1. Salvin® Dental Supplies

    Alternatives to Salvin® Dental Supplies

    Clinicians familiar with Salvin® dental supplies can find cost-efficient alternatives at Dental Implant Technologies. We are a leading supplier of the world’s best...

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  2. Dental Implant Tools

    Our Alternatives to BioHorizons® Dental and Implant Direct™ Tools

    Clinicians have an excellent range of choices when selecting a supplier for dental implant tools. BioHorizons® Dental tools and Implant...

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  3. Advantages of Using Castroviejo Needle Holders

    The Advantages of Using Castroviejo Needle Holders

    When it comes to fine suturing, few professionals can do it better than periodontists. These highly-trained specialists that treat periodontal disease and...

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  4. Dental Ratchet Wrenches

    The Versatility of a 4mm Implant Ratchet

    In implant dentistry, square dental ratchets are widely used for placing implants and prosthetic attachments. With a 4mm implant ratchet you can enjoy widespread...

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  5. Nobel Compatible Wrench

    Converting a Nobel Biocare™ Wrench for Cross-System Compatibility

    Nobel Biocare™ is a Swiss implant manufacturer known for producing implants under brands like NobelActive®, NobelReplace®, and the...

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  6. Dental Implant Instruments

    Choosing the Most Reliable Dental Implant Instruments

    Regardless of surgical technique or experience, implant dentists know that the quality of their instruments can directly affect patient outcomes. With...

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  7. Dental Implant Instrument

    What are the Most Essential Implant Instruments for Your Clinic?

    Whether forming a startup or replacing an existing surgical inventory, identifying the essential implant instruments is important. At Dental...

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  8. Using Periodontal Probes to Measure Tissue Depth

    Using a Periodontal Probe to Measure Tissue Depth

    The periodontal probe or tissue probe is one of the most commonly used instruments in dentistry. Designed to examine and determine the space between gum tissue...

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  9. Prosthetic Kits for Implant Restoration

    What is the Best Dental Abutment Kit for Dental Implant Restoration?

    Restoring the prosthetic components of dental implants is a routine task for implant dentists. While implants can last for decades,...

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  10. Abutment Kits for Implant Restoration

    Dental Implant Multi Driver Sets – Frequently Asked Questions

    With a dental implant multi driver set, it’s possible to service prosthetic attachments for any implant system. Versatile and convenient,...

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