PGA Sutures



Efficient and reliable dental procedures require 100% medical-grade supplies. Sutures are essential for recovery and the longevity of countless dental procedures. Guarantee the best possible outcomes for your patients and build trust by using the highest quality PGA sutures available on the market today.

You’ve spent time developing the reputation of your practice. Insist on PGA sutures that are reliable and practical for your surgical needs. PGA sutures are absorbable and can suit a wide range of patients and procedures.

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PGA Sutures are the Industry Standard Absorbable Sutures

Unify® sutures (comparable to Vicryl® sutures) are medical-grade PGA surgical sutures suited to the dental industry. PGA is a synthetic material with high tensile strength, a long strength duration, and a consistent and highly predictable absorption rate.

Absorbable sutures will approximate tissue during the healing phase, progressively losing their strength as healing occurs. Sutures maintain strength for up to four weeks, with an average 50% of original breaking load still present 21 days after surgery.

Unify® sutures (comparable to Vicryl® sutures) are preferred by many of the leading dental surgeons in the United States. You can order direct from a leading Unify® distributor.

Your practice takes pride in offering the best patient care with excellent outcomes. Your tools and equipment are as important as your skills and experience. Vicryl® and Unify® PGA sutures can ensure a smooth healing process that will allow you to maintain and improve your professional reputation.

Unify® Sutures

Unify® sutures are amongst the most popular Vicryl® comparable and Vicryl® compatible solutions, whereby Unify® surgical sutures can be considered for your dental practice.

Unify® PGA sutures are 100% medical-grade made from polyglycolic acid. Unify® surgical sutures are braided and coated to provide maximum tensile strength and durability, with minimal risk of bacterial contamination.

Unify® PGA sutures come with some unique advantages that set them apart from other Vicryl® comparable and Vicryl® compatible options.

  • Needles are press fit to improve the strength between the needle and thread, enhancing handling and successful stitching.
  • Initial strength is comparable to nylon products and traditional gut sutures. These sutures (Vicryl® comparable and Vicryl® compatible) have a rated strength duration of 28 – 35 days.
  • Absorption typically occurs within 55 – 70 days, which is identical to Vicryl® for sale.
  • Tissue reaction is minimal and there is zero risk of toxicity when using Unify® sutures.
  • Needlepoints are manufactured to the strictest tolerances. They are ultra-sharp to minimize trauma and ensure effective penetration.
  • Precise knot placement and smooth penetration are achieved with the help of a medical-grade silicone needle coating.

Unify® PGA sutures have a highly predictable absorption profile, making it easy to estimate the recovery timeline and minimize any follow-up care requirements for patients.

Order Unify® surgical sutures today and enjoy competitive pricing with industry-leading delivery times and customer service.

Vicryl® Sutures

Vicryl® was first developed by Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon Inc. While there are many Vicryl® comparable and Vicryl® compatible solutions available on the market today, many dental professionals insist on the original product for its reputation for quality and dependability, until they try our Unify® PGA sutures.

Made from polyglactin 910, Vicryl® for sale can be compared to the Unify® suture pricing. This synthetic structure is braided and absorbable. There is also a monofilament version available for specialist applications. In surgeries where tensile strength is needed for up to four weeks, these sutures are often preferred. They minimize follow-up recovery procedures and in some cases reduce the cost for the patient.

We offer PGA sutures in violet/purple with 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, and 6/0 suture diameters. Both 18” and 30” suture lengths are available. We suggest stocking all of your expected diameter and length combinations to eliminate delays when booking surgeries. All needle shapes are 3/8 circle with a reverse cutting needle. Needle sizes of 13, 16, and 19 are available.

The maximum strength duration is 28 days. Tensile strength declines after the 21st day in most instances. The total absorption time is up to 70 days.

If you are looking to buy Vicryl® for sale today from any American Vicryl® distributor, take a look at the comparable Unify® suture. We are available for inquiries or you can order online now for swift delivery.

Purple Vicryl® Sutures

Vicryl® purple sutures are suitable for all forms of general soft tissue approximation. There are several benefits offered by these purple sutures. The coating is not just a pigmentation. It includes an antibacterial component that makes it ideal for areas of the body where high levels of contaminants are found. Food and beverages can lead to increased bacterial activity in the mouth, as does the generally warm and moist environment. Purple sutures can combat bacterial activity to ensure proper healing that is free of infection.

Similar to other Vicryl® sutures, purple sutures are made from polyglactin 910 and are absorbed into the body over time. This eliminates the need for surgical removal and can provide a better experience for the patient.

The absorption duration of purple sutures is identical to that of most other PGA sutures, including Vicryl® and Unify® sutures. Absorption is usually achieved within 55 to 70 days, while strength is maintained for up to 28 days in most cases.

As a leading Unify® suture distributor we offer a broad range of needle sizes with suture lengths of 18” and 30”. If you’re looking for reliable and affordable Vicryl® for sale suture, you can order the Unify® brand as  acomparable alternative in confidence today.

Order Sutures From a leading Unify® Distributor

We supply a complete range of medical-grade sutures for dental surgery. Our PGA surgical sutures from Unify® are comparable to Vicryl®, and can provide the strength, handling, and recovery profiles that you expect.

Our products are available for small-batch and bulk ordering, allowing every practice to source the best supplies in the industry.

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Recapping the Benefits of PGA Purple Sutures

PGA sutures, commonly known as purple sutures, are an excellent choice when clinicians demand a strong resorbable suture with tensile strength that lasts for up to four weeks. Consider all of the benefits of Unify® purple sutures available from Dental Implant Technologies…

  • Excellent Strength – The tensile strength of PGA purple sutures shouldn’t be overlooked. Tensile strength lasts up to 28 days in most cases. The strength starts to decline around day 21, by which time tissue healing should be well underway. For minor and moderate repairs, PGA sutures can provide strength with confidence.
  • Great Handling – Most modern sutures offer excellent handling and purple PGA sutures are no exception. PGA is a strong material yet it's relatively soft and easy to manipulate, so threading sutures is a stress-free process for clinicians. Even if switching from other brands to Unify® clinicians will find that suturing is nearly effortless. This is helped in part by the ultra-fine and ultra-sharp stainless steel needles used with Unify® sutures.
  • Low Tissue Reaction – Synthetic sutures have completely changed the way that patients respond to sutures placed in the gums and mouth. Traditional natural sutures, even when processed, have some risk of negative reaction and inflammation. The risk of this occurring with PGA sutures is exceedingly rare. Suturing is minimally traumatic and the sutures won’t cause irritation when in place. The body will naturally break down and metabolize the material without complication.
  • Less Scarring – PGA sutures contain a polymer that is structurally similar to the collagen found naturally in tissue. The slow breakdown and high biocompatibility mean that there’s less scarring with PGA sutures. While this isn’t always a major concern with sutures used for dental procedures, it’s still one less thing for patients and clinicians to worry about.
  • Slow Resorption Rate – PGA sutures lose most of their tensile strength within four weeks, but resorb over a longer period. The total resorption time is around 70 days with most patients, depending on their unique physiology and metabolism. A slower resorption rate can be beneficial in some cases. It reduces stress on the body, particularly the immune system, and can limit the risk of infection by ensuring that changes within the soft tissue are gradual.

Dental Implant Technologies stocks the most reliable purple sutures. Our Unify® PGA sutures provide reliable performance, have excellent strength, and eliminate the need for later intervention and removal. Order the highest-quality sutures from our store today.