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Dental Implant Technologies® is an American distributor of the highest quality regenerative dental products. We offer a range of dental biologics, including amnion grafts, membranes, bone products, syringe applicators, dental putty, particulates, and other essential dental implant supplies.

Our dental implant supplies are designed to be competitive with those from Cytoplast™ vendors.

Surgeons seeking to procure reliable and affordable products from a convenient dental biologics website can rely on Dental Implant Technologies®.

Our Regenerative Dental Products

We stock one of the largest selections of implant and regenerative dental supply products in the United States. Dental surgeons who read OsseoNews and other industry publications will be excited to find that we carry the best regenerative products, including innovative membranes and grafting supplies based on the latest technologies. If you’re looking for Cytoplast™ for sale but want to see alternatives with competitive pricing, we have the solutions.

Our categories cover all areas of the regenerative industry from innovative placental amnion graft materials to advanced dental putty, particulates, and more.

Browse our categories now to find affordable options for:

  • Allograft Materials: Our allograft materials are derived from human donor materials and offer the highest levels of safety and biocompatibility. Restore bone density for implantation or restoration. Our allografts are comparable with products from Cytoplast™ vendors like Implant Direct dental and others.
  • Xenograft Materials: For guided tissue regeneration, xenografts are popular and reliable. Browse a range of options comparable to products from vendors like Ace Surgical supplies, Implant Direct store, DDS Gadget, Salvin® Dental, and others.
  • Synthetic Bone: We stock a variety of synthetic bone products like putty and granules for grafting and restoration procedures. Our high-quality solutions ensure great patient outcomes when combined with appropriate surgical techniques. Dental Implant Technologies® products are comparable to those from Salvin® regenerative, Ace supply, Implant Direct dental, and other major suppliers.
  • Dental Membranes: Membranes can both protect and guide grafting procedures. We offer a wide variety of membranes including products comparable to Cytoplast™ for sale. Collagen membranes can be used as both temporary dressings and resorbable membranes. We also offer non-resorbable products like PTFE membranes similar to Cytoplast™ dental. Titanium membranes and even amnion membranes can be ordered today. For an alternative to Ace supply, Implant Direct shop, and other distributors of Cytoplast™ for sale, choose Dental Implant Technologies®.
  • Dental Sutures: Our sutures are often the most critical materials used in dental procedures. For securing wounds and membranes, achieving primary closure, and protecting implants, sutures are absolutely essential. We offer a full spectrum of surgical sutures for any procedure. Materials vary from silk and plain gut to high-quality synthetic dental sutures with long resorption profiles. Browse our complete selection to find sutures comparable to those offered by Salvin® Medical, Implant Direct shop, Ace supply, and other regenerative dental companies.
  • Dental Growth Factors and Inductive Grafts: For reliable growth, even in cases of significant density loss, our growth factors and inductive grafts can provide outstanding results. We offer a versatile lineup of products comparable to those from Ace supply and other leading vendors, including Implant Direct store. Sponge bone is efficient when filling voids to facilitate grafting. Putty syringes offer flexibility with a simple application method. We offer particulates for grafts, cortical veneers, and Cytoplast™ dental-equivalent membranes that keep grafting sites safe and clean. For an alternative to Salvin® regenerative, Ace dental, and other dental stores, insist on the low prices at Dental Implant Technologies®.

Just as you keep up with the latest industry developments in OsseoNews, you strive to maintain an inventory of the latest and most advanced comparable Cytoplast™ dental supplies. We offer products similar to Cytoplast™ for sale, as well as competing products for a range of specialty regenerative procedures. Whether you’ve previously ordered from Ace supply or another company such as Salvin® regenerative, you will find our storefront to be simple and easy to use.

Best of all, you can get comparable products to those from Ace dental, Salvin® medical, and others at the most competitive prices.

Start browsing now and use our secure storefront to find the best regenerative dental products online.

The Most Advanced Dental Regenerative Supplies Available

It is our mission to offer reliable regenerative products that incorporate advanced technologies and manufacturing processes. Patient safety is always a primary concern, whether considering an amnion graft, a synthetic dental putty, or any other form of dental biologics. All of our regenerative dental products for implantation are sterile and securely packaged to ensure the best surgical outcomes.

Our dental supplies are competitive with the industry. Surgeons familiar with Zimmer Biomet, Implant Direct dental, Ace Surgical supplies, DDS Gadget, Salvin® Dental products, and BioHorizons® dental will enjoy our similar ordering experience with impressive shipping times and equivalent regenerative dental products.

Followers of OsseoNews will find that many of the articles covering procedures and unique regenerative products have strong parallels to the dental supplies that we offer.

Affordable Prices and Bulk Discounts on Dental Implant Supplies

Our vast range of regenerative dental products will become an asset as you search for items covered in OsseoNews and other industry sources. In addition to one of the largest inventories of dental regenerative supplies, we also offer some of the lowest prices on the market.

We strive to keep our prices competitive with dental biologics companies like Ace Surgical supplies, Salvin® Dental products, BioHorizons® dental, Zimmer Biomet, DDS Gadget, Implant Direct store, and other leading regenerative dental supply outlets.

Our supplier and distributor relationships help us to achieve our goals. In addition to competitive prices on individual dental supplies like amnion grafts and dental putty, we also offer bulk discounts on select products. It’s easy to keep your inventory stocked with the best dental implant supplies with our affordable prices and fast shipping.

Browse our complete catalog of the world’s best dental regenerative supplies and enjoy our convenient ordering system.

Why Choose Dental Implant Technologies® Over Other Regenerative Dental Supply Companies?

We understand that we aren’t the only company in the United States offering regenerative products for dental surgeons. Competition in the market is healthy, whether considering dental supplies or other medical products.

Competition brings choice to the consumer, or, in this case, dental professionals like you.

DDS Gadget, Salvin® Dental products, BioHorizons® dental, Ace Surgical supplies, Zimmer Biomet, Implant Direct shop, and other similar companies feature similar products to our dental regenerative supplies. It’s critically important that you choose the right Cytoplast™ vendor, dental putty vendor, etc.

With Dental Implant Technologies®, you will enjoy benefits such as:

  • One of the largest selections of regenerative dental supply products in America.
  • Rapid order fulfillment, with overnight priority available on most orders.
  • The highest quality surgical-grade products from leading brands and true market innovators.
  • Convenient and logical user experience and ordering system.
  • Prices competitive with Zimmer Biomet, Implant Direct dental, Ace Surgical supplies, BioHorizons® dental, DDS Gadget, Salvin® Dental products, and other leading Cytoplast™ vendors.
  • Outstanding customer support in both pre-sale, fulfillment, and after-sale stages.

We are passionate about our industry and take pride in supplying products that allow for the best patient outcomes. Maintain and grow your professional reputation by insisting on a regenerative products supplier that puts your needs first.

Our Ordering System

We have developed the most reliable ordering system comparable to storefronts from Salvin® medical, Ace dental, Implant Direct store, and others. We offer a competitive advantage with extensive shipping options to meet your needs.

You can order any of our in-stock regenerative dental products with the following shipping timelines:

  • First Overnight 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM Next Day (depending on address).
  • Priority Overnight 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM Next Day (depending on address).
  • Standard Overnight 3:00 PM Next Day (depending on address).
  • 2 Day Shipping AM Delivery.
  • 2 Day Shipping PM Delivery.
  • Express Saver 3 Day Shipping PM Delivery.

Our shipping partner is FedEx and all orders must be delivered to a physical location for safety and security. PO Box deliveries are unavailable for regenerative dental products. Our shipping turnarounds are some of the best in the industry, competitive with Ace Dental, Implant Direct shop, Salvin® regenerative, and other popular regenerative and Cytoplast™ dental suppliers.

Buy Regenerative Dental Products in Confidence Today

If you’re seeking an alternative to Ace dental, Implant Direct, Salvin® medical, and other suppliers, you will find the perfect solution with Dental Implant Technologies®. We are a leading American seller of surgical dental products and are committed to offering the best prices and industry-leading customer service. Our product quality amd pricing aims to be competitive with regenerative product suppliers like Ace Surgical supplies, Salvin® Dental products, BioHorizons® dental, Zimmer Biomet, DDS Gadget, Implant Direct store, and other leading regenerative dental supply outlets.

The products we sell are precision-engineered and based on years and sometimes decades of intensive research and clinical testing. You will provide the best experience to your patients and reduce chair time with the help of our membranes, bone products, sutures, dental putty, and more from some of the world’s most trusted brands.

Order now for a convenient and secure experience or contact our customer service team for more information, product inquiries, and sales support.