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Prosthetic Forceps – Implant Abutment Holders

Choosing the right prosthetic forceps for healing abutments, screws, permanent abutments, and bone fragments can be challenging. Your practice needs reliable and durable implant abutment holders that are also lightweight and easy to handle. The right forceps will improve your chairside process and limit accidents during procedures.

Dental Implant Technologies® supplies implant abutment holders that have been designed for excellent handling with technical innovations that limit mistakes and make procedures more efficient.

Explore our range of Laschal® dental abutment forceps, the advantages they offer, and order in confidence from our trusted online store.

What Type of Dental Prosthetic Holder are You Looking For?

Implant abutment holders, also commonly known as dental prosthetic holders and dental abutment forceps, can serve different purposes. Just as there are unique abutments available for healing and final restoration, there are unique abutment holders to fit unique cases.

We offer three unique Laschal® dental prosthetic holders:

While these forceps have some similarities, they are each indicated for different scenarios. Before we explore the purpose of each option, let’s consider the advantages that you can enjoy when using Laschal® dental prosthetic holders from Dental Implant Technologies®.

Like all of the best instrument manufacturers, Laschal® makes dental prosthetic holders from a proprietary steel alloy. A type of surgical low-carbon steel, it will resist corrosion and ensure that the instruments maintain their form and function over countless surgical procedures.

The steel is incredibly strong yet lightweight, ensuring that handling is comfortable. Lightweight instruments can reduce fatigue and can help to improve the chairside process. Dental professionals who spend long hours at the chair or in the lab will appreciate the lightweight dental prosthetic holders available at Dental Implant Technologies®.

In addition to the steel being lightweight, Laschal® dental prosthetic holders use less material along the grip to ensure flexibility while also contributing to the overall feel. Being lightweight, vibrations are transmitted to give positive tactile feedback when working with dental prosthetic holders. This means that you can feel the grip when placing screws and abutments. This makes for a more ergonomic experience with a lower risk of dropping components in the oral cavity.

Laschal® prosthetic holders are micro-tipped with serrated carbide inserts to further improve the grip. All of the forceps are closed at rest for ergonomic and practical benefits.

When Should You Use Linear Healing Dental Abutment Forceps?

Linear or in-line healing dental abutment forceps are designed for handling and manipulating abutments, healing buttons (caps), and transfer copings. With the carbide serrated tips, they are slip-resistant and ideal for use within the oral cavity. The 90° head offers direct access to both anterior and posterior teeth.

Linear healing dental abutment forceps should be used in any case when you need to transfer, position, or remove healing abutments and screws to and from the patient’s mouth. If access is a problem, offset forceps can be used instead.

When Should You Use Offset Healing Dental Abutment Forceps?

Offset forceps are both alternative and complementary to linear dental abutment forceps. With the 75° angulated head, it’s easier to get access to the mouth, especially for molars. Offset forceps can be used in any case where you find that linear forceps make it difficult to manipulate the abutments and screws that you’re working with.

We recommend investing in both linear and offset forceps so that you are prepared no matter the surgical conditions.

When Should You Use Multi-Purpose Forceps?

Our multi-purpose dental abutment forceps by Laschal® feature a 45° grip head that is designed for a wide range of surgical scenarios.

The most common uses for multi-purpose forceps include:

  • Manipulating and placing abutments, including permanent and temporary abutments.
  • Removing bone fragments and other materials from the mouth.
  • Removing small root fragments from around an implant or within the osteotomy.

The same impressive handling characteristics and carbide tips found on other Laschal® forceps are on the multi-purpose forceps. These are essential for any dental surgery that frequently performs implant procedures.

Laschal® Is Our Premium Implant Abutment Holder Supplier

At Dental Implant Technologies® our mission is simple. We continually strive to provide the most innovative and technologically advanced products. These products can help you to develop your practice and grow your reputation in your community. The most innovative and reliable products ensure the best chairside care and positive patient outcomes.

For practicing dental professionals and even laboratory technicians who handle prosthetic abutments and small components, we supply the best implant abutment holders on the market. Laschal® abutment holders are made in the United States and feature advanced designs that improve practicality and reliability.

Laschal® was founded in 1993 and has developed a strong reputation as one of the best medical instrument manufacturers in the world. The company’s goals and methods closely align with our own, which is why we’re proud to supply Laschal® implant abutment holders.

Laschal® is a holder of 12 unique patents, currently offers more than 150 products, and supplies dealers in 20 countries. Dental Implant Technologies® is a dealer of Laschal® implant abutment holders for dental professionals in the United States.

Order Abutment Holders in Confidence from Dental Implant Technologies®

  • Improve your chairside workflow with the best implant abutment holders available today. Made in the United States from the highest quality domestically sourced materials, Laschal® abutment holders provide the performance and reliability that all dental professionals demand.
  • Select your preferred implant abutment holders or order one of each to ensure that you’re prepared for any surgical scenario. Our competitive pricing and rapid order fulfillment make it easier than ever to get the dental supplies you need.