Crown Removal

Crown Removal Instruments

A dental crown will last up to 15 years on average. While some premium materials can last much longer, the average patient will need rehabilitation and replacement at least once in their lifetime. Even for the first restoration, crown removal is necessary to remove the temporary prosthetic. Clinicians performing crown removal need reliable tools that keep the process efficient and free of complications. Dental Implant Technologies® offers a range of crown removal instruments for professionals in the United States.

Choosing reliable dental crown removers is essential to delivering high-quality services chairside. Take a look at the available options and order in confidence from our trusted online store.

Scissors for the Crown Removal Process

Crown and bridge scissors are used during crown removal in several scenarios. Our high-quality surgical scissors are available with straight and curved cutting edges to suit the needs of the patient and the specific procedure. Designed for easy handling and durability, our crown removal scissors are made from surgical stainless steel, offering the highest level of durability and corrosion resistance. The material can be effectively sterilized to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination between patients.

  • Crown scissors are versatile. They can be used to cut the dental dam septum to offer access when isolating the surgical site from the rest of the mouth.
  • When a matrix band is used to provide separation between teeth during a procedure, crown scissors can be used to cut away the band.
  • Gingival retraction cords used to move and retract the gum tissue to create a clear working space can be trimmed and cut with crown removal
  • Custom temporary crowns can be trimmed and shaped with our crown scissors.
  • Aluminum temporary crowns can be trimmed at the gingival margin.

Any clinician seeking the most durable and reliable dental crown remover and crown procedure scissors will find the best solutions at Dental Implant Technologies®.

Our 12CM Straight Crown Scissors (SKU: DIT-376) are used in instances where there is clear access to the crown or material needing to be cut or shaped. For easy access in narrow or angulated spaces, or precise trimming and shaping, we offer 12CM Curved Crown Scissors (SKU: DIT-377).

Both types of scissors are available to order today with several delivery options to suit your surgical schedule.

Crown Spreaders and Dental Crown Removers

Specialist dental crown removers can make it easier and safer to remove either temporary or permanent crowns. Investing in a reliable crown remover ensures that procedures are straightforward, whether removing a crown for rehabilitation or removing the temporary crown in preparation for the initial permanent restoration.

There are several advanced solutions available to order from Dental Implant Technologies®.

Our Automatic Crown Remover (SKU: NX-ACR) is an essential instrument for practices performing either restoration or rehabilitation. It includes three tips and tooling and uses spring force at the crown margin for removal. This instrument offers impressive handling and eliminates fatigue thanks to an easy spring-loading mechanism activated by squeezing the handle.

Sectioned crowns can be split quickly and efficiently with our Crown Spreading Forceps (SKU: NX-CSF). This stainless steel dental crown remover is designed with a precision head that opens when the forceps are hand compressed. This instrument requires little force to activate, making it safe for patients and fatigue-free for clinicians.

Technicians needing affordable hand-driven crown removers will find our Christensen Straight Crown Remover (SKU: DIT-383) and Christensen 90° Crown Remover (SKU: DIT-384) to be essential tools. Made to be durable, these tools are designed for any clinician that regularly performs rehabilitation and restoration.

Clinicians seeking a complete set of dental crown remover instruments can invest in our Premium Crown Removing Kit (SKU: NX-PCRK). This kit features all the essential crown removal tools including a straight hand-driven Christensen crown remover, spreading forceps, a spring-loaded automatic crown remover with three tips and tooling, and a Wyman crown gripper.

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Crown Grippers for Manual Crown Removal

Some procedures can be achieved with simple manual crown removers. We offer two solutions for clinicians.

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