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Dental Implant Drill Stops – Kits

Implant surgery is the most effective treatment method for advanced tooth loss and decay. Implants can restore the esthetic and function of any smile, giving patients their confidence and quality of life back. Clinicians that routinely perform implant surgery need reliable tools to ensure that the work is accurate, safe for the patient, and supportive of long-term results.

For safe and accurate implant placement, dental implant drill stops are crucial.

Performing as depth guides, dental implant drill stops prevent under or over drilling. At Dental Implant Technologies®, we supply the most reliable dental drill stops for clinicians. Explore our dental implant drill stop kits and get the best instruments for safe and effective implant procedures.

Dental Drill Stops Allow for Accurate Depth Control

Confidence matters when creating an osteotomy for implant placement. Dental drill stops must be easy to use, giving the clinician confidence, so that procedures can progress without complications. Depth control and safety are essential. Dental drill stops from Dental Implant Technologies® offer reliable performance with the highest levels of accuracy so that under and over drilling concerns are eliminated.

When purchasing dental drill stops, kits have the benefit of versatility. Each dental drill stop kit from Dental Implant Technologies® contains a variety of dental implant drill stops to ensure accurate osteotomies for the most popular implant systems.

Using Implant Drill Depth Stops – Intuitive and Simple Procedures

Implant drill depth stops make the surgical process relatively simple and intuitive. Confidence is key to successful drilling, and the implant drill depth stops inspire confidence in clinicians working chairside.

Typical use of implant drill depth stops is based on the following procedures:
  1. The clinician selects the appropriate unit for the surgery. The size and depth needed are based on the type of implant being used. One of the advantages of implant drill depth stop kits is that there is a variety of units available to suit common implant sizes.
  2. The drill depth is confirmed before proceeding. The drill stop is attached to the handpiece.
  3. The osteotomy is created. The implant drill depth stop will ensure precise depth for implant placement.
  4. The clinician disengages the drill and stop.
  5. The drill stop is removed, cleaned, and sterilized.

Dental drill depth stops are made from surgical stainless steel that will resist corrosion and provide years of reliable performance. For flawless osteotomies and stress-free chairside procedures, insist on reliable dental drill depth stops from Dental Implant Technologies®.

The Advantages of Purchasing Dental Drill Depth Stop Kits

Dental drill depth stops are better purchased in kits so that quality is consistent. Purchasing a kit also ensures that all the essential tool guides are available, regardless of the needs of the patient.

Dental drill depth stop kits can be purchased with or without drills. For clinicians who need stops as well or drills, having everything in a single kit will further simplify the procurement and surgical processes.

Clinicians should purchase individual dental implant drill stops when…
  • Existing dental drill stops are worn, inaccurate, or incompatible with tools.
  • The practice is newly established.
  • The clinician is beginning to offer implant treatments as a new service.
Clinicians should purchase a kit of dental implant drill stops and drills when…
  • Existing implant drill depth stops and drills are worn.
  • The practice is newly established, or the clinician is beginning to offer implant treatments.
  • Existing stops and drills are underperforming or inaccurate.

While resistant to corrosion, stops and drills won’t last forever. Clinicians should always replace equipment with new dental drill depth stop kits whenever drill bits become dull and don’t create smooth osteotomies, or when metal surfaces begin to corrode or show signs of pitting.

Materials Matter – We Supply Stainless Steel Dental Implant Drill Stops

Dental implant drill stops are made from stainless steel and are compatible with precision carbide drills.

Surgical stainless steel is formulated specifically for chairside applications. Stainless steel is a biocompatible material, making it ideal for applications where the material will be exposed to soft tissue. With the right chairside care, dental implant drill stops from Dental Implant Technologies® won’t cause any irritation at the gumline. This can help to hasten the healing process and ensure expected surgical outcomes.

Stainless steel can be cleaned and sterilized using your typical equipment. Hand cleaning with a pH-neutral detergent can remove debris and biological materials. Avoid using any harsh chemical or abrasive cleaners with stainless steel. Ultrasonic cleaning and autoclave are two of the best ways to sterilize and maintain stainless steel drill stoppers for implant surgery.

Dental implant drill stop kits can be provided with cassette storage containers to simplify the sterilization process.

Because stoppers act as guides and don’t engage with bone, they are durable and long-lasting. Your clinic can enjoy years of use from our reliable stainless steel dental implant drill stops.

Purchase the Most Reliable implant Dental Drill Depth Stop Kits

We supply a complete range of implant drills and stops. If you have carbide drills available and simply need replacement stops, you can buy a kit with all commonly sized stops for implant procedures.

If your dental drill depth stops are worn, if they lack compatibility with the most popular implant systems used today, or if you find that your current drills are unreliable, you can invest in a complete kit from Dental Implant Technologies®.

    • Our Stainless Steel Drill Stopper Set (SKU: STOPPERSET) is available to order today. This set is compatible with NX carbide drills and comes in a range of sizes from 2.0mm to 5.0mm. Please review the product and select the correct size from the drop-down menu to begin ordering. Any of our stoppers in this set can be ordered with a corresponding carbide or stainless drill. Sterilization cassettes are also available for safe and efficient cleaning.
    • Our complete NX Carbide Dental Implant Drill Stop Kit (SKU: NX-DSK) is ideal for newly established practices, or existing practices looking to replace worn equipment. Sharp NX Carbide drills provide effortless and accurate drilling when combined with the stoppers included in the kit. The kit is also available with stainless steel drills.

Whether you need individual dental drill depth stops, specific stops and drills, or a complete dental implant drill stop kit with carbide or stainless steel bits, Dental Implant Technologies® has you covered. Enjoy the most convenient ordering process and the highest quality dental implant drill stops for surgeries. Place your order today and enjoy rapid delivery fulfillment to your clinic.