Alternatives to Salvin® Dental Supplies

Clinicians familiar with Salvin® dental supplies can find cost-efficient alternatives at Dental Implant Technologies®. We are a leading supplier of the world’s best instruments for dental procedures ranging from extraction to bone grafting and even dental implant placement.

Our alternatives to Salvin® medical dental supplies are designed to provide reliability with excellent compatibility and value for money. Learn how our dental supplies compete with the world’s best and order from our convenient and secure storefront today.

Why Choose Alternatives to Salvin® Dental Products?

Salvin® dental products are known for reliability and the broad scope of treatments and procedures that are covered. Dental Implant Technologies® offers an extensive range of options as alternatives to Salvin® dental products.

Considering all the categories that we support, it’s easy to see why countless clinicians have chosen our products as alternatives to Salvin® dental products.

Our dental supplies are broken down into six main categories, exceeding the lineup offered by Salvin® dental products.

  • Implants & Attachments – We are suppliers of Hi-Tec Implants with an extensive range of solutions including Internal Hex, Tri-Lobe, Conical Connection, Morse Taper, and Mini-Implants. Our range includes implant posts and attachments, as well as specialized components and dental implant instruments.
  • Zest Locators – Including devices and accessories for the premier implant-retained overdenture system.
  • Regenerative Products – Including membranes, bone grafting particulates and putties, prepared grafting syringes, socket plugs, sutures, and more.
  • Instrumentation – A complete range of the highest-quality dental instruments offered as alternatives to Salvin® dental products.
  • Dr. Choukroun PRF – A versatile system that uses custom centrifuges to prepare autologous products for regenerative procedures.
  • Specialty Instrument Kits – Including our all-in-one instrument kits for extractions, implant placement, screw and tack placement, prosthetic maintenance, and more.

All our instruments, implants, accessories, regenerative products, and centrifuge products meet or exceed industry standards for quality and reliability, making us the ideal supplier of alternatives to Salvin® dental products.

The Same Versatility That Clinicians Expect from Salvin® Medical Dental Supplies

Salvin® medical dental supplies are known for the broad versatility that is offered across the range. Dental implant Technologies® strives to offer an extensive catalog of products to exceed that of Salvin® medical dental supplies and other leading suppliers. We are recognized as a trusted provider of the best solutions in the industry.

Our products are versatile and can be used with a range of implant systems and for a range of procedures. Versatility expands on that offered with Salvin® medical dental supplies.

From extensive grafting with bone block replacements to suturing with resorbable and non-resorbable products, we offer solutions for any clinical scenario. Clinicians can purchase everything from sutures to needle holders from our storefront.

Although we have developed our business around providing the best dental implants (Salvin® medical is not a supplier of dental implants), we also offer a range of products that can be used for general dental examination and maintenance, gingival and bone regeneration, full oral reconstruction, extraction, and bone preservation. These are just some of the scenarios in which our products can be used. Please browse all our categories to find the best tools and supplies for implant, regenerative, and general dentistry.

Feel free to compare prices and product features to Salvin® medical dental supplies and see how we offer the best combination of value and performance.

The Best Alternatives to Salvin® Instruments

Dental Implant Technologies® supplies one of the most extensive ranges of dental instruments in the United States. We have the most reliable high-quality alternatives to Salvin® instruments.

Salvin® instruments can be used for implant placement. So can the instruments available at Dental Implant Technologies®.

Our Surgical Kit for Conical Connection Implants (SKU: SK-C) is an excellent example of our customizable implant kits that can be used as alternatives to Salvin® instruments. This kit provides every instrument necessary for the implantation of conical connection implants, excluding proprietary bone taps. Taps are available for our Hi-Tec Implants. The kit can be customized to include the pieces that clinicians need, including drills, burs, mounting tools for ratchets and handpieces, and prosthetic drivers for ratchets and handpieces.

More than just alternatives to Salvin® instruments, our products provide superior value with the handling and performance that clinicians expect.

Browse our complete range of Salvin® instruments alternatives including…

  • Anesthesia
  • Aspiration & Suction
  • Bleeding Control
  • Bone Grafting
  • Broken Screw Removal
  • Calipers & Measurement
  • Cassettes & Sterilization
  • Crown Removal
  • Diagnostic
  • Drills, Burs, & Attachments
  • Implant Positioning
  • Endodontics
  • Extraction
  • Fixation Screws & Tacks
  • Implant Fixture Removal
  • Implant Maintenance
  • Implant Placement & Planning
  • Prosthetic instruments
  • Restorative instruments
  • Retractors
  • Hygiene & Prophylaxis
  • Sinus Lift
  • Suture Tying & Removal
  • Tissue Forceps & Tweezers
  • Tissue Grafting & Microsurgery
  • Torque Wrenches & Ratchets
  • Piezoelectric Surgery
  • PRF Preparation & Extraction

Find all the best alternatives to Salvin® instruments and enjoy our cost-efficient products made by the world’s best dental instrument manufacturers.

Complete Implant and Dental Instrument Systems

The best instruments and regenerative supplies are available from Dental Implant Technologies®. We are also the authorized U.S. distributor of Hi-Tec Implants.

Instrument suppliers like Salvin® dental cannot provide the range that we do. With our product lineup, we can supply the tools for extraction and grafting, the grafting materials, regenerative products like membranes, implant posts, and the abutments that complete the restoration.

Dental Implant Technologies® offers solutions that progress through the entire dental treatment and restorative processes, including maintenance. Insist on a supplier that can provide all the dental products needed in the clinical inventory. Our implant systems are designed to provide long-term results with efficient osseointegration and stability. Our range covers all the most popular abutment mounting systems to suit the clinician’s preference or the unique indications of the case.

Dental instruments and supplies are essential for providing the best patient outcomes. We have the products that help American dental practices grow their reputations and streamline their operating costs.

Browse the instruments at Dental Implant Technologies®, get the best alternatives to Salvin® dental supplies, and order today for swift delivery to any practice in the United States.