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DBM putty is one of the most efficient materials used in dental bone grafting. Osteoconductive properties create a scaffold for grafting, ensuring predictable growth patterns in most patients. Demineralized putty syringes are the easiest form of application, and you can order them right here at Dental Implant Technologies®.

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Bone Putty Offers Unique Advantages for Dental Surgeons

Bone putty is the ideal allograft putty for a range of surgical procedures. Typical applications include:

  • Extraction site preservation and preparation for implantation.
  • Sinus elevation procedures.
  • Immediate implant procedures.
  • Correcting Cranio-maxillofacial defects.
  • Correcting Cystic defects.
  • Regenerative procedures for complete dental restoration.

The advantages of putty are well understood in the dental care industry. Surgeons prefer putty for its impressive handling and limited preparation time. Demineralized putty syringes can even eliminate preparation time in most cases.

With a unique dispensing system, surgeons can quickly apply putty to a grafting site, reducing errors and chair time. Putty is osteoconductive and offers osteostimulative properties. Putty can help to stabilize clots to improve the work area and allow for rapid healing after the surgery. Grafting putty typically offers a shelf life of up to four years and can be stored at room temperature, streamlining the inventory management process for dental practices.

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Syringe Application is the Easiest Way to Implant Allograft Putty

Putty can be mixed and formed from loose allograft materials; however, most surgeons find it preferable to use a simple syringe applicator. There are several key advantages offered when using DBM putty in syringe form.

  • Putty is pre-mixed and ready for application to a surgical grafting site.
  • The allograft putty is cohesive and moldable, improving usability and handling.
  • Each syringe applicator is designed for a single dose, minimizing waste and cost.
  • Products are available in both crunch (with chips) and standard form.

Dental professionals looking for the simplest way to apply allograft putty can consider bone putty syringes today. We offer a range of reliable products from the most trusted brands in the industry.

DBM For Sale at Dental Implant Technologies®

It is our mission to offer a range of allograft options so that surgeons can make informed decisions on their inventory choices. Our products include:

  • PentOS OI™ DBM Putty
  • C-Graft™ DBM Putty
  • VeraFuse™ DBM Putty
  • C-Blast™ DBM Crunch
  • VeraFuse™ DBM Crunch

Take a look at each product in detail and order DBM for sale today.

PentOS OI™ Demineralized Bone Putty

PentOS OI™ is a demineralized allograft putty made from 100% human bone material. The product is osteoconductive and contains all the essential elements to generate new bone formation. Excellent handling characteristics with a simple syringe applicator make this one of our most popular putty products.

Each unit comes in sterile packaging, and the allograft itself has been sterilized in a laboratory environment using reliable low-dose gamma irradiation.

C-Graft Putty™ Syringes

C-Graft Putty™ is developed using a natural plant-derived carrier. The material is highly viscous, improving handling and safety during surgical procedures. Highly malleable once released from the syringe, this grafting putty can be easily conformed to any defect. The unique formulation prevents migration from the grafting site, ensuring that new bone growth occurs only where it is needed. The slow resorption rate is designed to closely match bone tissue growth.

VeraFuse™ DBM Putty

VeraFuse™ is a rich source of collagen matrix that is ideal for bone grafting procedures. The biologically active bone morphogenic proteins in the product help to stimulate bone growth for socket preservation and other surgeries. With a simple syringe applicator, VeraFuse™ is easy to apply. Dental surgeons find that the product can reduce chair time while offering outstanding patient results.

Like all forms of demineralized putty, VeraFuse™ is more biologically active than comparable mineralized bone grafting materials. This can result in faster tissue regeneration in most cases.

C-Blast Putty™ DBM Crunch

C-Blast Putty™ is based on C-Graft Putty™, with the added benefit of osteoconductive cancellous particle content. Cancellous particles provide scaffolding for grafting, to aid in the regeneration of natural human bone tissue. Each syringe applicator includes demineralized grafting putty carried by carboxymethylcellulose, a plant-derived and FDA cleared carrier.

Surgeons choose C-Blast Putty™ for procedures where extra structural support is required to achieve the desired outcomes.

VeraFuse™ DBM Crunch

Identical to standard VeraFuse™ demineralized putty, DBM Crunch syringes include cancellous particles to aid in guided bone grafting. The particles create a three-dimensional scaffolding structure to ensure that regeneration is both rapid and suited to surgical expectations. Excellent pricing, an open bore syringe, and impressive handling make VeraFuse™ products popular with dental professionals today.

DBM For Sale at Competitive Prices

Our DBM putty products are priced competitively to ensure that surgeons have access to affordable supplies for upcoming surgeries. Long shelf life is beneficial when restocking inventory. Whether preparing for projected surgeries or buying for short-term needs, our store is the most convenient place to stock up on DBM for sale.

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