K2 Mobile Soft Tissue Dental Laser

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K2 Dental Laser Handpiece – The Advanced Dental Diode Laser

Dental diode lasers are used by clinicians around the world for a range of procedures in periodontics, endodontics, implantology, and oral surgery. A growing number of clinicians now understand that a dental laser handpiece can provide safer and more effective solutions, especially when treating issues of and around the gums.

The K2 Dental Laser Handpiece is an innovative and reliable option for clinicians in the United States. With an advanced embedded microchip, it is a completely wireless dental laser handpiece with pre-programmed settings. Clinicians can simply choose the appropriate protocol and begin the surgical procedure.

With autoclavable parts and easy operation, the K2 Dental Laser Handpiece is the perfect solution for any busy dental office. Learn about the features and advantages of the K2 Dental Laser Handpiece today.

Key Advantages of the K2 Mobile Laser for Dental Clinicians

The K2 Mobile Laser offers extensive benefits for clinicians and patients.

Patients will enjoy a range of advantages when the clinician has a K2 Mobile Laser on hand…

  • 3.5 watts of continuous power and 6 watts of pulsing power makes the K2 Moble the most powerful handheld laser available
  • Tips are autoclavable and can be sterilized 10-50 times before it needs to be replaced
  • Adjustable tip length allows clinicians to acess difficult to reach areas
  • Tip can be angled 90 degrees to reach deep into a canal or pocket
  • The K2 operated with hand controlls, no need for a foot pedal
  • Faster recovery with minimal bleeding and swelling.
  • Less chance of infection thanks to the antibacterial performance of the K2 Mobile Laser.
  • Reduced need for pain relievers and antibiotics.
  • Patients can return to work and daily activities quickly.
  • For tooth whitening, the laser quickly activates the whitening formula for effective results in one or two visits.
  • Gingival sculpting is simple and precise, so treatments are more comfortable.
  • 2 Year warranty

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K2 Mobile Soft Tissue Dental Laser
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K2 Mobile Soft Tissue Dental Laser
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Clinicians also enjoy huge advantages when choosing the wireless K2 Mobile Laser…

  • Compared to traditional laser devices, the K2 Mobile Laser has better handling. It weighs just 108g to enable fatigue-free use.
  • The built-in OLED display shows the current program and auto orientates for left or right-handed use.
  • Irradiation with the K2 Mobile Laser can be controlled manually with a soft and comfortable button or automated for longer procedures.
  • The K2 Dental Laser Handpiece is fully wireless with a long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • The design uses fewer consumables to ensure cost-efficiency in the clinic. The aluminum cap of the K2 Dental Laser Handpiece is autoclavable to ensure a sterile and safe laser treatment solution.
  • Presets can be easily navigated with buttons on the handpiece. The device also offers voice guidance to indicate instructions and errors and can also offer voice alerts for use-time and high-power warnings.
  • There are 30 built-in presets with four user memory slots for custom presets.
  • There’s a fiber cleaver built right into the K2 Dental Laser Handpiece. Used optical fibers can be cut to maintain the tip and ensure cost-efficiency.

Clinical Applications of the K2 Laser

The K2 Laser has been designed for efficient procedures in the dental office. Professionals can rely on the K2 Laser for…

  • Endodontics with the K2 Laser includes Apical Abscess Treatment, Root Canal Sterilization, Direct Pulp Capping, and Pulpotomy.
  • Low-Level Laser Therapy including Bio-stimulation, Orthodontic Pain Relief, TMJ Pain Relief, Laser Sedation, and Melanin Depigmentation.
  • Periodontics including Laser Curettage (Mild, Moderate, and Severe), Pre-Scaling, and Post Scaling.
  • Dental Surgeries suited to the K2 Laser include Gingivectomy, Vestibuloplasty, Frenectomy, Fibroma Removal, Operculectomy, Incision, and Drainage.
  • Implantology procedures are ideal for the K2 Laser including Implant Recovery, Gingival Trimming around Abutments, Peri-Implantitis Treatment, and Laser Osseointegration.
  • Dental Treatments like Whitening, Aphthous Ulcers, Laser Troughing, Dentin Hypersensitivity, Hemostasis, and Cleaning. The K2 Laser has a potent bactericidal effect.

The extensive clinical applications of the K2 Laser make it an important tool for any dental office, whether the clinician is focused on periodontics, implantology, surgery, or any other branch of dentistry.

Choose a K2 Laser for its ease of use and extensive versatility.

Reduced Risk of Thermal Damage with a Reliable Dental Diode Laser

The K2 Mobile Laser operates at a wavelength of 980 nanometers, which is more absorbent to the water in human tissue. This dental diode laser causes less thermal damage during surgery, ensuring safer and more comfortable procedures.

Advanced technology, like the 10W chip controlling the dental diode laser, ensures efficiency and stability. Clinicians seeking the most reliable dental diode laser will find the K2 Mobile Laser to be one of the most cost-efficient solutions available today.

With two selectable modes, it’s possible to use a single dental diode laser for all clinical applications in the dental office. This dental diode laser allows selection between a 3.5W continuous-wave emission setting or a 6.0W pulse emission setting at either 10Hz or 100Hz.

Because there’s no need to use a foot pedal for control, and no cable to tether the clinician to a power outlet, maneuverability and safety is enhanced with the K2 dental diode laser.

Dental Implant Technologies is a trusted supplier of the K2 dental diode laser. We ship to dental professionals throughout the United States.

Efficient and Reliable – Buy the K2 Dental Laser Handpiece Today

Clinicians demanding a comfortable and effective laser handpiece can rely on the K2 Laser. It offers unprecedented versatility for a range of dental procedures. It’s easy to operate and durable. It has autoclavable parts where contact with patient tissue is likely.

The fully wireless and pre-configured K2 Dental Laser Handpiece is available to order from Dental Implant Technologies today. Choose the K2 Mobile Laser and get the best results from more than 30 potential procedural scenarios in the Dental Office.

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