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Calipers & Measurement – Dental Probes and Gauges

In dentistry, precision matters. Being able to accurately measure depth and width can help to guide treatment planning and aid surgeons while performing procedures. Dental Implant Technologies offers an extensive range of the most reliable dental probes and explorers, depth gauges, and calipers. Each type of instrument plays a crucial role to ensure that procedures are free of error and that patients get the best possible outcomes.

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Dental Probes

Dental probes are used for examination, checkups following a dental procedure, and accurate measurement during procedures. Probes are available to measure sinus depth, gingival pockets, sockets, and defects.

Our dental probes are laser marked with depth gauges, ensuring that an accurate measurement can be taken during exploration. The laser markings are easy to see and will remain visible even after frequent use, cleaning, and sterilization of the instrument.

Probes are available as single-ended designs, double-ended (as in the case of most periodontal probes), and as combination dental probes and explorers.

Combination dental probes and explorers are unique instruments that are widely used for examination and diagnosis. With a single measuring probe, it’s possible to measure the gingival pocket and defects. The explorer end features a sharp curved hook that is essential for detecting cavities and examining the topography of a tooth.

It’s important that these tools are not only accurate but also highly reliable. Our dental probes and explorers are made from surgical-grade materials, including titanium and stainless steel. This ensures that shape and functionality are maintained over a long service life.

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Depth Gauges

Unlike probes and explorers that are used for measuring depth for general dentistry, bone depth gauges are specialist instruments developed specifically for dental implantation and bone augmentation.

Some of the features are shared between depth gauges and dental probes. The high-quality construction, surgical-grade materials, and laser markings are shared across many unique depth gauges and dental probes. The difference is in the size of these instruments and the fact that depth gauges don’t include explorer tips.

  • Bone Tunnel Measuring Depth Gauges are specialized dental probes that are used to measure osteotomies, in preparation for the placement of dental implants. While drills and stoppers can accurately create an osteotomy for implant placement, it’s important to verify the depth of the bone tunnel to guarantee the stable placement of an implant with the highest chance of success and efficient osseointegration. A bone tunnel measuring instrument can also be used in some cases to measure the depth of a defect before grafting and preservation. Clinicians may also use bone tunnel measuring probes to accurately gauge the depth of bone when performing a procedure like a ridge split.
  • Sinus Probes are also commonly used for dental implant and bone grafting preparation. A ball-type sinus depth gauge can accurately measure the depth of a sinus to prepare for augmentation, while a sinus probe can be used to gauge an osteotomy or the depth of the sinus itself. The ball type is the safest option for measuring the sinus, as the rounded end can prevent perforation.
  • A universal Implant Depth Gauge can be used to measure an osteotomy or the sinus with a laser-marked scale that is easy to visualize. A standard implant depth gauge has a smaller ball tip than a specific sinus probe, but it can still prevent perforation when used carefully to measure the sinus.

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Dental Calipers

Calipers are frequently used for surgery related to implant placement and bone grafting. Unlike probes and depth gauges that are designed to measure the depth of a defect or osteotomy, calipers are designed to accurately gauge the width within a cavity or from opposing edges of a solid structure.

  • Bone calipers are used to measure ridge dimensions. These can help to guide clinicians when evaluating the suitability of the ridge for implant placement. Calipers could also be used for other purposes, such as verifying the size of a prepared bone block, or evaluating teeth in general dental examinations.
  • Castroviejo Bone Calipers can measure width within a void, such as an osteotomy, a defect, or a socket. This design has an adjustable mechanism to lock the instrument in place to compare different osteotomies and defects, or to compare different positions within the same defect.
  • The dimensions of the alveolar ridge can be evaluated with a Ridge Mapping Caliper. This dental instrument measures the height and width of the ridge along the jawbone to aid in treatment planning, to review after successful guided bone regeneration, or to review after performing a ridge split and augmentation.

The precision and accuracy of any of these instruments are crucial. Inaccuracy during treatment planning, surgery, or follow-up evaluation can compromise the outcome for the patient. With our reliable and precise dental instruments, clinicians can have confidence that measurements are correct.

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A universal Implant Depth Gauge can be used to measure an osteotomy or the sinus with a laser-marked scale that is easy to visualize. A standard implant depth gauge has a smaller ball tip than a specific sinus probe, but it can still prevent perforation when used carefully to measure the sinus.