About Us

Corporate Profile

Dental Implant Technologies® is a distributor for Hi Tec Implants LTD in the USA. Hi-Tec Implants LTD, markets an extensive range of dental implants and prosthetic elements with superior quality & competitive value too good to ignore since 1990. We are compatible with major implant systems.The goal is to continue to provide the most technologically advanced products, to help dentists develop their practice and to provide their patients with the most up-to date treatment. Dental Implant Technologies® manufacturer houses an advanced production facility with state-of-the-art machinery allowing for the utmost accuracy, fast turnaround time, and fulfillment of all customers’ needs. The headquarters of Hi-Tec and  Manufacturing facility is located in Herzlia Industrial Area, Israel.

Quality Assurance

The medical use of our products demands that ultimate care is taken in assuring quality control throughout all our operations. Dental Implant Technologies® and Hi-Tec Implants LTD commitment to quality products and service has met and exceeded the highest standards set by the FDA and also many other regulatory agencies. Hi Tec Implants LTD have received ISO 9001 and CE Certifications representing compliance with the International Standards Organization and European Medical Device Directives.

Research and Clinical Experience

20 years of research and rich clinical experience in many countries around the world enable Hi Tec Implants LTD to develop products that offer long-term satisfaction. Moreover, due to the deep understanding of implant dentistry, clinical studies demonstrate an extremely high rate of Osseo-Integration and functional stability.

Product Diversity

Dental Implant Technologies® and their Manufacturer Hi-Tec Implants LTD will always offer an extensive range of dental implants, prosthetic elements and surgical tools. Along with this wide range of products, Dental Implant Technologies® provides all necessary backup support, focuses on excellent client service as well as exemplary customer support and comprehensive training programs. Knowledgeable and friendly sales personnel and technical experts will always be available to answer any if not all questions that a client may have about our product.

Client Service and Technical Support

Hi Tec Implants LTD. takes pride in the focus of the extensive knowledge and training of its staff. Our dedicated Client Service personnel have years of experience in the dental field and use this expertise to help assist dental professionals using Dental Implant Technologies® products to help provide their patients with the ultimate in dental care.

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