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Dental Wrench Tools and Attachments

Implant and abutment placement is a critical step in dental implant therapy. Having the right instruments will ensure patient safety and the best long-term outcomes. The right dental wrench tools also improve handling for the clinician, reducing stress and the complexity of any procedure.

Dental Implant Technologies is a supplier of the highest quality dental wrench tools for clinicians in the United States. Browse our complete range of dental wrench parts and instruments, and order from our convenient and secure online store today.

The Importance of Quality Dental Wrench Tools

The right dental wrench tools can make all the difference during dental implant and abutment placement. Benefits extend to both patients and clinicians, ensuring smooth procedures with the best outcomes.

Choose dental wrench tools from Dental Implant Technologies for:

  • Reliability with confidence knowing that placement and maintenance will be stress-free.
  • Durability for an excellent return on investment.
  • Simple maintenance and cleaning following standard in-office procedures.
  • Compatibility for major implant systems.

Our dental wrench tools are designed to be used with our Hi-Tec Implants and other leading brands.

Key Items to Consider When Purchasing Dental Wrench Parts

Dental wrenches are designed to provide specific torque to ensure the safe placement of implants and their abutments. Wrenches are universal, allowing compatibility for dental wrench parts to suit a specific implant system.

Clinicians can choose an adjustable torque wrench and buy dental wrench parts separately, or purchase everything in a set for convenience and compatibility for every patient.

The key items/features whether considering a kit or individual dental wrench parts are:

  • The torque wrench, which is typically adjustable (non-adjustable wrenches are available).
  • Drivers for placing implants or abutments. These include hex, Unigrip, and Torx/Star.
  • Driver length (short or long), which allows placement anywhere along the ridge.

Dental wrench parts are made from high-quality stainless steel to ensure that they are safe for patients and easy to maintain. Stainless steel adds durability and can be sterilized in-office.

Dental Torque Wrench Parts with Compatibility for Any Scenario

Clinicians seeking compatibility with major implant systems should purchase dental torque wrench parts and an adjustable wrench in a single kit. This provides everything needed, including attachments, for the manual placement of implants and their attachments.

Dental torque wrench parts are categorized based on their corresponding implant systems. While implant manufacturers like Hi-Tec Implants have proprietary threads for osseointegration, the rest of the system elements can be considered cross-compatible in most cases.

We offer dental torque wrench parts in kits with compatibility for:

  • Internal Hex systems using 1.25mm and 1.20mm dental torque wrench parts. Examples include systems from Hi-Tec Implants, Zimmer®, and Hiossen®.
  • Unigrip systems like those produced by Nobel®.
  • Torx/Star systems like those produced by Straumann®.

When purchasing a kit with dental torque wrench parts, an adjustable wrench is an ideal solution. Adjustable wrenches can be set to provide a range of torque settings. Some parts can produce torque up to 40Ncm. We also have options providing settings up to 60Ncm.

Our torque wrench parts and the wrenches themselves are highly accurate. Routine calibration and applying the right amount of torque for the implant system will prevent issues like fractured implants or damaged abutments. Adjustable wrenches should be lubricated and autoclaved at the zero setting to ensure that they maintain accuracy.

An example of a high-quality adjustable torque wrench is our Hi-Tec Torque Wrench (SKU: HR-TW) that provides a range from 10Ncm to 40Ncm. Click any of our product links at the top of the page to learn more.

Stainless Steel Instruments and Dental Wrench Attachments

Our wrenches and dental wrench attachments are manufactured using surgical stainless steel. This material has been proven as the most reliable for dental applications

  • Our stainless steel dental wrench attachments and instruments won’t irritate oral tissue.
  • The material resists corrosion.
  • Stainless steel instruments and dental wrench attachments are steam autoclavable.

All stainless steel instruments and dental wrench attachments should be hand washed using a neutral detergent to remove debris and biological fluids. Never use chemicals to clean stainless steel instruments as these can cause deterioration and corrosion.

Always replace stainless steel instruments and attachments when they display signs of pitting or other deterioration. Pitting on the surface will lead to corrosion. Exposed corrosion can irritate tissue or cause injury to patients.

Complete Kits, Wrenches, and Attachments

We supply individual wrenches, complete kits, and restorative kits without wrenches, like our Implant Restorative Prosthetic Driver Kit (SKU: SD-IPD).

Browse our complete range of instruments and dental wrench tools and benefit from reliable solutions for implant placement and maintenance. Dental Implant Technologies is a leading supplier of dental instruments, implant systems, and regenerative products in the United States.