Polypropylene Sutures

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Polypropylene is a non-absorbable monofilament option for dental surgeons needing maximum tensile strength and excellent handling properties. For suturing following tooth extraction, implantation, bone grafting, and other procedures, polypro sutures are often the first choice.

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Advantages and Surgical Applications of Unify® Polypropylene Sutures

Polypro sutures are ideal in surgical applications where maximum tensile strength and durability are key requirements.

Made from a non-absorbable synthetic monofilament, polypropylene surgical sutures can last the lifetime of recovery. Dental procedures expected to heal within a matter of weeks or months are ideal for these 100% medical-grade sutures from Unify®. Tensile strength is uncompromised throughout the lifetime of the suture, ensuring that surgical sites remain closed for as long as is necessary.

As non-absorbable sutures, polypro sutures cause minimal tissue reaction. The surface is smooth and creates only minor trauma when traveling through tissue. The smooth penetration and threading are aided by ultra-sharp Unify® needle points that have been coated with a microscopic layer of silicone. Sutures are bound to needles with a drill end press fit, ensuring a durable connection that remains intact throughout the stitching process.

Polypropylene sutures are typically colored blue and are sometimes referred to simply as blue sutures in the medical community. Blue improves visibility while suturing and is also used as a quick reference for the suture type during removal. This can be helpful when a patient passes through several dental professionals from the initial procedure, right through to full recovery.

Surgical applications for blue sutures include:

  • Multiple tooth extractions with large incisions.
  • Wisdom tooth removal.
  • Dental implant surgery.
  • Bone grafting surgery.

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Technical Properties of Unify® Polypro Sutures

Polypropylene sutures are formed with an inert thermoplastic material that maintains its structure when exposed to base fluids, acids, and solvents. Polypropylene can degrade when exposed to ultraviolet light, which is atypical when used in a dental procedure context.

Sutures must be stored in a dark and cool storage space to preserve tensile strength and durability. Unify® sutures are expertly packed to prevent damage in transit and while in storage. Our sutures exceed all requirements and standards set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the United States Pharmacopeial Convention.

Polypropylene monofilament has anti-inflammatory properties to inhibit trauma and discomfort around the surgical site. Following suturing, the thread can expand by up to 30%. This offers two significant benefits to patients and dental surgeons. Primarily, expansion prevents tissue damage if the suture tightens after it has been placed. The expansion also promotes blood flow, which can help to support the surgical site with rapid healing time.

Due to the non-degradable properties, Unify® polypro sutures can be encapsulated by tissue if left over an extended period of time. In some cases, the suture can remain intact indefinitely if there is no risk of tissue irritation. Surgeons should consider the length of healing along with the long-life duration of blue sutures. Dissolvable sutures may be preferred if the healing duration is expected over a matter of days, as they require minimal aftercare and, in some cases, a follow-up visit can be avoided altogether.

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Unify® Sutures are Comparable with Popular Brands

Unify® sutures are designed to meet and exceed the quality of other industry brands. We offer factory-direct pricing to minimize procurement costs. Polypropylene sutures are comparable to Prolene®, Surgipro®, Surgilene®, and Premilene® sutures.

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Availability of Unify® Polypropylene Sutures

We supply polypropylene surgical sutures in popular configurations for dental professionals. Unify® 6-0 sutures are available in 18” suture lengths with a standard P-3 needle, our most popular size, while other sizes are also available on request. All of our sutures are packaged in boxes of 12 and are available for bulk ordering.

  • SKU: S-P618R13

Unify® 5-0 sutures are available in P-3, PS-3, and FS-2 needle configurations, all with 18” suture lengths. These blue sutures are ideal for demanding surgical applications.

  • SKU: S-P518R13
  • SKU: M-P518R16
  • SKU: M-P518R19

Unify® 4-0 sutures are one of our most popular blue suture sizes. These are available in standard 18” suture lengths as well as a longer 30” suture length for suturing major surgical sites following extraction, implantation, or grafting procedures.

  • SKU: S-P418R13
  • SKU: M-P418R16
  • SKU: M-P418R19
  • SKU: M-P430R19

Unify® 3-0 polypropylene surgical sutures are our smallest diameter for dental applications. FS-2 needle name sizing is available in lengths of 18” or 30”.

  • SKU: M-P318R19
  • SKU: M-P330R19

We use an EasyPick classification system for needle sizes, ranging from small to large to assist in the selection process. Order any combination of Unify® sutures today and enjoy simplified inventory management.

All Unify® sutures are produced in a cleanroom environment that is compliant with ISO 13485 for Medical Devices.

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Polypro sutures offer unrivaled handling characteristics and one of the strongest monofilament polymers in the dental industry. Reliable sutures and knots with minimal tissue irritation can enhance the surgical and recovery process.

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