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Dental Implant Technologies® is a trusted supplier of Hi-Tec Implants in the United States. Offering a complete range of implants, elements including abutments and analogs, and instruments and surgical kits, we’re the leading source of HiTech Implants at competitive prices.

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Why Choose Hi-Tec Implants?

Hi-Tec Implants (Hi-Tec Implants) is an implant manufacturer combining 30 years of innovation, clinical experience, and research into the most advanced implants and accessories. High compatibility and products that meet and exceed industry standards have made Hi-Tec Implants popular around the world.

If you’re in the United States, you can order directly from Dental Implant Technologies®, a local HiTec distributor.

Hi-Tec Implants (Hi-Tec Implants / HiTech Implants) come with crucial advantages to keep them competitive with major brands. These include:

  • High levels of compatibility with systems like NobelActive® and ScrewVent®.
  • In-house design and manufacturing to ensure quality and reliability.
  • Advanced materials including pure surgical grade titanium, zirconium, and stainless-steel.
  • Easy transition from other products with the vast availability of instruments and surgical kits.
  • A complete dental implant solution from Hi-Tec Implants with accessories, parts, and attachments.

Most importantly, Hi-Tec Implants are cost-competitive with the wider industry, allowing you to get affordable supplies to use chairside or within a dental laboratory.

HiTec Tite Fit™ Attachments for Sale

Our categories above cover everything from conical connection implants to internal hex connection and tri-lobe connection options. We also offer Morse taper connections, including the highly popular and reliable HiTec Tite Fit™ attachments and implants.

The HiTec Tite Fit™ attachments and implants system is designed with a 2mm polished collar that is non-threaded. It is placed supra-crestal. This is an excellent system for preserving crestal bone and allowing for the maximum effective length of an implant. HiTec Tite Fit™ attachments and implants can be successfully used to minimize bone loss throughout the life of an implant, without compromising the look or feel of prosthetic attachments.

HiTec Tite Fit™ attachments and accessories range from castable sleeves and fixation screws to base abutments, screw-in abutments and angulated or two-piece abutments for specialty dental restoration.

Browse our range of HiTec Tite Fit™ accessories and implants or select any of our categories to learn more about our HiTec systems and order today.

Why You Should Buy HiTec Tite Fit™ Parts and Accessories from a Single Distributor

No matter which system is preferred for your chairside and laboratory needs, it’s important that you buy HiTech Implants parts and HiTec Tite Fit™ parts from a single supplier. This goes for any system that you eventually settle on for specific surgical cases.

Choosing a single supplier of HiTec Tite Fit™ parts, accessories, and implants will ensure that you have a convenient experience with consolidated delivery and consistent pricing. If you need to seek support before, during, or after a sale of HiTec Tite Fit™ parts, it’s easier to get it from one place.

We have trained professionals on staff who have extensive experience in the dental industry. We can aid you in selecting the right HiTec Tite Fit™ parts and accessories. If you’re interested in other systems like Logic for conical connection implants, Logic Plus for internal hex, or even Vision for Tri-Lobe connections, we will extend the same level of support with unrivaled expertise.

Order Today from a U.S. HiTec Distributor

HiTech Implants are designed and manufactured in Israel in compliance with FDA and European Community standards. We are a proud HiTec distributor in the United States. Our products can be ordered online for convenience and the absolute best prices. We offer various shipping options to meet your needs surrounding costs and deadlines.

With a talented staff, you can get expert support from experienced professionals as you choose HiTec Tite Fit™ attachments, HiTec Tite Fit™ Parts, and any of our HiTech Implants including popular solutions like Logic™, Expert™, and Implex™.

All of our Hi-Tec implants can be browsed right here, with accessories, attachments, and tools broken down into each category. Simply start browsing, order today, and experience the industry-leading support and convenience of shopping with a trusted Hi-Tec distributor.