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4 0 Chromic Gut Sutures

Reliable medical supplies are essential for efficient, safe, and successful dental procedures. The quality of sutures used for implantation and other dental surgeries can have a direct impact on patient health, recovery time, and the durability of a procedure.

We understand that dental professionals in America demand quality sutures that are safe to use, effective, and affordable. Our Unify® 4-0 chromic gut sutures satisfy all professional and regulatory requirements and are comparable to other market brands.

Learn about the advantages and surgical applications of chromic gut sutures, and order products online with the confidence inspired by Dental Implant Technologies.

The Advantages of Chromic Gut Sutures

4 0 chromic gut surgical sutures are used widely in the dental care industry for oral and periodontal surgeries. This material comes with significant advantages that benefit dental surgeons and their patients.

Chromic gut is made from organic material harvested from the connective tissue of bovine and bovine intestines. Serosal tissue strands are selected in a rigorous process to ensure consistency, tensile strength, and suitability for surgical applications.

Organic chromic gut sutures are cleaned and treated in the production process and are packaged in a medical solution to preserve their integrity and sterility. Threads are treated with chromic salt to improve durability over plain gut sutures.

The advantages of chromic gut sutures are varied and significant.

Tensile strength is moderate to high and is maintained for up to 14 days following surgery. This ensures that surgical sites have adequate healing and recovery time. As absorbable sutures, it’s possible to minimize the requirements for aftercare and follow-up procedures. This can preserve the resources of the practitioner while also ensuring that the recovery process is smooth and stress-free for the patient.

Tissue reaction is mild and is comparable to plain gut and silk sutures. The risk of infection is low, and the healing process is benefitted by low bioreactivity. Handling is excellent, which allows for precision application and secure stitching. Shape memory is low, allowing for low-profile packaging that saves inventory space. Knot safety is excellent and is comparable to polypropylene, PDO, and plain gut sutures. Knot safety exceeds some sutures, including silk and nylon monofilament and braided sutures.

4 0 chromic gut sutures lack any sawing effect, so they are easy to apply and tissue damage/agitation is virtually nonexistent. Tissue trauma from sutures has been minimized in the dental industry, thanks to innovative products from Unify® and similar brands.

Dental surgeons will benefit from all these advantages when choosing our surgical sutures.

All sizes of chromic gut sutures ensure:

  • Moderate to high tensile strength.
  • Mild to minimal tissue reaction.
  • No wicking behavior.
  • Low shape memory from packaging.
  • Very good to excellent knot safety.
  • Smooth monofilament to ensure minimal trauma.
  • Zero sawing effect.

Affordable 4 0 chromic gut surgical sutures and 3-0 chromic gut sutures can be ordered now. Other sizes are also available on request. Our competitive prices and industry-leading customer service ensure the most convenient way to keep essential dental supplies on hand.

Typical Surgical Use Cases of 4 0 Chromic Gut Sutures by Unify®

Unify® chromic gut surgical sutures are most suitable for dental procedures that require approximation or ligation of soft tissue.

Chromic gut is often used for tooth extractions where it’s necessary to develop a gum tissue flap to access bone or an impacted tooth. Professionals prefer the predictable strength-duration, which typically ranges from 10 to 14 days. In some cases, a moderate level of tensile strength could be maintained for up to 21 days.

Soft tissue suturing may be necessary after implantation or following surgery for injuries in the oral cavity. Chromic gut is often preferred over standard gut sutures.

Our Unify® 4-0 chromic gut sutures (and other sizes including 3 0 chromic gut sutures) can be considered for oral surgeries that require suturing with moderate strength for up to two weeks.

Availability of Unify® Chromic Gut Sutures

We stock Unify® chromic gut surgical sutures in four standard USP® sizes. All sutures are colored brown for visibility and identification in the oral cavity. Suture diameters are offered with varying needle name size combinations.

3-0 Chromic Gut Sutures

Unify® 3 0 chromic gut sutures are available in both 18” and 27” packages. Both packages are offered with an FS-2 needle with the highest bending and ductility strength, and both are our most popular sizes purchased by doctors. The tensile strength duration is 10 to 14 days.

4-0 Chromic Gut Sutures

Unify® 4-0 chromic gut sutures are offered in an 18” package with a standard FS-2 needle, which is our most popular size option purchased by doctors. Other sizes are also available on request. Sutures are packaged to minimize shape retention and are preserved in an alcohol-based solution. The tensile strength duration is 10 to 14 days.

5-0 Chromic Gut Sutures

Unify® 5-0 chromic gut surgical sutures are available in 18” packages with either a standard P-3 needle or larger PS-3 needle, which is our most popular size option purchased by doctors. Other sizes are also available on request. The strength duration is 10 to 14 days with an expected absorption duration of 56 to 72 days.

6-0 Chromic Gut Sutures

Unify® 6-0 chromic gut sutures are our largest suture diameter for demanding applications. Available in packaged lengths of 18”, these sutures offer strength duration of 10 to 14 days, which is the typical expectation of all chromic gut surgical sutures. Needle name is P-3 with standard sizing of 13mm, which is our most popular size option purchased by doctors. Other sizes are also available on request.

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For convenience and the lowest possible cost, order your chromic gut surgical sutures online today. Our Unify® sutures are comparable to popular brands including Look™ surgical sutures and Ethicon® surgical sutures.

From 3 0 chromic gut sutures to larger sizes, you can join the growing number of dental professionals who prefer Unify® for their patients.

For the highest levels of reliability, handling, and durability available from chromic gut, choose Unify®. Order online now and enjoy the convenience of 100% medical-grade sutures delivered to your practice. If you have additional questions about our products or ordering, simply contact us now to learn more.