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Frazier Suction Aspirators for Dental Professionals

Frazier suction devices are used for many dental procedures where delicate and finely controlled suction is needed to remove fluids and debris from the surgical site. Dental Implant Technologies® supplies affordable and high-quality Frazier suction aspirators (also referred to as Frazier aspirators and Frazier vacuums) for clinicians in the United States.

Learn about our reliable Frazier aspirators and order online today for the most competitive prices.

The Dangers of Poor Frazier Suction Instruments and Equipment

Depending on the surgical procedure, clinicians can choose from a range of Frazier suction diameters to suit the conditions. Surgeons must consider the level of suction as well as the size of the Frazier suction instrument.

Suctioning pressure levels typically vary between 11 and 12 bars of negative pressure. Using too much pressure can cause tissue damage, which could lead to healing complications with the patient. Not using enough pressure can create other issues, including backflow.

A properly functioning evacuation system should be able to effectively remove saliva and other oral liquids or small pieces of debris from the patient’s mouth, with zero risk of the suction tube retaining any of the liquid or solids. The machinery and regular cleaning play a role in ensuring that suction is efficient. Likewise, the Frazier suction device (the instrument held by the clinician) is also important. Faulty Frazier vacuums, low-quality products, and damaged instruments can all complicate the process and interfere with efficient and safe suction.

When suction power is too high, it will quickly be noticed by the clinician. Negative pressure levels exceeding 12 bars will typically result in small visible hematomas, indicating that trauma has occurred.

When suction power is too low, flow back can occur, causing fluid to return to the patient’s mouth. Depending on the state of the suction equipment used, this can be extremely dangerous, causing cross-contamination.

Outside of faulty equipment and poor maintenance, Frazier aspirator devices can contribute to low pressure. Poorly designed instruments and blockages are a problem.

Keeping Frazier Aspirator Systems Functioning

The following are the most common causes of slow or low suction with Frazier vacuums.

  • The evacuation pump is improperly sized or faulty.
  • The pump has decreased in efficiency over time and needs service or replacement.
  • The clinician or technician has improperly set the operating pressure.
  • There is a blockage in the Frazier suction line.
  • There is a blockage in the Frazier suction instrument.
  • The instrument is damaged or faulty.

Having eliminated potential mechanical system issues, dental professionals should immediately replace their Frazier aspirator instruments if low pressure continues to be an issue.

Dental Implant Technologies® supplies affordable Frazier aspirator instruments in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of any clinician.

Our Frazier Vacuum Instrument Sizes

We offer Frazier vacuum instruments in the most common sizes used by dental technicians. All of our Frazier vacuum handheld instruments are offered under a single product SKU for your convenience. For your reference with your current order and in the future, use SKU: NX-FA. Using our product page, the aspirator size and quantity can be selected before placing your order.

Our Frazier vacuum instrument sizes are:

  • 2.0mm (NX-FA-20)
  • 2.5mm (NX-FA-25)
  • 3.0mm (NX-FA-30)
  • 4.0mm (NX-FA-40)
  • 5.0mm (NX-FA-50)

Larger diameter sizes can be used for procedures where a significant amount of fluid and debris will be present.

Using Frazier Aspirators from Dental Implant Technologies®

Our Frazier aspirators can be connected to any industry-standard evacuation system using the standard hose/tube connector.

Our Frazier suction instruments are designed specifically for suction within the oral cavity. Dental Implant Technologies® supplies licensed dental practitioners in the United States. All instruments are made from surgical stainless steel to ensure durability and sterility when using industry-standard protocols. To aid with cleaning, each aspirator is sold with a cleaning stylet to remove debris from the stainless steel tube.

All of our aspirators are designed for easy handling with angulated tubes to improve ergonomics for the clinician and comfort for the patient. Suction is controlled with a relief hole in the instrument.

Experienced clinicians will find that our aspirators provide similar handling and performance characteristics as other leading brands. With our competitive pricing, it’s seamless to switch to Frazier vacuum aspirators from Dental Implant Technologies®.

Frazier Suctioning Guidelines for Patient Comfort and Safety

There are advantages to Frazier suction devices that go beyond the technical performance. Proper suction can be used to help manage dental treatment anxiety in patients of all ages. The right techniques also lower the risk of complications during procedures.

There are several key scenarios where suction should and must be used to ensure the safety and comfort of patients. Dental Implant Technologies offers Frazier suction equipment that performs to the highest technical standards, ensuring smooth surgical workflow.

The advantages of the Frazier design are significant. These devices provide an atraumatic solution to keep a surgical field clean and clear of debris and fluid, while also helping to expose vital structures. Essential in the dental clinic, this is one of the most commonly used tools for oral procedures.

Use a suction device in any case where…

  • The patient’s airway is blocked.
  • The patient is unable to swallow saliva during a procedure.
  • Bone and tooth fragments are in the mouth, with a risk of choking.
  • Equipment tips break during surgery, creating a risk of aspiration.
  • If the patient advises the surgical team that excess saliva or other fluids are causing discomfort.

Safer Suctioning for Any Procedure

There are some simple steps that clinicians can follow for safer procedures when using a Frazier suction device. While these are explored early in training and are essential for every practitioner, it’s helpful to remind ourselves of some basic working practices from time to time.

Here are the most important things to keep in mind when using Frazier suction or any kind of suction device.

  • Avoid placing the suction device near the center of the patient’s mouth. This can cause a choking or gagging response which is dangerous when there are instruments or dental appliances in the oral cavity.
  • Avoid touching any handpiece instruments while using dental suction.
  • Position the suction device so that it doesn’t obstruct the line of sight of the dentist or a handheld mirror. The Frazier suction design makes this easy, thanks to the offset angle. Efficient placement is possible without obscuring the surgical or examination site.
  • Reassure the patient whenever using a Frazier suction device and other instruments. Explain the purpose of the instrument and how it will be used, specific to the case. A lot of dental anxiety comes from being unfamiliar with the procedure and the environment. The more information a patient has, the more relaxed they will be.

Frazier aspirator suction devices from Dental Implant Technologies are made from surgical stainless steel and are suitable for all procedures where localized and efficient suction is needed. Available in sizes ranging from 2.0mm to 5.0mm, it’s easy to find the perfect fit for the procedures. Aspirators can effectively clear saliva and small debris from the oral cavity, ensuring patient safety, a clear working area, and a smoother workflow for the clinician.

Dental Implant Technologies is a trusted supplier of the world’s best dental instruments. Supplying clinicians in the United States, we can deliver to your practice for convenience when you need to replace instruments or purchase new instruments for your startup practice.

Order Frazier Aspirators Online Today

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