1. Advantages of the Potts Elevator

    The Uses and Advantages of the Potts Elevator

    Dental elevators are used during extraction to loosen the periodontal ligament with minimal trauma or damage to the socket. Choosing the right dental elevator has a...

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  2. Advantages of Cogswell Elevators

    The Advantages of Cogswell Elevators

    Elevators are critical for all forms of dental extraction. Throughout the complete range, clinicians will find unique elevators with varying handles, shaft (shank), and head...

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  3. Advantages of the 77R Elevator

    Advantages of the 77R Elevator from Dental Implant Technologies

    Dental elevators are essential tools for clinicians performing extractions. The quality of an elevator can have a direct impact on the quality of...

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  4. Advantages of the Apexo Elevator

    Everything Clinicians Need to Know About Apexo Elevators

    Tooth extraction is often a straightforward process even for recently trained clinicians. However, complications can arise when performing extraction for...

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  5. Dental Root Tip Removal

    Two Unique Dental Root Tip Removal Procedures That Clinicians Use

    Dental root tip removal is sometimes a contentious procedure, with few clinicians agreeing on the best way to remove a root tip that has broken...

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  6. How to Remove Root Fragments

    How to Remove Fragments and Root Tips – Essential Tools for Clinicians

    Whether a tooth has fractured during extraction, or if it is heavily broken and decayed, clinicians need the right instruments to remove...

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  7. How to Remove a Straumann Prosthetic Screw

    Straumann® Screw Removal with a Reliable Screw Remover Kit

    Fractured screws and screws with damaged heads in implant channels must be removed quickly and efficiently. Incorrect and failed attempts could create...

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  8. Instruments for Dental Surgery

    The Most Reliable Surgical Instruments Available to Order Online

    Every experienced dental surgeon knows that dental tools are just as important as experience and education. With the right surgical instruments,...

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  9. Restorative Kits for Abutment Removal

    Can a Single Abutment Driver Kit Do it All?

    Simplifying the chairside workflow is a goal of every implant dentist. It’s not just about cutting the time and cost. With more efficient chairside work, procedures...

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  10. OssGuide™ is an Inexpensive Collagen Membrane

    OssGuide™ is an Inexpensive Collagen Membrane

    Guided bone regeneration is an essential step in regenerative and restorative dentistry. Advanced techniques allow clinicians to restore the bone lost to decay...

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