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The Best Dental Surgery Motors

Dental Implant Technologies is a supplier of the world’s most reliable dental surgery motors compatible with standard E-Type handpieces. For the versatility to perform even the most complex procedures with ease, we offer powerful motors with advanced features that reduce chairside stress and fatigue

Explore the benefits of choosing the best dental surgery motors and order oral surgery motors and instruments from our secure online store today.

Versatility is Key to a Dental Surgery Motor

Implant dentistry is a complex field and it’s one where practitioners often provide other restorative dental services. When a clinician needs more than just an implant motor, a versatile dental surgery motor should be used.

Versatility is found where a motor supports more than just a 20:1 implant handpiece. Compatibility for endo and surgical handpieces will offer a better return on investment with all of the clinic’s procedures being made possible with just a single device.

At Dental Implant Technologies we offer the most reliable oral surgery motors. The Aseptico® AEU 7000 Series Motor (SKU: AEU-7000) is the most versatile option in our lineup.

What Makes the AEU-7000 the Ideal Dental Motor for Oral Surgery?

The AEU-7000 is manufactured by Aseptico® in the USA. This company has more than 30 years of experience in motor manufacturing for dental professionals and has goals that closely align with those of Dental Implant Technologies.

With our products, we aim to provide cost-efficient solutions that improve patient experiences and the long-term outcomes of dental surgery. Our products are reliable and efficient so that clinicians experience less stress with procedures that are simpler, safer, and more cost-effective for both the practice and the patients. With the best products, we help dental professionals grow and enhance their reputations.

The AEU-7000 Series Motor is one investment that provides several functions for practitioners. This dental motor for oral surgery is compatible with:

  • 1:8 Endodontic Handpieces
  • 20:1 Implant Handpieces
  • 1:1 and 1:2 Surgical Handpieces
  • 1:5 High-Speed Handpieces

This dental motor for oral surgery covers the complete range of handpieces typically used for dental procedures ranging from fillings and crown preparation to immediate and traditional implants. By investing in just a single device that can do it all, clinics will benefit from reduced procurement costs and simpler operational procedures moving forward.

Adjustable Torque to Suit Any Application

The AEU-7000 dental motor for oral surgery supports adjustable torque settings so that procedures are safer and suited to the patient’s needs.

In Implant Mode, the motor can produce torque up to 80 Ncm to allow for all steps from creating the initial osteotomy to placing the implant post. This dental motor for oral surgery is suitable for mini (immediate) implants and traditional full-sized titanium posts.

When used for surgical applications, the motor provides up to 4.95 Ncm of torque to allow for precise control without risking the patient’s safety.

In endodontics mode, where unrestricted torque has a likelihood of causing a fracture, the motor provides up to 1000 g-cm. Torque is consistent no matter which mode is being used and torque can be maintained even when the RPM is variable, this allows for safer procedures with a smaller chance of error.

Features Available with the Best Oral Surgery Motor

When considering the AEU-7000 Series Motor, our most advanced implant and oral surgery motor, there are plenty of features available to improve the surgical process.

With a foot controller, there’s no need to interact with the main user interface when working chairside. This reduces complexity and can enhance the speed of surgical procedures whether using a handpiece for implants or drilling through to infected dental pulp.

All our motors are irrigating and are easy to fill, helping to keep surgical sites clean with the defects visible. Optional lighting is available to improve visibility wherever the instrument head is being applied. The best oral surgery motors are compatible with handpieces supplied by Dental Implant Technologies, as well as a complete range of air-driven E-Type handpieces. This allows versatility as well as the ability for clinicians to continue using their preferred handpieces even when investing in a new oral surgery motor.

Browse the Best Range of Oral Surgery Motors

From the highly versatile AEU-7000 to the Aseptico® General Practice Implant Motor (SKU: AEU-1), we offer the best selection of dental surgery motors. Order from our online store for cost-efficient pricing and delivery to any practice in the United States. Follow any of our product pages above to see full features and up-to-date pricing on dental surgery motors.