Implex Implants

Implex Conical Connection Implants and Implex Implant Prosthetics

Conical connection implants are popular in restorative dentistry for their impressive stability and smooth handling. Clinicians seeking reliable conical connection implants will find a single-platform solution in Implex implants and Implex implant prosthetics.

Implex implants are developed by Hi-Tec Implants, a leader in the field with 30 years of rich clinical research and experience that goes into every product.

Learn about the implants and Implex implant prosthetics available to order from Dental Implant Technologies® today.

Benefits of Conical Connection Implants and Prosthetics for Implex Implants

The Implex line of implants and prosthetics for Implex implants are designed to offer a superior internal taper connection with a conical abutment base. These implants and prosthetics are made from surgical-grade titanium and are designed for durability, high biocompatibility, and efficient osseointegration around the implant thread.

The key benefit to the conical connection is stability. A unique cone taper allows for a perfect integration between the female implant base and the male conical shape of prosthetics for Implex implants. The conical taper is precision machined with a high degree of accuracy and minimal tolerances in deviation, right down to the micromillimeter. Horizontal forces are dispersed across the conical abutment connection, reducing any unnecessary and potentially damaging strain on the abutment, the implant, and surrounding bone.

These properties result in highly stable implants that are less likely to cause inflammation and long-term complications for patients. Prosthetics for Implex implants are secured with a single retaining screw. The perfect conical shape allows for easy handling when affixing Implex prosthetics.

Dental Implant Technologies® carries an extensive range of prosthetics for Implex implants to suit numerous restoration procedures.

Sizes of Implex Implants Compatible with Implex Prosthetics

There are three diameter sizes available in the range of Implex implants.

Hi-Tec Implants are made to be comparable to other major systems. The 3.50mm implants, known as narrow platform, are compatible with popular options like NobelActive® 3.5mm conical implants and NobelReplace® 3.5mm conical implants.

The larger regular platform 4.30mm and 5.0mm Implex implants are compatible with NobelActive® and NobelReplace® 4.3mm and 4.0mm implants. They are likewise compatible with similar systems from other manufacturers using the same abutment size.

Compatibility refers to abutments and attachments, as implant-bone threads are proprietary when considering different manufacturers. This makes it possible to use tools and Implex prosthetics with competitor implants when platform matched.

The complete range of Implex prosthetics can be viewed by selecting a specific platform size. Simply follow the links for our implants above to see all available Implex prosthetics, attachments, and surgical tools.

Types of Implex Implant Abutments

Implex implants are designed to be multi-function, allowing for a broad range of restorative procedures. This is reflected in the diversity of Implex implant abutments that can be ordered today.

Browsing through to an implant size will reveal a variety of compatible implant abutments and prosthetic attachments including:

  • Overdenture ball attachments.
  • Nylon caps and metal housings.
  • Anti-rotation abutments.
  • Angulated abutments.
  • Impression transfers for both open and closed tray procedures.
  • Implant analogs.
  • Plastic and gold castable Implex implant abutments.
  • Zirconium/Titanium fused Implex implant abutments.
  • Abutments for advanced CAD-CAM restoration.
  • Provisional engaging and non-engaging abutment for interim restoration.
  • Straight and angulated universal unit abutments.
  • Modular abutments.

Implex uses the same highly-compatible conical connection implant system as Logic and Expert implants. Implex implant abutments are considered cross-compatible when platform matching. For example, 3.5mm attachments will work with corresponding implants in the Logic and Expert range, while 4.30mm and 5.0mm will work with larger Logic and Expert implants.

The easiest way to view available Implex implant prosthetics is to browse by implant size using the links above. To review some examples, consider the two below…

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Dental Implant Technologies is an authorized distributor of Hi-Tec Implants in the United States. We offer a complete range of Hi-Tec Implants and prosthetics, including Implex implant prosthetics. Browse our implant sizes and compatible prosthetics with the links above, and enjoy a cost-competitive multi-purpose system for your upcoming dental restorations.