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Order ZEST® LOCATOR® Housing Implant Products Online

ZEST® LOCATOR housings are designed to fit with America’s premier implant-retained overdenture system. Dental surgeons have increasingly found the ZEST® system to be the most efficient and durable denture solution in recent years, with more than 3.8 million patients undergoing LOCATOR® procedures since the system’s introduction.

Give patients the best results with long-term LOCATOR® housing implants. Dental Implant Technologies stocks a complete range of processing components at competitive prices.

Numerous Benefits from a Single LOCATOR® Housing Implant Solution

ZEST® LOCATOR® caps and the larger LOCATOR® system provide significant benefits to patients and dental surgeons.

  • Pivoting technology ensures that ZEST® LOCATOR® metal housings are durable. Movement is allowed without losing retention. Sockets remain intact with a full range of rotation.
  • The ZEST® LOCATOR® housings system is self-aligning, ensuring that patients can seat their overdentures without the need for precision alignment. ZEST® metal housings and attachments remain undamaged and ensure longevity. Patients can bite their dentures to secure them into place without damage.
  • The height of abutments and attachments is significantly lower than with other systems.
  • Durability is exceptional, thanks to the dual-retention system. With components like ZEST® abutment housings, it’s possible to give patients long-term stability and longevity. This ensures patient comfort and peace of mind while minimizing long-term costs related to implant maintenance.

Our LOCATOR® housing implants and processing components have been designed by ZEST® to provide uncompromising quality and exceptional handling. We offer a complete range of components to maintain a surgical inventory or order as-needed. All of our ZEST® products can be ordered online at prices competitive with the wider implant industry.


We offer LOCATOR® housings designed for roots and wide-platform implants. ZEST® LOCATOR® metal housings are made from high-quality surgical metals to ensure strength and durability. Aluminum is an ideal metal for dental implant processing as it is well tolerated in the body, is sterile, and there’s a low risk of infection or complication.

We offer a range of ZEST® abutment housings in female analog configuration.

During processing, ZEST® LOCATOR® caps are used for parallel and divergent implants. Retentive male caps can be ordered in processing packages or as individual items. By offering small and bulk packages, we can ensure the lowest possible cost while increasing the efficiency of any dental inventory.

ZEST® LOCATOR® caps are color-coded to ensure easy identification and the perfect application. Different colors are used across the standard and extended range processing packages.

Each LOCATOR® male processing package contains:

  • Stainless steel denture cap and black processing male.
  • Clear nylon cap.
  • Pink medium retention cap.
  • Blue light retention cap.
  • Block-out spacer.
  • ZEST® metal housings for connecting to a cast framework.

Available in either a 2-Pack or 10-Pack for convenience.

Each LOCATOR® male extended range processing package contains:

  • Titanium denture cap with black processing male.
  • Red extra-light retention male.
  • Orange light retention male.
  • Green extended range retention male.
  • Block out spacer.

For the most reliable ZEST® metal housings and ZEST® abutment housings, order from a trusted American supplier at Dental Implant Technologies.

Why Do Dental Professionals Prefer ZEST® LOCATOR® Metal Housings?

The LOCATOR® housing implant system is the premier denture system available today. Respected for its durability and relative affordability, this system has helped to restore the smiles of millions of patients.

Product quality and design is key to its popularity. ZEST® LOCATOR® metal housings are designed to be durable and easy to work with. Simple innovations like color-coded LOCATOR® caps minimize errors during procedures. Surgeons can easily find the perfect retention profile when using ZEST® products.

The Benefits of Ordering ZEST® Metal Housings in Bulk Packages

We offer affordable small packages of ZEST® abutment housings and caps, but our bulk packages are becoming increasingly popular. The right package depends on the needs of each unique dental practice.

  • Buying in bulk can improve efficiency as there will always be ZEST® products ready for upcoming denture procedures.
  • Bulk packages eliminate high shipping costs that are common when ordering products on-demand.
  • A fully-stocked inventory can avoid issues that arise from lost items or damage to housing caused by improper procedure.
  • Bulk packages are more affordable, thanks to a generous discount offered.

Some of our most popular products include:

  • LOCATOR® male processing package 2 pack (SKU# 8550-2)
  • LOCATOR® extended ranged male processing package 2 pack (SKU# 8540-2)
  • LOCATOR® male processing package 10 pack (SKU# 8550-2)
  • LOCATOR® extended ranged male processing package 10 pack (SKU# 8540-10)

Take a moment to browse our entire range of LOCATOR® housing implant processing components. With individually packed caps, processing spacers, female analogs, impression coping, and processing packages, it’s easy to find the perfect items for planned surgeries and inventory management.

Order LOCATOR® Housing Implant Products Online

We are proud suppliers of ZEST® products in the United States. The LOCATOR® housing implant system is one of the most advanced and most reliable of its type. You can ensure the best patient outcomes at your surgery when you insist on industry-leading products from a trusted supplier.

We offer rapid delivery turnaround, including overnight priority shipping for most major cities and regional centers. Order in confidence with competitive prices.

Start browsing and buy now or contact our trained customer service team for more information on LOCATOR® products and our complete range of denture supplies.