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HeliTAPE® Resorbable Collagen Tape – Effective Collagen Wound Dressings

Designed to provide fast and effective wound dressing during dental procedures, HeliTAPE® resorbable collagen wound dressings are reliable, cost-efficient, and easy to work with. The collagen dressing matrix is easily applied and will completely resorb within two weeks of the application. Clinicians seeking excellent handling and reliable technical performance will appreciate working with HeliTAPE® resorbable collagen dressings.

Dental Implant Technologies is a supplier of HeliTAPE® collagen wound dressings in the United States. Discover all the advantages and order today for rapid delivery.

Technical Details – HeliTAPE® Collagen Dressings

HeliTAPE® collagen dressings are designed for minor oral wounds. The collagen tape can be easily cut to size to suit the treatment site, ensuring a fully customized solution for clinicians.

  • Collagen Wound Dressing Material: Type 1 Bovine Collagen.
  • Dimensions: 1” x 3”
  • Material Thickness: 0.6mm
  • Average Resorption Time: 10 to 14 days.
  • Packaging: Sterile 10 per Box.

HeliTAPE® collagen dressings are indicated for any case where reliable and accelerated bleeding control is necessary. This can include oral procedures like tooth extraction, soft tissue injuries, and dental implant procedures. The hemostatic effect of collagen dressing ensures rapid bleeding control while providing support for tissue regeneration. HeliTAPE® collagen dressings may be used for dental wounds created during surgical procedures, and to aid in closure following grafting.

Collagen Wound Dressings Provide Highly Effective Bleeding Control

Collagen is a structural protein and is abundant in humans and other mammals. It plays a key role in wound healing. When collagen is exposed to blood and other liquids, a process known as “coagulation cascade” is triggered, which forms a blood clot and effectively stops bleeding. Collagen is one of the most effective materials used for hemostasis and is ideal in cases of small wounds where manual hemostatic devices would be impractical or ineffective. Compared to typical gauze pads and other dressings, collagen wound dressings stop bleeding faster while also promoting healing.

  • Collagen effectively activates platelets, which are key to clot formation. Platelets undergo a chemical change when exposed to collagen wound dressings, creating a biological plug that aids in wound sealing.
  • Collagen also works as a scaffolding for compounds that promote coagulation. This ensures rapid stabilization of a blood clot so that it stays intact throughout wound healing.
  • Collagen also promotes the formation of fibrin. Fibrinogen converts to fibrin when exposed to collagen wound dressings. The fibrin forms part of the network that captures platelets and other blood cells for a stable clot.
  • In addition to promoting the blood clot, the collagen matrix of HeliTAPE® also aids in healing. Collagen is a key component in the supportive structures of tissues, so using collagen dressings can provide the wound with more material so that tissue remodeling is rapid and consistent.

HeliTAPE® is formulated from processed and sterilized Type 1 bovine collagen. Bovine collagen is one of the most abundant sources available. The material is processed in compliance with all ethical and regulatory standards, ensuring a safe and effective product ready for use in dental offices.

Best Time to Choose a Collagen Wound Dressing

A collagen wound dressing can be selected to control bleeding and protect wounds related to or caused by dental procedures.

  • HeliTAPE® is recommended for wet or bleeding wounds.
  • It is ideal for minor wounds and isn’t suitable for the primary closure of large flaps or incisions.
  • Examples of usage include closing grafting sites, following sinus procedures, dressing minor soft tissue cuts, or performing repairs on the Schneiderian membrane.
  • HeliTAPE® doesn’t need to be removed. It will resorb in around two weeks and can provide beneficial healing properties as the wound closes.
  • While not always the go-to for wounds, collagen wound dressings do play an important role in dentistry, especially when bleeding wounds are minor. Clinicians can keep HeliTAPE® on hand, ready for application without any additional preparation aside from cutting the tape to size. Each strip is packaged sterile.

How to Work with a Collagen Dressing

Using a collagen dressing like HeliTAPE® is simple and intuitive. Newly trained and experienced clinicians will find that applying a collagen-based dressing is similar to applying a dental membrane.

Clinicians should start by unpacking the sterile dressing and placing it on a sterile surgical tray. The dressing should only be handled with sterile gloves or sterile instruments, like dental forceps. Standard dressing procedures can be followed. If there is an excessive amount of bleeding or oozing at the treatment site, suction can be used before placing the dressing. The dressing will adhere easily to any moist surface. If there are problems with adhesion, saline or any alternative sterile solution can be used to prepare the dressing, being sure to use a conservative amount. The dressing will naturally hydrate and adhere to injuries and defects inside the mouth.

The dressing turns into a gel/paste collagen substance as it breaks down. Because it’s a resorbable product, there’s no risk of the dressing peeling off the wound or otherwise coming loose. This is an important feature, as it eliminates the risk of the patient swallowing the dressing.

Patients don’t need to return to the clinic to have dressings removed. If follow-up is scheduled, the clinician should only be able to observe the membrane within the first 14 days, after this time, it will be fully metabolized.

Order the Most Reliable Collagen Dressings from Dental Implant Technologies

At Dental Implant Technologies clinicians can find a range of the most reliable dental implant supplies, regenerative products, and instruments for the dental office. Order in confidence and get the best membranes and dressings for fast bleeding control and effective wound healing. Collagen dressings are available for order and can be delivered to your practice in the United States.