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Dental Bone Files

Bone files play an important role in restorative dentistry. They work as carvers, removing small segments of bone in narrow exposed areas. Bone reduction files need to be meticulously crafted to ensure ergonomic handling and a high level of performance in demanding surgical scenarios.

The shape of a bone file allows it to be easily maneuvered between soft tissue and the area of bone that needs to be reduced and shaped. Serrated bone reduction files are used both in dentistry and other medical fields.

The bone reduction files available at Dental Implant Technologies® include Howard bone files and Miller bone files. Explore the options and order today from our trusted and convenient online store.

Howard Bone File – Design and Usage

The #12 Howard bone file is suitable for reshaping and reducing bone for restoration procedures. Like our complete range of bone reduction files, this instrument is made from surgical stainless steel to ensure efficient and complete sterilization using typical procedures. Head size is 8.1mm and the instrument measures 17.5cm. It uses a stepped contour shaft for grip and handling.

The serrations on this Howard bone file are straight cut and are suited to reshaping and reducing when using a pull motion.

Miller Bone File – Design and Usage

We supply a Miller #21 bone file for shaping bone. Designed with two heads measuring 8.1mm and 4.8mm, this file is suited to a range of reshaping and bone reduction procedures during restoration.

Like all our high quality and affordable bone files, our #21 Miller Bone File is made from surgical-grade stainless steel to ensure durability and ease of sterilization. The file measures 17.5cm in length and features a step-contoured grip for easy and stable handling during procedures.

Straight cut serrations are designed for a pull motion with parallel cutting edges. A Miller bone file from Dental Implant Technologies® can be used to reshape and smooth bone.

We also supply premium German Miller Bone Files in a range of sizes to suit your surgical needs. These files feature textured grips with ergonomic indentations that many clinicians prefer.

Sterilizing Bone Reduction Files

The bone reduction files from Dental Implant Technologies® are multi-use instruments. They can be used (when prepared sterile) for the same patient in the same procedure without sterilization between the first and last use. However, they must be sterilized between procedures and unique patients as per typical dental surgery protocols.

The surgical stainless steel used for dentistry has been specifically formulated to resist corrosion. However, stainless steel is not completely impervious to degradation. Corrosion and discoloration can occur when bone reduction files and other stainless-steel instruments are exposed to improper cleaning conditions or cleaning products.

Harsh chemical contact should always be avoided to prevent damage to the instrument and potential contamination or irritation to the patient. Aluminum chloride, barium chloride, calcium chloride, and sodium hypochlorite (the same chemical found in consumer bleach products) are some of the most damaging to stainless steel.

Bone files should be thoroughly cleaned, by hand, using a pH-neutral detergent to remove debris, oils, and other contaminants. Ultrasonic cleaning is also suited when available. Nylon brushes can be used to clean Howard bone files and Miller bone files. Steel bristled brushes and abrasive pads should never be used with bone reduction files.

To sterilize, clinicians may use the following devices:

  • Steam autoclave.
  • Dry heat oven.
  • Rapid dry heat transfer oven.
  • Unsaturated chemical vapor.

When to Replace Bone Files

Providing that appropriate cleaning and sterilization methods are used, bone files can last for many years before showing signs of wear and damage. The durability of a product depends on how often it is used and under what conditions. Dental Implant Technologies® supplies high-quality standard and premium bone reduction files that are comparable to the leading market brands.

Pitting, rust, and spotting are all indications that instruments should be replaced. Any damage or wear on the heads of instruments indicates that replacement is necessary.

Our bone reduction files are affordable so that clinicians will always have access to suitable replacements for their older or damaged instruments.

Order Bone Files from Dental Implant Technologies®

Whether you need a reliable straight Howard bone file or any of our straight or curved Miller bone files, Dental Implant Technologies® is ready to supply the highest quality dental instruments to clinicians in the United States. Order online and enjoy our competitive pricing and rapid delivery times. Using the best bone files in the industry will ensure smooth procedures and expected patient outcomes.