Tite Fit

Hi-Tec Tite Fit Implants

Tite Fit implants are reliable restorative devices developed by Hi-Tec Implants. They are intended for single-stage implants that reduce the cost and complexity of replacing individual teeth or preparing a patient for dentures. Tite Fit implants are installed at the surface level, they are trans-gingival implants and are available in both standard platform and wide platform designs for posterior teeth.

For dental professionals seeking reliable alternatives to Straumann® standard implants, Hi-Tec Implants are cost-competitive. They meet or exceed established industry standards and offer handling and performance comparable to Straumann® implants. Learn about the Tite Fit implants system and order online from Dental Implant Technologies®, a leading supplier of implants, prosthetic elements, and instruments.

Benefits of Tight Fit Implants

Tight fit implants are made by Hi-Tec Implants at advanced production facilities in Israel. Dental Implant Technologies® is an authorized supplier of Hi-Tec Implants in the United States.

Tight fit implants (Tite-Fit Implants) are made to exacting standards of quality adhering to the strictest tolerances for material stability, strength, and durability. Measurements are exact to ensure compatibility with a range of prosthetic elements, including those used with Straumann® implants. To eliminate adverse reactions including inflammation, tight fit implants are made from surgical-grade pure titanium. The integrated surface is acid etched and large grit sandblasted to ensure a durable and biocompatible finish. Various implant lengths are available for the system to complement the range of sizes. Tight fit implants are available in standard and wide platform configuration.

The benefits of tight fit implants are significant, for both patients and clinicians. These benefits include:

  • Close anatomical approximation of a natural tooth root, allowing for better stability and integration.
  • High biocompatibility thanks to titanium construction of tight fit implants. Titanium has a significantly higher strength to weight ratio when compared to stainless steel.
  • Tight fit implants are easy to handle, reducing surgical complexity.
  • The prosthetic margin is at the gum tissue level. This significantly improves the long-term outlook for patients.
  • Tissue level implants result in impressive esthetics that appears natural when using appropriate prosthetic elements. The positioning of tight fit implants limits the risk of infections.

Order tight fit implants today to enjoy all of these benefits when performing restorative procedures.

TiteFit Implants Size Availability

TiteFit implants are available in several diameter sizes to suit any surgical application. The following sizes can be ordered from Dental Implant Technologies® today.

Note that wide platform TiteFit implants must be used with wide abutments. The complete range of Hi-Tec Implants prosthetics is available to order. Please follow the links for any of our implants to see all compatible prosthetic elements and instruments.

Compatibility with the Straumann® Regular and Wide Implant System

Hi-Tec Tite Fit implants are designed for compatibility with the Straumann® system (not supplied by Dental Implant Technologies®). Prosthetic elements from either system can be used with Tite Fit implants.

Examples of compatibility within our range of prosthetic elements include healing abutments, titanium preparable abutments, prosthetic screws, and implant analogs. Impression copings are also available for both closed and open tray impressions. A range of ZEST® LOCATOR® compatible abutments are also available for overdentures with customizable levels of retention.

All compatible abutments and prosthetic elements can be found by viewing a product page for individual Tite Fit implants diameters. Surgical tools can also be found on the same product pages.

Order Reliable and Affordable Tite Fit Implants

Tite Fit implants are affordable alternatives to the Straumann® system. Dental Implant Technologies® offers competitive pricing to fill your surgical inventory or for ordering on-demand for upcoming procedures.

Browse all of our implant diameters in the regular or wide platform to see a complete range of lengths, accessories, and attachments. For the best patient outcomes and competitive prices, insist on Tite Fit implants when a tissue level solution is needed.