly low thickness of 0.25mm.

Clinicians will have no problems manipulating these membranes to suit a defect. They will quickly conform and adhere. Membranes can also be cut to size and shape to suit the defect. The closest dimensions should be selected before unpacking a membrane from its sterile pouch. The membrane can then be trimmed with sterile surgical scissors, before placement with sterile forceps. PTFE membranes don’t require hydration unless required by the clinician for defects where there is very little moisture. A simple saline solution is sufficient.

Simple Remval of Cytoflex® Membranes

Being non-resorbable, PTFE membranes must be removed once the bone has sufficiently remodeled and there’s no longer a need for a membrane barrier. For primary closure, this is a simple process. The clinician can make an incision with minimal trauma to expose the membrane. Simply gripping the membrane with forceps allows for swift removal in one single piece. PTFE, even when thin and pliable, retains its tensile strength so there’s no risk of the membrane rupturing during removal.

This makes the entire process stress-free for the clinician and relatively comfortable for the patient. With high-quality products from Dental Implant Technologies, clinicians can simplify the chairside workflow.

Order the Best PTFE Dental Membranes from Dental Implant Technologies

Our company proudly supplies the best dental membranes for regenerative procedures, including Cytoflex® Tef-Guard® PTFE Membranes. Browse our products in 12x25, and 25x30mm sizes and choose the best barriers for your surgical inventory. We recommend stocking both sizes to be prepared for any patient/procedure.

Order in confidence from our secure online store and have the best Cytoflex® membranes and a range of dental implant supplies, regenerative products, and dental instruments delivered directly to your practice.