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Bone Scrapers and Harvesting

High-quality bone scrapers and harvesting instruments are used extensively in restorative dentistry and oral surgery. Whether preparing the ridge for dental implant placement or harvesting bone to prepare a grafting material, having the best bone scrapers and harvesters can make the surgical process simpler and safer.

Dental Implant Technologies offers a range of the best quality harvesters and scrapers for dental professionals. Explore our complete range and order in confidence from our trusted online storefront.

Choosing the Right Bone Scraper

There is a range of bone scrapers and harvesters available, with each design offering something unique to suit different patients and surgical procedures.

The right scraper for the case depends on the approach and the intended outcome. Chisel-style scrapers are used mostly for exploratory procedures and to prepare hard tissues for treatment. By comparison, bone harvesting scrapers are designed exclusively for harvesting tissue that can be used for grafting, or to help reshape the bone ridge. Additionally, bone trephines are available to take core samples of bone whether that’s for analysis or to prepare bone chips for grafting.

Dental Implant Technologies has a selection of periodontal scrapers and chisels, bone scrapers, and a range of trephines and kits.

The Best Materials for Bone Scrapers and Harvesters

As with all dental instruments, the material used for bone scrapers will directly influence durability and reliability. Medical instruments should be made from the highest-quality surgical stainless steel. Some specialist tools also include additional coatings to preserve sharpness and prevent corrosion.

Stainless steel is the standard for medical instruments because it has unique properties suited to clinical applications. For one, stainless steel is extremely resistant to corrosion, so tools made from this material will be durable even when exposed to fluids in the mouth and in and around the surgical field.

Durability is also guaranteed when instruments like bone scrapers are made from surgical stainless steel. The alloy can resist stress, even when tool tips are relatively thin. This is particularly important when shaping or harvesting bone.

Stainless steel is easy to clean when following traditional in-office practices. Complete sterilization can be achieved starting with ultrasonic bathing to remove solid materials and fluids. Autoclave then completes the sterilization process, and instruments can be packaged and stored in a sterile drawer or cabinet ready for the next procedure.

As a material for bone harvesting, stainless steel is also minimally reactive when exposed to other metals and even most chemicals. Contact with blood, saliva, or even water used for irrigation is no concern when using stainless steel instruments.

There’s also the advantage of the material being cost-effective, so even the best quality instruments can still be relatively affordable.

Coated Bone Scrapers for Enhanced Durability

Even with all the material advantages of stainless steel, it’s possible to improve the performance and durability of instruments by using advanced coatings.

Our Ergonomic Bone Harvesting Scraper (NX-BSHTG) is an excellent example of where a stainless steel instrument is enhanced by the addition of a specialist coating. With its gold tip, this bone harvesting scraper is more durable and will retain its sharpness for longer. The gold tip is made from titanium nitride (TiN). The coating is applied through a process of physical vapor deposition. It results in an extremely hard surface, which is exactly what’s needed in a bone scraping instrument.

The titanium nitride coating means that the head retains its sharpness and its shape. There’s also increased corrosion resistance, on top of the already excellent performance of standard stainless steel. Titanium nitride also has enhanced lubricity which can help when pulling the head toward the clinician to harvest bone. With less friction, there’s less pressure on the structure without compromising the ability to shave and harvest bone.

Browse the Best Selection of Bone Scrapers for Bone Harvesting

Our wide selection of precision instruments means that you can find the perfect tool no matter the surgical case. Bone scrapers and harvesting instruments like our assorted Bone Collecting Trephines (SKU: NX-NLBC-) are available to order today, all with the convenience of a secure online store and delivery directly to your practice.

Browse all of our available instruments and get the best results when harvesting, shaping and reducing bone for dental procedures.