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Dental Implant Placement Kits

The correct placement has a direct impact on the success of any implant procedure. Accurate placement ensures a functional and esthetic bite. When placement is performed with the highest quality tools, there’s a lower risk of implant failure and follow-up work required with the patient. Implant placement kits are available for both delayed placement and immediate placement implants.

Whether you are working with traditional full-sized implants or the popular immediate implants for same-day restoration, you will find the instruments and accessories that you need at Dental Implant Technologies.

Bone Collector and Guide Implant Placement Kit

One of our most popular implant placement kits is the Bone Collector & Guide Kit (SKU: BCG-01). This is a full-featured kit suited to implant placement with a range of systems. It is compatible with all major implant brands used by dental professionals today.

The kit covers three functions of implant placement.

  • Guide pins are included in the implant placement kit for accurately placing implant osteotomies. This ensures that the final restoration will be in the perfect location for a healthy and natural bite and a flawless esthetic. Taking care during implant placement will also ensure that the final restoration is correctly spaced between surrounding teeth.
  • The osteotomy is created with bone collecting drills included in this implant placement kit. Standard industry practices can be followed when using implant drills. For implants that will be placed in dense bone, the diameter closest to the implant (equal to or one size below) is used. For soft bone, drilling can be performed two sizes down from the implant diameter. This kit for placing implants includes stoppers to help guide the drilling process and prevent under or over drilling, ensuring safety, efficiency, and a positive outcome from the procedure.
  • Drills are designed with a hollow chamber to harvest and store the bone while working. This bone can be used for autologous grafting.

This full-featured implant placement kit is one of the most reliable available. Featuring drills, stoppers, guide pins, an implant gauge, bone carrier, and bone well, it has all of the essentials needed for effective and reliable implant placement for delayed placement procedures.

The TOP SYSTEM Kit for Placing Implants

For experienced professionals, immediate implant placement is a relatively straightforward procedure when using reliable kits.

Immediate dental implant placement provides significant benefits to patients which can help to raise the profile and reputation of your clinic. The process is becoming increasingly popular and has a high rate of success. The restoration is often performed in the same procedure as extraction, but those performed within the first two days are also considered immediate implants.

The benefits to you as a clinician and to your patients are impressive.

  • Immediate placement with a kit for placing implants results in a shorter overall treatment time. Unlike delayed placement implants that can take months for preparation and healing after an extraction, immediate implants can be placed on the same day using a kit for placing implants.
  • There’s less chance of gum loss when placing immediate implants because the tissues will begin to conform around the implant immediately. Osseointegration is also much faster when using immediate implants.
  • The speed of treatment is a bonus for both your practice and your patients. You’ll spend less time chairside on each case, and patients will enjoy faster turnarounds so there’s minimal impact on lifestyle.

For patients to qualify, they should have healthy and ample soft tissue, adequate bone density, and should be free of infection. Providing that there is no underlying condition that would complicate the procedure or recovery, you can use a kit for placing implants.

At Dental Implant Technologies we supply the TOP SYSTEM Immediate Implant Placement Kit (SKU: SD-TOP).

This kit has all of the necessary tool heads used for immediate placement procedures. This includes burs to remove granulated tissue after extraction, trephine burrs for marking/guidance, trephines for harvesting the core, and drills for expanding the osteotomy and preparing it for the implant. The TOP SYSTEM includes a Lindemann drill head for combined drilling and cutting action to create the most efficient and accurate osteotomy.

Order the Most Reliable Implant Placement Kits Today

We are ready to supply our reliable implant placement kits with advanced designs and high-quality materials. From diamond burrs to bone carriers and drills, implant kits ensure that you have all of the necessary instruments on hand for your next procedure.

Order from Dental Implant Technologies and enjoy our competitive pricing and world-class service when buying a kit for placing implants.