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Dental Bone Screws and Tacks

Dental Implant Technologies® is a leading supplier of advanced surgical solutions. Guided bone regeneration (GBR) is made simpler and more successful when using the right instruments and surgical accessories. Bone grafting screws are used by clinicians to secure solid grafting materials and membranes. We supply MCT titanium screws to clinicians in the United States.

Discover the advantages of titanium dental bone screws, how they are used, and order kits and bone grafting screws today.

How are Titanium Screws Used?

Titanium screws can be used in a broad variety of applications. In dentistry, titanium screws are typically used to fixate bone block, membranes, and titanium mesh. MCT titanium screws prevent migration of the membrane more effectively than any other method. This makes placing grafts and barriers stress-free and predictable.

Purchasing the Best Dental Bone Screws

At Dental Implant Technologies® we are authorized resellers of MCT products. MCT is a Korean medical instrument manufacturer that produces the highest quality bone and tack systems, including instruments.

MCT screws are designed specifically for use with MCT membrane and bone block tools. We offer replacement dental bone screws in a range of sizes to suit any surgical case.

Our MCT Titanium Bone & Membrane Screws 5 Packs (SKU: AU-) can be fully customized to suit the needs of the clinician and patient. 25 unique size options are available for our dental bone screws. Diameter and length can be selected to suit the scenario, whether securing a bone block, membrane, or titanium mesh barrier.

How are Dental Bone Screws Installed?

MCT dental bone screws are self-drilling and self-tapping. This eliminates the need for an initial osteotomy when placing screws, significantly reducing surgical complexity.

MCT screws are proprietary and can only be used with an authentic MCT driver. The press-fit friction head prevents dropping, improving the surgical workflow. The friction system removes the risk of screws falling into the oral cavity. The overall improvement to the process and patient safety is impressive, and one of the major benefits of working with MCT bone grafting screws and drivers.

The self-threading and self-tapping system aids insertion as well as removal, ensuring that clinicians can perform follow-up work without complication.

Pilot drilling is only required in cases where D1 dense cortical bone is encountered. In every other case, titanium screws can be implanted without drilling.

Grade 5 Titanium Dental Screws

Titanium dental screws are manufactured from Grade 5 titanium. This is a type of titanium alloy used extensively for specialist applications.

Grade 5 titanium dental screws won’t osseointegrate with bone. This is important because it prevents damage and trauma when the screws are retrieved. Grade 5 titanium dental screws are made with a combination of pure titanium, aluminum, and vanadium.

Titanium dental screws are biocompatible and won’t cause irritation to the tissue. They also provide excellent corrosion resistance, making them ideal for dental applications. Titanium screws maintain their performance throughout the guided bone regeneration process.

The titanium used for MCT bone grafting screws is FDA approved.

Bone Grafting Screws vs. Bone Tacks

MCT produces bone grafting screws and titanium bone tacks for surgical use. Bone grafting screws are indicated for procedures where maximum stability and longevity are required. Screws are ideal for demanding applications like securing mesh. Screws can secure bone blocks.

Bone tacks are used for convenience in less demanding cases. They are ideal for membrane retention.

MCT bone tacks are made from titanium to ensure biocompatibility and resistance to corrosion. Replacement tacks can be ordered from Dental Implant Technologies®.

Our MCT Titanium Bone Tacks 5 Packs (SKU: BT-) are available in 3.5mm and 4.5mm lengths.

The Best Instruments for Bone Grafting Screws and Tacks

MCT screws and tacks are designed specifically for MCT instruments. Compatibility isn’t guaranteed or implied with any other instruments.

    • Both tacks and screws can be placed with the MCT Membrane & Bone Block Fixation Kit (SKU: GBR-04). This kit includes starter screws, tacks, and hand instruments for the placement of both. The included MCT driver is designed to work perfectly with MCT press-fit Philips head screws. The kit also includes a custom latch driver for use with a low-speed handpiece.

Order Titanium Dental Screws Today

Get the best replacement dental bone screws for MCT instruments. Titanium screws and bone tacks are available from Dental Implant Technologies®. Order today and enjoy the best performance and reliability for any surgical case.