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Lindemann Side Cutting Burrs

In terms of efficiency and reliability, Lindemann side cutting burrs are among the most essential tools in a surgeon’s kit. The side-cutting action allows for swift and precise osteotomy for implant procedures. Lindemann side cutting burrs can be used for implant placement, replacement, and even redirection of a pilot osteotomy.

Dental Implant Technologies® supplies the most reliable Lindemann side cutting burrs in the industry. The best materials and design, combined with competitive pricing make it easier to find the instruments you need for any of your restorative procedures.

Versatile Osteotomy with Lindemann Side Cutting Burrs

Lindemann side cutting burrs provide significant advantages to make them practical for surgery.

The Lindemann burr design drills vertically and cuts horizontally. This ensures that the osteotomy is ready for immediate placement. Lindemann burrs are suited to reshaping or redirecting osteotomy as they allow for cutting bone in any direction deemed necessary by the surgeon.

Combining the reliable elements of both a drill and a traditional burr, Lindemann burrs are popular with clinicians and are essential for some restorative procedures.

We can provide Lindemann burrs in a range of sizes to suit your surgical applications. Our side cutting implant burrs are in stock and ready to order today.

Indications for Lindemann Burrs

Lindemann burrs are indicated for procedures where the bone needs to be drilled vertically and cut horizontally to create the ideal osteotomy for an implant. Our side cutting implant burrs are designed to be used with slow-speed implant handpieces for accuracy and safety..

Order our reliable Lindemann burrs for:

  • Effective cortical bone cutting.
  • Relocation.
  • Redirection.
  • Site preparation for immediate implants.

Lindemann burrs can be used in most scenarios where you need a reliable and highly maneuverable drill that can penetrate and shape soft and dense bone.

Side Cutting Implant Drills for Immediate Implants

Heavily damaged and decayed teeth (individual sites) that require extraction can leave the patient with two options.

  • Leaving the extraction socket to heal without an implant replacement.
  • Replacing the missing tooth with an immediate implant.

Immediate implantation is the best long-term solution and side cutting implant drills can make the procedure more streamlined with a reliable osteotomy for a titanium implant.

Extraction followed by an immediate implant is recommended because bone resorption is rapid in the first year after extraction. Within the first year, alveolar bone declines by as much as 4mm in height and loses around 25% in volume. By the third year, up to 60% of the bone volume is lost.

This can lead to changes in the facial structure and the positioning of teeth around the extraction site, leading to further dental complications.

Preparing the extraction socket with side cutting implant drills will allow for the reliable placement of an immediate implant with effective osseointegration. Immediate implants typically heal faster than traditional implants used for more severe restorations.

When a side-cutting implant drill is used following the extraction and before implantation, osseointegration can be more successful. Better patient outcomes without bone density loss can help to boost the professional reputation of any clinic.

If you routinely perform immediate implants, a side cutting implant drill will become one of the most important tools in your clinic. Insist on the reliable side cutting implant drills from Dental Implant Technologies®.

Stainless Steel vs. Carbide Side Cutting Implant Burrs

Side cutting implant burrs from Dental Implant Technologies® are available in both stainless steel and carbide.

    • Order our Lindemann Side Cutting Drill (SKU: NX-LINDR) in stainless steel 2.0mm or carbide sizes from 2.0mm to 2.6mm. Lengths of 18.0mm and 27.0mm are available. Please view the product page and select the drop-down menu to specify a drill/burr size.

Stainless steel is a reliable material for side cutting implant burrs, although it has some limitations when compared to carbide. Stainless steel doesn’t cut as quickly or as smoothly as carbide, and it isn’t as durable for long-term use. Carbide side cutting implant burrs are a worthwhile investment because they will provide a longer service life.

If you perform several immediate implant procedures yearly, or even several every month, it is recommended to invest in carbide side cutting implant burrs.

In terms of the osteotomy created, both stainless steel and carbide are effective. Despite the technical benefits of choosing carbide, it is durability and longevity that are most important.

Order The Best Lindemann Side Cutting Burrs from Dental Implant Technologies®

Combining an implant drill and side cutting burr, Lindemann side cutting burrs are essential for any clinician performing immediate implants and other restorative procedures that require socket and bone preparation. Order in confidence from our reliable online store and get competitive pricing on the best Lindemann burrs in either stainless steel or carbide.