PTFE Sutures



PTFE Sutures

Medical supplies are a key component of the success of your dental practice. Flawless surgical procedures and the best outcomes are made possible with high-quality Teflon PTFE sutures.

We understand the importance of providing the best dental services to your patients. We specialize in industry-leading medical supplies that can help you to compete in your industry. PTFE sutures in dental are the gold standard today and we carry a range of PTFE sutures to fit your needs and budgets.

Learn about our available Teflon based Unify® sutures, comparable to Gore-Tex® sutures, and Cytoplast™ sutures. Order online for convenience and prices that are competitive with Biohorizons® sutures, Hiossen® sutures, Osteogenics® sutures, and other suppliers.

PTFE Sutures in Dental

PTFE sutures are designed with reverse cutting needles for excellent handling. Our products are 100% medical-grade and are uncompromised by unnecessary dyes or coatings. The monofilament design of PTFE sutures in dental ensures a biologically inert and nonreactive product.

We stock Unify® Sutures, comparable to Cytoplast™ , Gore-Tex® and other competitive suture brands that have specialized in the development of PTFE sutures in Dental. Explore our range of products to find the perfect fit for your practice and patient needs.

The best customer service, swift delivery times, and competitive pricing make us the ideal alternative for PTFE sutures when moving from suture suppliers like Hiossen®, Biohorizons®, and Osteogenics® PTFE dental suture.

Unify® Sutures

Developed by a leading innovator and medical equipment manufacturer, Unify® sutures are an excellent choice for implant surgeries and other dental procedures. When the conditions call for a monofilament suture with minimal bacterial adhesion, Unify® sutures are amongst the best PTFE sutures in dental.

Unify® surgical sutures are non-absorbable and designed for easy handling. Leading dental surgeons prefer to use Unify® surgical sutures for:

  • Ridge augmentation.
  • Periodontal surgeries.
  • Tissue regeneration procedures.
  • Tissue grafting.
  • Implant surgery.
  • Bone grafting procedures.

Give your patients comfort with monofilament Unify® surgical sutures that allow a better mouth feel without the risk of loosening. Available in packages of 12, Unify® surgical sutures come in many configurations 2-0, 3-0, 4-0, 5-0 and 6-0. The 3-0 (19mm, 3/8 Circle) and 4-0 (16mm, 3/8 Circle) size configurations are our most popular suture sizes.

Unify® sutures are the alternative comparable to Cytoplast™ Sutures

Unify® sutures, like Cytoplast™ sutures, are produced for dental bone grafting and implant procedures. The soft monofilament structure is non-absorbable and maintains its structure without bacterial wicking. Both soft and comfortable, like Cytoplast™ sutures, the Unify® sutures can provide desirable outcomes for patients thanks to a biologically inert PTFE sutures structure.

Handling is excellent with Unify® sutures , as equal to Cytoplast™ dental sutures, making the surgical process simpler and safer. Knot security is comparable with the highest industry standards. Patients prefer Unify® sutures as dental sutures because they are soft and comfortable. The non-absorbable structure ensures that Unify® sutures maintain their integrity for as long as is needed during recovery or between procedures.

Our Unify® sutures are comparable to Cytoplast™ dental sutures, as Unify® are consistent with the quality expected from suppliers like Osteogenics®, Biohorizons®, and Hiossen®. Order the highest quality Cytoplast™ comparable dental sutures with the Unify® suture brand, in confidence from a leading American supplier.

Gore-Tex® Sutures

Gore-Tex® sutures (sometimes incorrectly spelt as Goretex sutures or Gortex sutures) were some of the most popular PTFE dental sutures in America in its time. Like our Unify® suture they are made from a microporous monofilament, these dental sutures offer excellent handling with tapered or piercing needles.

Dental surgeons enjoy the ease of use offered by the compressible structure that is soft and flexible. The low-friction design allows for precise control, something that is critical when threading PTFE dental sutures.

Gore-Tex® sutures were produced with needles that approximate the thread diameter to a high degree of accuracy. This allows for faster post-surgical healing with reduced bleeding. Gore-Tex® sutures are available in an extensive range of configurations to suit everything from dental implants right down to gingival grafts and mucosal suturing. Thread size from CV-4 to CV-7 can be ordered today. As a comparable product the Unify® suture keeps up to the high demands of the Gore-Tex® suture.

Order now or contact us for information on the most competitive pricing for Unify® PTFE dental sutures that can be compared with the Gore-Tex® suture.

Teflon Sutures

Unify® PTFE sutures, Gore-Tex® sutures, and Cytoplast™ sutures are all trusted in the dental industry. Surgeons prefer Teflon sutures for their superior handling, inert bioproperties, and strength.

Whether choosing Unify® PTFE sutures or any other brand, Teflon sutures will allow you to deliver the very best surgical dental services with positive outcomes for every patient.

Teflon sutures are most commonly referred to as PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) sutures. Teflon is the brand name of PTFE that is typically used outside of the dental industry. When consulting with patients, ‘Teflon sutures’ may be the ideal descriptor, due to familiarity with the synthetic material. The Unify® suture is fast becoming the suture brand to carry.

The key advantages of Unify® PTFE sutures and other Teflon based sutures are undeniable:

  • A sharp needlepoint improves handling and minimizes trauma during tissue penetration.
  • Threads are free of dyes and coatings, eliminating bacterial wicking.
  • Sutured sites remain stable and closed thanks to a non-absorbable design.
  • All Teflon sutures and Unify® PTFE sutures are medical-grade. They are non-reactive to chemicals and are completely biologically inert. This improves aftercare and maintenance for patients.
  • There is no package memory when working with PTFE. This improves handling because threads will never recoil into their package shape.
  • Wound healing is promoted with non-reactive and non-absorbable sutures. PTFE cannot absorb food residue, beverages, bacteria, saliva, or blood.
  • Comfort is dramatically improved compared to most monofilament sutures. Knot ends don’t cause oral irritation.
  • PTFE offers best-in-class durability and stability for all procedures.

In Uinfy® we offer a trusted brand Teflon PTFE sutures in dental at highly competitive prices. Our streamlined ordering process and friendly customer service can be refreshing for medical professionals who are familiar with suppliers like Hiossen®, Osteogenics®, Biohorizons®, and others.

Order the Unify® Teflon Dental Sutures in Confidence

We are a biomedical supplier focused on the dental industry. It is our mission and our passion to supply advanced products that improve surgical outcomes and make the work of a surgeon safer and more accurate.

Non-absorbable PTFE dental sutures are ideal for cases where strength and durability are key demands. With a biologically inert compound, healing is promoted with minimal risk of infection or complication.

Enjoy the easiest online ordering process for your dental surgery supplies. We offer the most competitive industry prices and a broad product lineup to ensure your surgical inventory is easily maintained. Order today or contact us to inquire now.