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Dental Specialty Kits – Authorized MCT BIO USA Reseller

Dental Implant Technologies® supplies a complete range of dental specialty kits including bone expansion kits, harvesting kits, and solutions for fixation screws and tacks. As an authorized reseller of MCT BIO USA and other leading brands, we have the best range of specialty instruments available to clinicians.

MCT BIO USA manufactures high-quality instruments and kits designed to improve surgical workflow and patient outcomes. Learn about Mr. Curette USA and order MCT BIO USA instruments as well as a full range of dental specialty kits and accessories from our trusted suppliers.


MCT BIO USA is a trading name of MCT BIO or Mr. Curette Tech. The company is based in Korea and designs and manufactures its specialty instruments and kits in-house. Dental Implant Technologies® is a proud reseller of MCT BIO USA, bringing world-class dental instruments and specialty kits to clinicians at excellent prices. Cost-efficient instruments can help any clinic to streamline expenditure, making the business more agile and better able to compete in local markets.

MCT BIO USA is renowned for its innovation in dental specialty instruments, including its MCTBIO USA Automatic Tack Gun (SKU: TBM-05).

High-Quality Mr. Curette USA (MCTBIO USA) Instruments

Mr. Curette USA or MCTBIO USA instruments are made to the highest quality standards.

As an in-house manufacturer and designer of specialized dental instruments, Mr. Curette USA has complete control over research and innovation, right through to the materials and manufacturing tolerances of each instrument and accessory. Advanced manufacturing ensures that everything from titanium screws and tacks to stainless-steel instruments are dimensionally accurate and supportive of the best patient outcomes.

South Korea is a major producer of high-quality dental instruments and supplies, with a reputation for cost-efficiency and competitive quality. Mr. Curette USA produces instruments and components that compete with other leading brands.

Mr. Curette USA (MCTBIO USA) works with trusted suppliers like Dental Implant Technologies® to distribute its innovative products to American clinicians. When purchasing Mr. Curette USA products, dental professionals can expect reliability, innovative features, and suitability for a range of dental procedure

For the best dental specialty kits, browse our complete range from Mr. Curette USA and other leading manufacturers.

MCT Kits USA – Bone and Block Fixation

Our extensive range of dental specialty kits includes MCT Kits USA. Specialty MCT Kits USA are designed to provide the essential tools and accessories for specific procedures or branches of dentistry.

Consider some of the MCT Kits USA examples to see how MCTBIO USA can provide innovative solutions for dentists focused on implantology and regenerative treatments.

The MCT Membrane & Block Bone Fixation Kit (SKU: GBR-04) is an MCT Kits USA product that is used for the fixation of block bone, membrane, and mesh products. The kit includes instruments as well as screws and tacks designed to suit any surgical situation. The kit is manufactured by MCT Korea and supplied by Dental Implant Technologies®.

Included in the kit are titanium bone and membrane screws, bone tacks, and instruments. The buccal tack applicator is a convenient instrument designed by MCT Korea, used to safely and efficiently place bone tacks. The kit also includes a pilot drill, latch driver for a slow-speed handpiece, screwdriver handle, and hand screwdriver shaft. Everything is included in a convenient cassette for storage and organization, simplifying the selection of instruments and accessories when working chairside.

MCT Kits USA – Automatic Tack Gun

Clinicians interested in MCT Kits USA may be familiar with the MCT Korea Automatic Tack Gun. This is an innovative and convenient instrument designed for the effective placement of bone tacks with minimal fatigue. The MCT Kits USA Automatic Tack gun provides convenience and safety, limiting surgical workload and fatigue. It is available individually or in a specialty kit.

When sold in a single instrument kit, the MCTBIO USA Automatic Tack Gun (SKU: TBM-05) includes 21 tacks in a convenient storage container. Tacks are available in both 4.5mm and 2.5mm heads.

The Automatic Tack Gun is also available in a larger specialty kit with accessories and instruments for placing both screws and tacks. The MCTBIO USA GBR Master – Ultimate Screw & Tack Kit (SKU: GBR-05) is essential for clinicians that regularly perform guided bone regeneration procedures.

In addition to the convenient and reliable tack gun, it also includes buccal and lingual tack applicators and custom drivers to work with the included titanium screws and tacks. MCT BIO USA Screws are made from Grade 5 Titanium to prevent osseointegration, allowing for easy removal after remodeling and integration.

The Best MCT Korea Products are Available to Clinicians in the United States

Dental Implant Technologies® takes pride in the partnerships that we have formed with our suppliers. MCT Korea produces some of the most innovative and reliable instruments and accessories available today. With MCT Korea dental specialty kits, clinicians can enjoy the advanced technology that makes procedures safer, easier to perform, and stress-free.

Clinicians enjoy significant benefits when choosing dental specialty kits from MCT Korea and other leading brands.

  • Our kits are designed to provide the essential components for a range of cases from bone expansion and bone harvesting to fixation, tissue trimming, and more.
  • We provide kits that are suited to implant procedures, like implant placement kits and implant positioning kits.
  • Our placement and positioning kits are designed for compatibility with the world’s most popular implant and abutment systems.
  • Material and design quality are guaranteed. Our dental specialty kits use advanced materials and construction to ensure durability. Choose our kits for the best return on investment.
  • Dental instruments can be sterilized using traditional in-office methods like autoclave and dry heat.

Browse our complete range of dental specialty kits including kits from MCT BIO USA and enjoy cost-competitive pricing on instruments that improve the chairside process.