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Dental Perio Probes for Implant Specialists

Whether considering general or implant dentistry, clinicians need access to reliable dental probes. Gingival probes, depth measuring instruments, and sinus probes are all examples of important dental instruments that are used before, during, and after dental implant procedures. Perio probes are used to assess a patient’s mouth before surgery and are frequently used in checkups and rehabilitation procedures.

Reliable perio probes are essential for every practice. You can order the highest quality dental probes from Dental Implant Technologies today.

Sinus Lift Dental Probes

We offer dental probes for use during sinus lift procedures. Maxillary sinus floor augmentation is a common procedure in the dental industry. Increased bone in the posterior maxilla is achieved through the lifting of the sinus membrane and the placement of a bone graft.

We offer a versatile Sinus Lift Probe (SKU: NX-SLP1) with a dual 2.2mm and 2.4mm head design. Made from surgical stainless steel, this is a durable probe designed to offer a long return on investment. Made by Nexus Biomedical, this sinus lift dental probe is provided with a five-year warranty to inspire confidence. It’s also affordable, making it ideal for any practice.

The grip handle is designed for ergonomics when measuring sinus depth. Comfortable probes can improve accuracy and reduce clinician fatigue.

Reliable UNC Probes for Dental Professionals

UNC probes feature prominent millimeter markings to measure the depth of a cavity, tissue pocket, or any other unique feature being examined within the oral cavity. UNC probes are standardized for the dental industry to eliminate confusion when switching between different products and brands.

Our UNC probes can replace damaged or time-worn probes from your inventory. Markings are accurate to ensure that procedures can be correctly planned and implemented by clinicians.

    • Our EXP23/UNC15 Probe (SKU: DIT-260) is designed with millimeter incremental markings from 1mm to 15mm. It features an easy-grip handle along with an explorer probe to improve versatility.

    • Our Perio Probe UNC-CP15 155MM (SKU: SM-15) is designed to be a cost-competitive option for measuring and probing and the oral cavity. It is made from martensitic (hardened) surgical steel to improve durability. It features a long 15.5mm handle for increased precision and maneuverability.

    • We also offer a single probe end design in the form of our Premium Periodontal Probe UNC-CP-15 (SKU: MIR-N19) made in Germany. This UNC probe is preferred by clinicians who want a simple design with easy handling and the best durability in the industry.

Accurate UNC probes ensure that dental professionals have the best information before, during, and after procedures. Insist on the highest quality perio probes from Dental Implant Technologies.

Browse Our Complete Selection of Dental Probes

Our periodontal probes and explorers cover a variety of dental scenarios and are in-stock today. Browse all of our available dental probes to choose the size and design that best suits your needs.

Regardless of the unit selected, all our probes are made from the highest quality materials with designs that improve handling to eliminate stress and inaccuracy when working chairside. With high-quality dental probes, it’s easier to plan and execute procedures that create positive long-term outcomes for patients.

Cleaning and Sterilizing Gingival Probes

Perio probes from Dental Implant Technologies are designed to last for years in the hands of talented clinicians. Like all stainless steel dental instruments, special care is required to prolong the life of UNC probes and to ensure that they are sterile for patient use.

Clinicians and dental technicians can follow standard sterilization procedures to prevent infection and cross-contamination. Surgical stainless steel has the highest corrosion resistance properties of any stainless steel but can be damaged by harsh chemical elements. Aluminum chloride, barium chloride, and calcium chloride are examples of chemical cleaning solutions that should be avoided when maintaining stainless steel perio probes.

Our gingival probes should be cleaned with a pH-neutral detergent to remove debris, oils, and solid contaminants that remain following patient examination. Cleaning should be followed by a reliable sterilization procedure like:

  • Steam autoclave sterilization.
  • Dry heat or rapid dry heat transfer sterilization.
  • Chemical vapor sterilization.

It’s time to replace gingival probes when the material shows signs of corrosion, pitting, or other damage. If surface discoloration cannot be removed, the instruments should be discarded and replaced. Measurement markings are designed to remain visible for years, which is why our gingival probes are offered with five-year warranties to give you confidence knowing that they will perform.

In cases where markings become unclear or uneven, replace the probes as soon as possible.

Dental Implant Technologies Offers Affordable and Reliable Perio Probes

Ensure that you always have reliable probes to reach for, no matter the procedure. Dental Implant Technologies offers a comprehensive range of perio probes to suit any dental procedure or examination. Order from our online store and enjoy rapid delivery times with prices that are competitive with the wider industry. We are the leading supplier of dental probes, including UNC probes, to clinicians in the United States.